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The Natalie Bracht story, the plot thickens

care in the community | 01.07.2008 12:19 | Analysis | Health | Terror War

This story has been running in the mainstream media, both local and national press, since mother of five Natalie Bracht, left her home in Sunderland on 17th May this year and went on the run. With joint British and German nationality, Natalie settled in Sunderland with her five daughters in 2006. She told local papers and social services that she had fled her home city of Dusseldorf to escape a dangerous husband involved in a religious cult. She was provided with housing and benefits etc but whether the authorities believed this story or not is unclear. What we do know is that Childrens Services were involved in the case from the beginning.

By May this year Natalie knew that the authorities were planning on taking her children into case so she abandoned her home and headed to London. The first newspaper coverage of the story picks up on CCTV footage provided by the police showing Natalie dress in 'muslim clothes' to hide her appearance. Those stories didn't reveal that her kids were subject of a care order, they just said they were concerned about her emotional well-being and the kids missing out on school.

At the end of May the story developed to include the father of three of Natalies children who had no apparently come over to the UK to help police with their search. This was the same guy that Natalie had implied was involved in an arson attack on her Dusseldorf home two years earlier but no mention of this in the media and the one online news article which mentioned this vanished from the Sunderland Echo website.

It was clear there was more to the story than the police and papers were letting on. They had traced her to the Harlesden area of the capital and bumped the story back into the media on the 5th June with a poster campaign to appeal for information from the public. However they provided no further information about why she was being sought.

More information came out on the 11th June when police statements made the claim that Natalie had recently been psychologically assessed as having Histrionic Personality Disorder. Press coverage listed symptoms of the disorder as including a tendency to make rash decisions, excessive dramatics with exaggerated displays of emotion, seeking of reassurance or approval, excessive sensitivity to criticism or disapproval, rapidly shifting emotional states and the need to be the centre of attention.

It was obvious that this new information was designed to discredit Natalie and any explanation of her plight that she might have given to those helping her. Hoever, those who had been sheltering her did not recognise these symptoms in her and so the claim only helped to re-enforce the feeling that there was something dodgy going on.

Another week passed before the police revealed that the children were subject of a care order. It seems that the police would have liked too have revealed this obvious fact much sooner but had to obtain a court order in order to make the information public. Again, this new information would have had no impact on the people she was staying with as the claim that the authorities wanted to take her kids away was generally the only part of the story they'd heard and the reason she was given help.

The information that the mother had a mental illness and that the authorities planned to take her kids away ensured that the story stayed in the media for several more days but then there was another lull. It is clear that Natalie had by now already been moved from London to Somerset and it was only when somebody was arrested for the alleged theft of Natalie's credit card that the story progressed again.

On Monday 23th and Tuesday 24th, a chain reaction of arrests took place and properties were searched in London, Bristol and Yeovil. However, despite the tip off, the police had failed to find Natalie and her kids. Police issued yet another statement saying that she'd been traced to a commune in Somerset and the papers picked up on the story once again. This time however the story broke in the alternative media with the news that conspiracy theory author, Tony Gosling, had been arrested in relation to the missing woman and her credit card.

Various conspiracy websites relating to 911 and the 7/7 bombing picked up the story as Tony Gosling published an audio interview he had made with Natalie in which she claimed she had knowledge that the 7/7 bombings were the work of Israeli secret services. The interview also weaved a complex tale of international espionage, defections and intrigue that would not be out of place in a Jame Bond movie script.

The story was also published on Indymedia Bristol and the UK site and the following comments revealed something of the chain of events that had led the police to the farm where Natalie was supposed to have been.

Another few days of silence followed and it was unclear if Natalie was still on the run or had in fact been quietly apprehended. But today (1st July) the story is back in the media with statements alleged to be from Natalie's parents countering her whole zionist spy plot story as published on the web by Tony Gosling. Perhaps it's all just part of the conspiracy and the statement did not really come from Natalie's parents. Perhaps her dad really is a defector hiding from Mossad and MI5 in Libya but few would believe it.

Unless Natalie happens to find a bunch of anti-Semite conspiriloons, the latest developments will make it much harder for her to obtain further support and shelter as the crazy sounding claims she made in the interview will be interpreted by most people as proof of her mental illness.

With her story now out in the open and picked apart from all angles it is easy to wonder what possessed those who helped her but it is not clear that those helping her had actually heard the story she told Tony Gosling. It is likely that her claims were tailored for the audience and for Tony her black flag, 'the jews did it' spy story must have been a dream come true. The others who helped or continue to help her may not be interested in the story but rather with what they consider to be the best interest of the children.

It's impossible and futile to second guess the decision and motives of the Childrens Services in ordering the children to be taken into care. We can't know of any specific incidents which might have led to the care order being sought. We can't know whether the kids have been hurt or whether she was responsible for the alleged torching of her home in Germany. However those who claim to have spent time with her and her kids during the last month have all seemed impressed by her and her daughters and clearly horrified at the idea that they will be torn apart. It seems unlikely that social services will keep the five girls together if the police ever manage to catch Natalie and everyone has heard horror stories about the fate of children put into care.

Natalie may indeed be suffering from some kind of personality disorder - indeed a very high percentage of people do. However she has proved extremely capable of protecting her kids from the threat she perceives from the state, managing to remain one step ahead of the police for almost six weeks in the surveillance capital of the world. She may be crazy, but from where I'm sitting she's doing pretty good as a mother.

care in the community


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thanks for that

01.07.2008 13:16

pretty balanced account of events to date as far as i can see unconnected to anybody involved


And now the husband chips in

01.07.2008 16:54

From Bristol Indymedia, originally from the website of Avon and Somerset Constabulary

The former husband of missing mother Natalie Bracht has appealed to those who may be sheltering her and his daughters not to take her stories at face value. During her time on the run, missing Sunderland mum Natalie Bracht has approached a number of organisations and individuals, fabricating stories in order to gain support and shelter.

Yesterday her father John Brown contacted Northumbria Police in order to set the record straight and today her former husband Dietrich Bracht has done the same. One of those whom Natalie has approached during her time on the run has recorded a statement by her, which has now been broadcast on the internet. In the recording Natalie makes a large number of claims about her past. It is these statements which Dietrich – who is the father of the three oldest children - wishes to correct. His words have been grammatically amended due to his limited English.

"First I will say that I am a carpenter, a craftsman who builds up houses, fixes doors and windows and does roofing jobs," explained Dietrich. "I am not a nuclear scientist and I have lived my whole life in Germany. The father of Natalie lives just 100 miles far away and it's no problem to meet him. The problem is more about Natalie. I met Natalie in 1997 and a short while later she got pregnant with my oldest daughter. So I have known her more than 11 years and know her better than most. The story about her father and me, that we are such important people, is rubbish."

Yesterday, Mr Brown was reported as saying. "My daughter Natalie Bracht has gone missing with our five grand daughters. My wife and I are very worried about Natalie and the girls and if she reads this article I urge her to hand herself into the police. My wife and I are greatly upset by some the things Natalie is suggesting to be true to other people. I am Natalie's father and I have never heard of the man who she portrays to be her father, this Moshe Baton. I am English and moved to Germany in the 1970s to live with my family. I have never been to Libya and never had to seek asylum in any county. I have never worked on behalf of the Israeli Government. Neither me, my wife, nor Natalie are Jewish and I don't know where she has got this idea from. We follow the Baptist faith and none of our family have ever had links to the Jewish faith. Natalie is unwell and urgently needs help. We want to appeal to Natalie to bring our grandchildren home. We want her to know that we love her very much and we will support her through this. We would urge Natalie to make contact with us, or the police. If anyone has any information about where she is we urge them to pass this onto the police so that the children can be brought home safely."

Detective Chief Inspector Roger Ford of Northumbria Police said: "Natalie is an accomplished story teller, but the truth is far more mundane. She has been assessed by her local Social Services and based on their findings Interim Care Orders have been put in place by the High Court for all five of her daughters. This means that they should be in the care of their local authority, rather than being several hundred miles from home, friends and school mates, with no obvious means of support, having to rely on the good will of others. My number one priority continues to be the safe return of Natalie's daughters, above all else I want to see them safe and well and back in the North East. To those who might be sheltering Natalie and the girls, I would ask them to consider her statements very carefully in light of the Interim Care Orders and her Histrionic Personality Disorder. The children's safety and welfare are of increasing concern to us. My message to Natalie is that this has gone on long enough, it is time she came forward to police."


Natalie and the girls could now already be in Holland or Germany

01.07.2008 23:06

I have no idea how much of her story is true - Professor Doctor Robert Ash, the Newcastle Reformed Synagogue Rabbi, seems to check out and now appears to have fled the UK.

Other parts of her story such as how she came to the UK do not seem to add up.

The main reason Natalie said she was being hounded was because she handed this Reformed Rabbi's mobile number and others of his collaborators over to the Libyan Embassy down in London. That's when things started getting really nasty for her.

I'm only guessing but it looks now like she may have got into the Glastonbury festival at the middle of last week. And could now already be in Holland or Germany which is where she and the girls wanted to be - there they would have been much safer - away from the power of the British family courts and High Court. What she wanted more than anything else was to get back to Germany.

Wherever she went she found herself supported 100% by those that met her. Everybody she met understood her decision not to hand the kids over, she may never see them again.

None of the detectives had met her. Neither had the High Court judge... who issued this Recovery Order who was... by the way????

Natalie certainly was a highly intelligent tough nut mum who believed she was fighting masonic networks but always seemed to be one step ahead.

The fact that she wanted to get her story down on the record suggested to me she had a calm, realistic view that she may well be arrested, sectioned and seperated from her kids.

An extreme case of resourceful mum syndrome.

Tony Gosling
- Homepage:

Natalie did not say Mossad

02.07.2008 11:32

In the various interviews with Tony Gosling, Natalie Bracht does not mention Mossad. I consider that Gosling has done a disservice by imposing this particular M word on the story.

Some of us have a relatively advanced understanding of what's occured in Natalie's case. Should she get arrested I would hope that a further assessment of her mental health should be undertaken by an independent actor.


Always looking to stretch the story

02.07.2008 13:00

Tony tells us that Dr Robert Ash, who is major character in Natalies story, and the former Rabbi of the Newcastle Reformed Synagogue, now appears to have fled the UK. The implication is that he has done so recently and that somehow related to Natalie's story. However, that's rather misleading, and apparently deliberately so, as the information actually relates to the fact that Dr Ash has taken up a new position as a rabbi in south africa. What's more, this isn't a recent thing as he moved over six months ago!

As much as some people would like Natalie's story to be true, the fact that her tale contains references to people who actually exist (and are jews) does nothing to prove the story.

If anyone feels like asking Dr Ash if he really is an Israeli spy master, you can email him here


this is distressing

02.07.2008 13:41

I am disgusted and appaled that gosling and the rest of the tin foil hat brigade are prepared to try and validate their lunatic beliefs by reinforcing the delusions of an obviousley sick women.

It is a testament to their naievity that they choose to believe the stories being told to them by natalie bracht. Although i guees it helps their stories so who cares if she needs help or not hey boys.

you people are disgusting self interested egotists.

T F Hat

yes, her story sounds abit unconvincing,Tony has some edgy some edgy links, but

02.07.2008 14:25

why dont you counter with decent well read analysis instead of insults.Gosling may have a few edgy connections, but he definetely has balls, he isnt a fascist, there have been vfishy going on, read Nafeez Ahmed's books who is also involved in Transtition town for some good analysys. Also look up faradays cages, most military vehicles are designed as one, maybe youve been watching too much X files or government propaganda, some people are more aware than others, not paranoid aware& yes some are abit lunny, Tony Gosling doesnt reallyfit in the lunny category though he needs to be very careful& so do others being abit harsh here maybe. I havent heard the tape, though black ops like this have happened, do happen, its sometimes reality of rubbish system we live in.

Troll basher


02.07.2008 14:57
Tonys maybe abit off mark, he aint a lunny though. Check faraday cages for info, all military vehicles use them,

troll basher

Another loon

02.07.2008 16:32

All (metal) cars are faraday cages, military or otherwise. Of course metal grills on the windows of military vehicles make them more effective as faraday cages than your average car but so what. What do faraday cages have to do with Tony Gosling, Natalie Bracht or Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed?

Troll Basher, you are a troll!

call a spade a spade

the more you detract, the more it looks like there is something to the story

03.07.2008 09:53

The more certain people detract and take such venomous exception to Natalie's story (in her own words), the more one would suspect that there is some truth to it.

You will note that the title of the previous Indymedia posting on this story was changed to remove "Mossad" from the title. It now reads as "Tony Gosling arrested in missing persons hunt", on Tony's instruction.


some truth?

03.07.2008 13:39

'The more certain people detract and take such venomous excepti the Mossadon to Natalie's story (in her own words), the more one would suspect that there is some truth to it'. may think that, but from what I see, the more of this story that comes out, the more ludicrously gullible the likes of Tony Gosling look, not to mention odiously eager to believe anything negative involving the jews.

And the reason that the Mossad reference was removed, was because, as somebody pointed out on another thread, this was originally added by Tony in the first place, even though no reference was made to Mossad in Natalie's original 'story'. He has also implied that a leading 'zionist' connected to the case has 'recently left' the UK (the implication being that this move was somehow prompted by his 'investigations') when in fact said jewish person had left over six months ago - piss poor, misleading journalism at its worst - who needs the MSM with this sort of form, eh!


Classic double think

03.07.2008 13:42

The more information and evidence that emerges to cast serious doubt on this womens story, the more you think there must be something to it? Incredible!

What do we have so far. A crazy sounding story that sounds like a plot for a bad spy novel. A two year old newspaper article about a story she gave then which contradicts some of her current story. Her nest friend, husband, mother and father all contradicting her. The childrens services, police and high court all saying she has mental health problems. A bunch of people who sheltered her saying they thought she seemed like a good mother and the kids fine, but divided about her story. Some professional conspiracy theory'ists pushing the zionist plot angle and some indymedia armchair warrior trolls chipping in to say that there must be more to the story because of all the evidence now appearing to disprove it.

Classic. You couldn't make this shit up.


And they claim to be reporters?

04.07.2008 06:52

author by media wachpublication date Fri Jul 4 07:48:24 2008

The following is from an article in the Sunderland Echo published Friday 4th July. It's the only story they've run which isn't based on a press release from the police and as you can see it is full of obvious inaccuracies.

Tony Gosling was arrested BEFORE the publication of the interview with Natalie and was in fact arrested when his name came up after another arrest relating to the alleged theft of a credit card. Tony did NOT refuse to co-operate and even offered to go with the police to the farm where he thought she was staying. If this article is anything to go by then the inconstancies which appear between the Sunderland Echo article story of 2006 and the story which Natalie told to Tony Gosling can probably be explained by shoddy reporting.

Journalist arrested after interview with missing mum

"A journalist has been arrested for refusing to co-operate with police in the search for a missing Sunderland mum and her five daughters.

Freelancer Tony Gosling was taken into custody in connection with the ongoing Northumbria Police investigation into the disappearance of Natalie Bracht from her home in Hendon on May 17. Detectives have become increasingly concerned for the safety of Natalie and her children, aged between four and 13, who should be in social services care.

Bristol-based Gosling, 46, who was released without charge, allegedly refused to give details about a recent interview with Natalie for a website. Police said that after the arrest, the Bracht family were traced to the Yeovil area of Somerset, where the focus of the investigation has now fallen."

Sunderland Echo
- Homepage:

More Sunderland Echo shoddy reporting

04.07.2008 07:22

Looking back, the Sunderland Echo have managed to introduce loads of errors into their coverage of the story even when working directly from Police press releases. In their piece titles "Dad denies claims he is nuclear scientist" (2nd July), they print, "her concerned dad made a public appeal to set the record straight after a video interview with Natalie recorded by someone she met while on the run was published on the Internet".

Of course there is no video interview and the reporter should have known that as they should have listened to the interview themselves before writing the piece. If they had listened to the interview they would know that Bracht never referred to Mossad in her story and specifically corrects Tony Gosling when he introduces the term.

By themselves these are obviously all minor errors but they reveal the carelessness of the reporter and leave us unable to rely on any 'facts' supplied by the paper that can't be checked elsewhere. The recent Sunderland Echo pieces are symptomatic of the careless and slapdash reporting common throughout the industry now as newspapers cut down on staff and increasingly rely on press agency newswires to fill the gaps between their advertising.

be the media

Nazi interest in the Natalie Bracht story

04.07.2008 08:42

Natalie's tale of zionist intrigue has attracted the interest of neo-nazis on the white supremacy web forum, Stormfront. Below an advert for a radio show by former KKK leader David Duke, the Sunderland Ehco article of 2nd July has been reposted with the heading "Interesting Story for Conspiracy Theorists", by a forum member calling himself 'West Country Patriot'.

Stormfront refers to itself a "white nationalist" website and claims to be the biggest and fastest growing pro-white website with over 133,000 registered members. It also claims to be the first uncensored pro-White mass media - which just goes to show the abysmal awareness of history or facts that these 'supremacists' manage to obtain.

The favourite subject of this type of forum is the so-called 'ZOG', a neo-Nazi shorthand for Zionist Occupational Government which is the racist conspiracy theory apparently shared with some otherwise left leaning activists that the world's governments are puppets of a global elite of Jews who really run the whole show. Natalies anti-Semitic tale obviously hits a cord with these numskulls, just as it does with many of the so-called 'truth seekers' who insist the the 7/7 bombings in London where a false flag operation and that the 9/11 attacks weren't the work of Islamic terrorists.

Natalie is clearly a very clever woman, seeking shelter with people who's politics make them extremely distrustful of the authorities and the mainstream media. It's hard to imagine that she could have located anyone less likely to believe the stories propagated by the police as they appealed for help from the public. It's easy to understand that she'd weave a story to cast doubt on what the authorities were saying but it's worrying that the story she apparently found fertile ground with was one so blatantly anti-Semitic.

- Homepage:

Hand yourself in, journalist urges mum on the run

08.07.2008 09:52

A mum on the run has been urged to hand herself in by the journalist who interviewed her about why she vanished from home.

Four police forces have now been involved in the hunt for Natalie Bracht, who left her house in Hendon, Sunderland, with her five daughters on May 17.

Now the last reporter to speak to her, Bristol-based freelancer Tony Gosling, has called on the 34-year-old to give herself up to the authorities.

Since the family disappeared, Northumbria Police have expressed concern for their safety because of fears about Natalie's mental state after she fled when a court order was made to put her children – aged between four and 13 – into social services care.

Mr Gosling interviewed Natalie about three weeks ago, when she was hiding on a Somerset farm, to record her version of events.

He described Natalie as a "competent mother" and said the children were some of the best-behaved he had ever met, but believes it is time for her to hand herself in.

"It's not going to be good for the children to stay on the run," he said. "Natalie should turn and face her accusers."

During the 52-minute interview conducted by Mr Gosling, Natalie admitted: "We are not homeless. We are on the run from the police."
The mum, who came to Wearside from Germany in 2006, explained that she left Sunderland in a hurry.

"I took my children out of the bed and gave them lots of pullovers and jumpers on top. We were leaving and we grabbed our passports and credit cards and we were gone."

Natalie said they caught a train from Newcastle to London King's Cross, and changed her appearance as she was expecting to be met by police.

"I dressed myself as a Muslim to escape the surveillance system," she said.

About her ability to evade detection, she said: "Obviously we have been lucky."

During the interview, Natalie claims she had links to the Baader-Meinhof gang – a former German far left-wing terrorist group – and has been imprisoned six times.

She also claimed her father was a Libyan spy and the dad of three of her children was an Israeli nuclear military scientist, both of which have been strongly denied.

Although Mr Gosling said he cannot confirm Natalie's claims are genuine, he stressed the importance of sharing her allegations and has published the interview on the internet.

Northumbria Police said they were still concerned for the safety of Natalie and her children.

By Tim for the Sunderland Echo

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