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The British People's Party - Staggering from disaster to desperation

K.Bullstreet | 13.11.2008 15:47 | Anti-racism | Sheffield

“A handful”? Are the British People’s Party exaggerating their numbers yet again?!

Those who attended the antifascist counter-demo against the BPP in Leeds a few weeks ago may have been surprised at the sheer gall of the BPP claiming they had turned out even 21 neo-Nazis. For weeks beforehand the BPP had been crowing about “taking back the streets” from the “filthy reds”, but as everyone who was there saw, their ‘demo’ (such as it was), began more than 2 hours late, while they hid (unwelcome) in the back room of a closed pub, under police guard. Then eventually, after the cops had finally managed to clear a space for them, about 11 fascists shuffled out to a sheep-pen, protected by more than 200 cops. Here, they stood, completely isolated, being jeered and laughed at, for 45 minutes, before running away to be driven out of Leeds by Asian taxi drivers. They gave out not one single racist leaflet, not one person heard their venal rantings, and nor could anyone even read their silly placards. In short, the BPP’s “return to the streets” was a complete farce – a farce that had been paid for by grovelling to the cops for police protection, giving them the personal details of their membership, and informing on renegade fascist nut-case Tony White. In spite of this disaster, the BPP had the temerity to inflate their numbers to 21 (itself a pitiful figure), to claim the ‘demo’ was a success, and to compare their cowardly outing to the Battle of Agincourt!

Bearing this in mind, when we read the BPP claim they managed to turn out a “handful” of BPP “members and supporters” on Rememberance Sunday (when they generally turn up to some out of the way war memorial), one really does have to wonder what the true figure was. Perhaps, as with their Leeds ‘demo’ they inflated the figure by including children they hid behind, or even octogenarian fascist Frank Walsh’s shopping trolley! Perhaps BPP Gruppenfuhrer Kate McDermody even brought along one of her cats!

As previously predicted by Antifa, it did not take long for the tentative alliance between the BPP, various would-be paramilitary groups, and elements of the National Front to fall out. Following Tony White’s arrest, the ‘hard-men’ of the so-called ‘Racial Volunteer Force’ and the ‘British Freedom Fighters’ gave the Leeds BPP demo second thoughts, and were consequently derided as “cowards” and “wankers” by the BPP (who bravely stood behind 200 cops.) Perhaps these shaven-headed numbskulls had finally woken up to the fact they were simply being used and manipulated by McDermody and her BPP sidekick, Kevin Watmough, who had (as usual, and much like the UAF/SWP) been calling for “unity”.

For the moment at least, the BPP have realised that the game is up with their version of “unity”, issuing a statement severing all ties with their former allies, while sucking up to groups they have worked with in the past (but more recently slagged off), such as the miniscule ‘England First Party’, and even the BNP’s Nick Griffin! The BPP really must be desperate, and nothing shows that more than the name put to this statement, Eddie Stampton, who is now apparently their ‘National Organiser’! If Stampton, an inveterate liar with a sordid reputation, has been promoted to this position, the BPP really must be desperate. How much longer they can hide behind bluster and outright lies, without finally throwing in the towel, remains to be seen, but there’s an old antifascist adage: “Never hit a Nazi when he’s down...Kick him, it’s easier!”

Antifa report on the BPP’s Leeds ‘demo’:

- Homepage:


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Vote Nazi?

13.11.2008 16:11

Having made absolutely no impact on the streets of Leeds, and presumably having abandoned the marches McDermody was proposing previously (what a laugh that'd have been), I reckon the BPP will have another stab at electoralism. Of course it was a complete farce when Morrison stood for them, but this is all about McDermody's ego afterall.

Corporal Jones


13.11.2008 16:19

If anyone has pics of the BPP from the Leeds non-demo of October 18th, could they please put them up on here?

Leeds Anti-fascist

Hateful?,compared to nazis this article was compassionate

13.11.2008 23:41

Do people that celebrate auschwitz, Dr Mengele& secretly target minorities violently& indiscriminately need locking up,serious readjustment& psychiatric help?,yes all antifascists & antifa would love that happen. Until then history unfortunately teaches us that the hardcore of fascists unfortunately in general are restrained only physically.Its a shame, but unless you have fascist sympathy yourself Brenda you shoud understand& thank those willing to protect decent people.



14.11.2008 16:00

The BPP is full of scum that the other Fascist Groups won't touch with a bargepole, they are the lowest of the low and they know it. They call for unity because on their own they are not worth a shit.



14.11.2008 16:33

Two points - I heard on the Wright Show that the "man" who murdered Baby P is a Nazi... What exactly is Nazi policy on infanticide and paedaphilia? Given that this correspondence crops up again and again and again... I understand that Hitler and the Thule society used to indulge in some fairly unsavoury get togethers...

WHY are Nazis commemorating the war in which their heroes were either driven to suicide or sent to the gallows? I don't get it. Either you are patriotic and believe in Britain and what we stand for, or you ain't. You can't have it both ways. You can't worship Hitler and then lay down poppies while draping your shoulders in the Union Jack. You need to make up your minds and then stick to them.

True Brit


18.11.2008 09:39

The BPP seem to have more than their fair share of nonces and misfits. It can be viewed as a kind of social club where these ostracised individuals can support each other. In this context they serve a purpose - as a support group - giving these scumbags a social life and a raison d'etre.

Politically theyre going nowhere - all credibility has been lost after the poor show at Leeds where they sold out to the police and silenced by the crowd.

I think that if they were honest with themselves they would just go down the pub and get pissed and forget it ever happened.

che guevara

Dermody is Mad

18.11.2008 12:32

Have a look at her blog which is

She shops at Matalan. But Dimwilly is such an odd shape that she couldnt find anything to fit.
Shame they dont stock SS uniforms and jackboots kate. Dimwitty has also decided to study for her GCSE - well done. A GCSE will qualify you for BPP mastermind of the UK. Hope teflon kev doesnt get to feel insecure being around such an educated woman.

che guevara


18.11.2008 22:15

Well thats them fucked for their fancy dress party, Kate can't get any get up to fit her for her flabby arse, and Kev can't get a suit to fit over his hunchback.
Oh well we won't be seeing an SS wedding like that of Colin Jordan and Francois Dior then will we. Oh hang on is Teflon Kev still married to that beautiful gypsy traveller?



19.11.2008 01:08

Well what a bizarre pair they are, Kate a fat grass, who now has the BFF rejects for security, even the BFF didn't want these clowns, and why would the RFV/BFF defend a female who's ego is bigger than her ass, and that lil hunchback of hers, I wish I knew his address, giving it the large, hiding behind 200 cops, real scary. They new the police would protect them, thats the only reason why they went..



21.11.2008 18:12

No mate, I've seen her trying to buy clothes at Rent-A-Marquee on Kirkstall Rd!


Brown Pissy Pants

23.11.2008 16:52

With Eddy Stampton as the new hardman saddling up and saddling the odious klondike Kate
maybe they'll be more accommodating at bashing the other nazi scumbags now.

Eddy and his best mate Tony Le Cucumber have spoken of wiping out any opposition for some time now.

Interesting times indeedy sit back and watch the fascist blood flow.

Max Headroom


23.11.2008 16:59

Bpp when ya comin back to Leeds then?
Oh never you are not wanted awww diddums.



23.11.2008 17:01

Any details for these BPP shitbags?
Its all fine and dandy giving out BNP details but these scumbags details would be very welcome.

Citizen X

Not surprised, buffoons

25.11.2008 00:26


As many of you will be aware the National Front celebrated a successful day in holding our heads high and honouring our war dead and heroes that served and fought for our futures in wars throughout the world on the 90th year of remembrance to commemmorate the sacrifices made by so many.

This remembrance took place on the 9th November 2008 at the Cenotaph in London.

Thanks to Stuart Hollingdale, Swinny, Tony White and others from the North East and North West the day was an immense success in bringing together many comrades and attracted the warmth and welcome of many veterans who applauded us on the day and showed their support as we marched to the Cenotaph to see Tom Holmes, Bernard Franklin and others lay their tributes on behalf of the National Front

The day went with an overwhelming success and upon an official police count 206 National Front members and supporters showed the establishment and the people who stood around, some in obvious amazement to watch and see that The National Front is back and here to stay.

Everything ran smoothly with the excellent guidance of our selected security from up and down the country who saw to it that the event went off in a dignified and controlled manor.

Later after the initial remembrance and short speeches held at a selected rv it was decided by some that the days events would be celebrated in the form of a meet up at a local pub suggested by local NF members and supporters.

This pub is a family orientated pub and consisted of many supporters and likeminded persons who converged on the pub to celebrate the days events as well as regulars and others enjoying having a meal and a drink.

After a short while the organisers, security and many others began to leave and head home on their lengthy travels.

It was at some point later that an event took place that is an absolute disgrace and an event that the National Front, its membership and supporters denounce totally as a disgraceful act of ignorance on such a day as it was, a day to honor our war dead in the centre of London.

Eddie Stanton who is National Organiser of the BPP attacked a National Front supporter and when confronted smashed a glass and threatened staff working at the pub who had graciously accepted our company and tolerated us when many others may not have done so due to a large police presence earlier in the day and due to the large presence we had attracted on the initial march and congregation afterwards.

There are no excuses for this act of dishonorable behaviour among likeminded individuals.

.Eddie Stanton is NOT as some thought a member of the National Front and only came after he had requested doing so supposedly as an act of solidarity and support.

This was a despicable attack on the victim and the National Front in that it would bring the party into disrepute had Eddie Stanton been a member of the National Front, having been on a National Front organised activity and the fact that this was a day to honour and remember our war dead.

A despicable act such that it is the National Fronts decision that Eddie Stanton is PROSCRIBED from membership, from attending any National Front activities, Functions or meetings now and in the future.

This decision is final and is that of the National Front Chairman, the Directorate, Organisers and various members .

Sunday 25th November 2008

Trevor the Trawler

the plot thickens

02.12.2008 12:54

taken from a nutzi site looks like the xmas entertainment has started early

My name is Stuart Hollingdale,
I thought I was the NF organiser for activities in London and the South East but according to the party chairman I am not, even though he was present and part of the process when I was made that organiser.
I recieved all the relevant paperwork to this effect which has left me puzzled as to how certain people reach their conclusions.
Following an attack by a BPP organiser on an NF supporter at the remembrance day event I rang the party Chairman to ask if we (the NF) should be putting out a statement denouncing this incident.
The chairman was already aware of the incident and keen to get a statement out on our website. I was instructed to very carefully draft a statement without breaking any laws but ensuring that the words proscribed and never welcome again and that the decision was final were to be included in the statement so as to leave no doubt in any ones minds at the position of the NF on this.
The statement was duly drafted as requested and I rang the party chairman on more than one occassion as we proof read the document together over the telephone.
I was told that this was acceptable and asked to forward it to the relevent people who could post it up onto our websites. Due to a technical fault on our internet connection for over two weeks I asked Tony White to add the statement to the relevent sites which he did without delay. There was never a problem when Tony took photos at Speakers corner which were compiled into promotional videos for the NF and also of the photographs which were taken and used of remembrance day as well as reports for both events which were all used and are still to be viewed on the NF site and no complaints were ever made regarding me using the wrong person to submit these items.
Using the same details, the same person posted the official statements.
the BPP at that time were trying to headhunt Tony and other NF members with some success which has resulted in current NF members holding dual memberships/affiliations however those that didnt tow their line seemed to come under scrutiny and attack following the proscription.
Tony in particular was point blank in his refusal to join the BPP from day one declaring his 100% loyalty to the National Front. Also others that came to the National Front on my and Tony's stance in taking the National Front forward were also instrumental in declaring their 100% allegiances to the Front and no others.
The BPP were livid saying that their members were going to the National Front and have tried their hardest to destroy any work done in the furtherence of the National Front. We now believe that because they were turned down by so many key personell and activists promoting the NF but not all, the BPP went on the offensive and sent along their Trojan Horse to the remembrance day event to cause maximum destruction and violence, when anyone that he saw as a threat had left he took his chance.
If this in fact is the case the events that led us here seem to have worked very well and their tactics have worked.
I apologise to everyone I spoke to and promised them that the party was moving forward with new momentum and new blood. I was always 100% honest with you and it was always my intention to include everybody into the NF so we could all move forward together. It looks like our dream will never become a reality if things stay the same. I am still 100% committed to the ideals of the National Front and will continue to push the ideals of the National Front forward.
Under the current state of affairs we are going to continue losing good people like Terry, Tony and others and the party will continue to shrink and gradually die giving our opposition that which they have strived for for over 40 years.
The destruction of the National Front.
I am willing to stand by every word I have said and will answer honestly any queries anyone has.

For Race and Nation
Stuart Hollingdale

Trevor the Trawler

No Solidarity

05.12.2008 15:20

Just proves that, unlike Anti-Fascists there is no solidarity among the far right. With BNP members selling their entire party out by placing their so called comrades details on the internet over a power squabble and the BPP and NF assaulting each other who'd be a member of the far right if you can't trust your comrades?
While their are sectarian differences between left wing/anarchist groups at least we don't stitch each other up and glass each other.

I Hate The Fash

Total War

07.12.2008 13:03

Well the festive fun truly has begun and we should all sit back and watch the entertainment.
The BPP female fuhrer has taken on Tony White and is announcing her plans to put on her blog the BNP booklet produced by Larry O Hara back in the 90's White Lies. It just gets better as we sit and watch a re-enactment of years gone by as they just keep stabbing and stabbing each other in the back.
Tis the season to be jolly tra la la la la la la la la Ho Ho HO.

Insanity Clause

The truth hurts

07.12.2008 15:44

The BPP are whether you like it the UK's foremost party for the white race we were successfull in holding a demo in Leeds and the big boys of the meagre outfit the so called Racial Volunteer Force bottled it, Wigan-Mike bottled it and so did the lying sneaky Tony White. All hid at home despite true nationalists true to their word and taking the fight to Leeds city centre. Kevin had the strength to stand firm against the reds and the police and the "Big hard men" stayed at home threatening women on the net thats the truth of the matter. Mike has been proven to be a red, we have the proof, Tony White was outed by the BNP in the 90's and the RVF leader is nothing but a disgruntled has been living in the past and making a few pennies off true comrades backs.
Face it you are all washed up and have been shown for what you really are.


Forgot one minor detail

07.12.2008 15:50

Then there is Stewart Hollingdale, whose only claim to fame is smashing up a Stephen Lawrence Memorial in London and getting caught on camera. And threatened a pensioner at this years memorial in London if you don't believe that ask many respected NF supporters that were there as they were disgusted too at this verbal and near physical attack on a BPP supporter and old age pensioner.

Again more truth that hurts


08.12.2008 09:05

Well Again can you give us the proof about what you say, why should we believe anything you say, do you think we care? You was shitting yourself at Leeds, and you won nothing, you hid behind 200 police, while every were closed for dinner, no one cared what you had to say, and we was laughing at you and yours.

Wigamike is a wanker, he's a twat in a grubby vest, I would go as far as to say he's a joke, but a red? COME ON, is this some plan to get him over to us? Do you think were that stupid? Go away you idiot, you give us some mild entertainment, and thats about it..


fat Kate pt 2

08.12.2008 09:08

Also you say you had a victory, can you remind everyone what is exactly the victory was? Did you lose 2Ib's in weight through shitting yaself? Or was that smell your perfume?


Yorkshire National Affront

12.12.2008 23:33

Since the handbags came out and Mr White was set up yet again by his comrades (when will he ever learn) our source tells us that the leader of blood and honour that attended this years remembrance crawl in London was approached and told to take control of the National Affront in Yorkshire. Renegade nutzi Tony White had been appointed Organiser but in a dramatic u-turn and an arguement with the ageing racist veteran Tom Holmes he declared that they would be organising demos and activities without authorisation from Mr Holmes. An meeting took place last week attended by 27 National Affront supporters to decide which way to go and white announced he had a mass of contacts and members to contact and plans for activities, a new paper in production and a promised new website.
To date it was declared by the leadership that they didnt want a branch in Yorkshire because they could not be controlled but whites defiance seems to have prompted a quick decision to appoint an organiser to take control in that region and " sort whitey out ". Rumour has it that Tony Mac (recently kicked out of the BNP) has been given the task by blood and honours Stephen Swinfen on the orders of the fuming National Affront chairman who prior to this declared that they did not want a branch in yorkshire especially since whitey is alledged to be a founder member of the so called Racial Volunteer Force with his best friend Mark Atkinson who is rumoured to have been best man at his wedding,The National Affront always steered clear of yorkshire declaring the area " bad news " hence not having a unit there until whitey showed up again as their mini fuhrer since causing the destruction and mayhem they caused in Bradford when he organised the demo there that errupted in so much violence a few years back.
These events have been most entertaining for all and we can see that it will definately get even more so if the rumours to " sort Whitey out once and for all " are proven to be true.
More dead nazis on the way and a Nazi Free Zone !

In The Know

In The Know

12.12.2008 23:53

The National Affront charade in London notice Mr White in yellow hi-viz in regular pose with camera taking photographs flanked by Police to protect him, probably from the NF themselves.
Are all the comments of the illustrious Mr Whites non existance within the NF an attempt to make antifascists believe he is one of ours ?
Anyone have any other photos of this days events and attendees ?

In The Know

Truth or Fiction

13.12.2008 15:34

Ask the National Front and their membership about the Olive Branch and offers handed to the BNP by Tom Holmes and others a few months back which the BNP flatly rejected.
Then ask them about how when they saw the support at Londons Cenotaph proposals and contacts were made with the NF in agreement that they would be adhered to so long as certain people were firstly extracted from the party or their memberships terminated.
And then and only then would there be a possibility of some kind of alliance or agreements.
Key BNP players within the NF have had their way as the BNP and NF become one.
Of course this will be denied but look at all the facts and the silence thats almost deafening.
The usual gullible ones take the fall, again and again!

Brand New Leather Jacket

tick and tock

14.12.2008 01:31

if a certain person had just done as he was told and wasent uncontrollable he wouldent have found hiself yet again expendable.

Little Brothers Big Brother

eddie stampton

28.09.2010 17:09

His name is not eddie, its EDWIN


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