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Charlie Veitch, Soho Square Arrest and War!

Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More, | 04.05.2011 01:34 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool | World

Having just watched the video of Charlie Veitch's arrest, which you can see here -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UscFYYCKOxg - and equally sad and disturbing 'soho square arrest', which you can see here -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj4yn1RBxHs - I cannot contain my anger or frustration and so NEED to say the following stuff:

We absolutely, completely and unreservedly cannot allow this situation of the 'uk police state' to continue unchecked and unharrassed. I dont give a fuck if the police get hold of this article, or if they kick my door in tomorrow, or if they come for me or whatever, let them, honestly, fucking let them, as the jails will fucking burn if they send me down - part of me wishes to be in jail in order to incite riot like fuck and burn one of her fascist-majesties establishments to the ground.
People, if you haven't already, you need to 'wake the fuck up', dust of your poll-tax riot face mask or balaclava, get together with ya mates and fight like bastards because time is clearly running out...
Dont get me wrong, charlie and his missis probably aren't into violence - they're the love police for crying out loud, and a grand job they do as well - and therefore I am not trying to take anything away from the great work he and his crew do...But I'l tell you something for whatever it's worth - I'm fucking violent and I'm fucking proud of it, as my violence is that of revolutionary rage and intent, anger at the new world order and complete and utter determination to see the police infrastructure and the establishment it props up BURN TO THE FUCKING GROUND! I'm talking about property destruction, ok, so dont troll me about 'innocent passers by' like usual.....

wake the fuck up people, because the insurrection is coming and those that are willing and able need to get willing and able right fucking now, otherwise it will literally be too late.
I dont want to be alarmist, but how can you watch the above linked videos and not feel fear and anger and hatred for the system (particularly the pig-thugs arresting the dude in soho square) and how can anyone who calls themself a 'revolutionary' not want to burn the whole rotten system down to the fucking ground?

What defence is there for a system like this? That it keeps your lights on and your mortgage safe? That you need your valium on prescription? That you need your bin emptying?
For fucks sake people, those two videos - not to even mention thousands of others over the decades - are showing us exactly how the state intends to model the future world order! What justification could there possibly be for defending it?
smashing it can only be the solution now, fuck trying to harness public opinion about violence against property. With so much poison in the water, in the air and in the food, on the tele and radio and in the massmedia, the 'public' doesn't know its arse from its elbow...(which, sadly, includes alot of my loved ones and friends)

It's time for a great big fucking battle, insurrection, civil war, whatever you wanna call it......for time is surely running out, for us, the planet and all around...

solidarity to the charlies and 'dudes in soho square' of the world, because their oppression is my inspiration and call to arms........

Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More,


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No, this is really very weak indeed.

04.05.2011 02:31

Sorry fella but I have to say this, that is the most miserable display of conformity I have ever seen in my life.

I may be very cynical or just have seen far to much (Brazil 1998, Mexico 2003 and Columbia 2005) but you have just allowed these fools to walk all over you.

This isn't really about a police state, this is about miserably inadaquate so-called peripheral-to-the-scene activists setting themselves up to be abused by the police just so they can bleat about it. I have seen this motley crew before (the man in the first video) and his style of activism could not be anymore inadequate and futile.

Why do you think this is acceptable?

I once saw three police officers abroad set upon by a crowd, one of them was kicked to death in the street. It took 6 or 7 minutes from start to finish! At the end the guy had shit himself and he was covered in his own vomit. Why did this awful thing happen? Because two of the officers had raped a teenage girl and then arrested and killed the girls father when he found out.

The locals had waited several months and then lured the officers into a small square. It was an ambush. Two of the officers got out of the square but one of them was shot and killed on his way out. The officer that had died in the square had his penis cut off and shoved in his mouth.

That's a police state. The people who live in that police state act accordingly.

I don't think its sensible to be offering sympathy to you. For crying out loud in the first video the women opens the door to the police officer and asks him if its ok for her to film him, while she's standing in her own sodding house!!!

I am absolutely stunned that your angry about this. I really am.

Take it from me. Indymedia really isn't for you. Your only going to be a draining influence at a time when we need our energy.


Charlie Veitch is a self serving egotistic ass..

04.05.2011 07:36

who courted the publicity whilst pretending to be an anarchist to get maxium media attention for his new career. He, unlike the folks in Soho sq wanted to get arrested to big himself up fucking dick..Go ply your pathetic trade somewhere else....


Charlie Veitch on CNN 1/4/11

04.05.2011 09:31

"At the Royal Wedding we're going to see what we call a disruption spectacular... a shock and awe campaign. It will involve a lot of fireworks, a lot of people dressed in black. It will involve a lot of very, very loud music. There are plans, which are being passed around online in encrypted forums and encrypted email which the government cannot hack, to disrupt the procession"

The police were obliged to get involved once he made these statements?


save as many sheeple as you can

04.05.2011 09:45

dunno - because of CV lots of 'moderate' people are re-examining what anarchy actually is, rather than the state/media propoganda view - ie chaos.
but. aye you guys are right - he is worth 'keeping an eye on'

black is not a colour

richard and judy anarchism

04.05.2011 10:47

i know this maybe a little below the belt, but what the hell, i cant help thinking these two are augmenting their mutual attraction with a little bit of invited political repression. Tie me up. Yes beat me. yes, see how oppressed we are.thanks police guys, we love you really. I'm at Cambridge university, actually.


tosser in dark sunglasssses

04.05.2011 11:09

As others have said I think this Charlie Veich character has an ego which is at odds with his ideology. This is such a premeditated act of media manipulation and to be honest I can hardly see any difference between this and the media manipulation for capilitalists ends that we see every day. Pride comes before the fall Charlie mate...when the revolution comes let make sure its genuine and not just a spectacle eh pal.

I wouldn't be surprised if this cunt gets targeted by mi5 tbh.


bobby g

Come On You Lot, ???

04.05.2011 12:47

Are you serious, have you ever been arrested, have you ever looked at your partner seconds before having to climb into the back of a caged police veichle due to the fact you HAVE COMMITTED NO CRIME? I think him and his missis do well to conceal their obvious distress, maybe they were having an argument about who should cook breakfast, maybe they were planning to attend a sick friend in hospital, whatever, the point is they get a knock on the door and in comes a cop to take charlie away for doing...nothing, for being himself and being an anarchist....that folks, is thought police beamed to you on you tube. have you read 1984, or 'we' or any 'decent' literature on totalitarianism, fascist regimes, police states??

Are you for real? They are the love police, they use humour, irony, sarcasm, INTELLECTUAL TACTICS, knowledge is power and the love police know that and use it brilliantly. the fact charlie has never been convicted but arrested many times for his 'thought crimes' should prove that what he does is actually bang on...but dont worry, go back to work or carrying on shopping, everything's ok........EVERYTHING IS OK.....

PS i dont actually know charlie but i reckon i could get a far more interesting and 'deeper' conversation out of him than most of the punters on the street or even most of the wallies using IM thesedays - no offence to any of you, but all you've done is slag a man off for getting arrested having committed no crime whatsoever......who's side are you actually on and are any of you gateway.303 users??

I wonder..........

Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More,

I wonder.......... if......

04.05.2011 12:56

Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More is Charlie himself?!

If not please refrain from calling yourself an anarchist you Tit.


o please...

04.05.2011 13:30

'Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist' get over it. Its clear CV has good cause to sue police and make a few grand, but its not the fucking crucifixion, its just another big mouth publicity seeker getting put in a police van. This happens on a regular basis. Its not news.

If he has no crim record he's pretty much set up for a big payout, maybe 10k or more. Meanwhile everyday less fortunate souls than him are assaulted, banged up and treated like shit by the cops in this land simply for being poor and desperate, and they were not given airtime on CNN to call for shock and awe destruction, and none writes hysterical articles about them on indymedia.


I agree (somewhat)!

04.05.2011 16:09

I think Charlie is great, not because I agree with him politically on everything (or even most things) but because he has the power to engage people in a way, lets face it, most of us don't. He gets people thinking and that's good. He can and does make people smile and make them think which is good.

Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, I think most of us have been arrested and taken away in a police van for doing nothing illegal. I have successfully sued and so have many others for this. It really isn't that much of a big deal to most of us, although it is annoying and disruptive. Although I feel a little bad for admitting it I did kinda' laugh at Charlie's girlfriend taking it all so badly in the vid, but maybe she's new to all of this? Anyway as has been said we are a lot better off than most people in custody illegally who have no support and no idea of their rights.

On the other hand I share the general frustration you have. I would suggest you look into the animal liberation movement (waits to be attacked for daring to mention AR) in the 80's for a model of UK activism which caused significant property damage without killing anyone. Covert direct action is often more secure than a riot and can be done with far less people (even alone).

Action, Not Words

i know what you are all saying,

04.05.2011 17:25

and i have been nicked and mistreated more than most, beaten while handcuffed, overdosed on drugs, had my arm snapped and guess what, all the cctv cameras in the station were off at the time. im a poor person, always have been, wish i had enough middle class gumption to sue, but i havent. so insurrection is my tool.
no offence, but you are dissing me for being angry at cops, i mentioned thousands of examples of fascism, not just one, CV's arrest merely made me write the above to call for war, not suing the pigs. i was deterred from suing the police because i have a crippling post traumatic fucking stress for being intimidated and fucked over so much, just being around cops makes me shit myself unless im in a black block with a tool in my hand. i wish i came from the background some of you did, then maybe suing the police for all the wrong doing they've caused me would be the best solution, but if you read my article, im calling for war as the best solution now. fuck the money, i dont have aspirations for money, just conflict.......

get me?

Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More,

@ Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist

04.05.2011 17:38

I don't come from a rich background. My mum was a single parent, was on the dole then a minimum wage job and I was raised most of my childhood in a council flat. So don't give me all that! And money gained by suing is used for general living while taking part in struggles or on the struggles themselves.

If you read my post I mostly agreed with you about stuff and have practical ideas too. Please have a re-read.

Action, Not Words

Big shtoopit eeejit got himself lifted...

04.05.2011 18:52

Quoting Veitch on CNN: "At the Royal Wedding we're going to see what we call a disruption spectacular... a shock and awe campaign. It will involve a lot of fireworks, a lot of people dressed in black. It will involve a lot of very, very loud music. There are plans, which are being passed around online in encrypted forums and encrypted email which the government cannot hack, to disrupt the procession"

So fuck him!

Owen Folt

SFO is a agent provocateur

04.05.2011 20:26

Seriously Fucked Off whatever you call yourself, the jails will NOT "fucking burn" if they send you down. If they send you down, the only thing that will happen is that you'll have to spend a few years scrubbing floors and shitting into a tin bucket. Are you the muppet that's trolling Indymedia and trying to incite violence?

A real anarchist

Focus on fighting the cuts

04.05.2011 20:46

The right-wing press were gutted the anarchist spectacular they tried to whip-up failed to materialise on Royal Wedding day, gutted that anarchists failed to walk into the trap set for us by The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail, gutted that anarchists refused to lay their freedom on the line to provide the media with sensationalist photo opportunities, and gutted they lost an opportunity to portray radicals as enemies of the British people. If "Fucked Off" seriously thinks that an inveterate self-publicist like Charlie Veitch's arrest is the most important issue to get worked up about, then this genius clearly has no experience of poverty. Yes CV is being oppressed, but tens of millions of us will be oppressed by NHS privatisation and enforced austerity.

CV posted a video on You Tube saying the reason he'd not been arrested was down to "occult" forces, presumably equivalent to good Karma, shortly before he was.... arrested. Oh well. I'm sure CV means well and he's a nice guy, but his lapse into occultist reasoning was so pathetic it's hardly surprising he didn't realise he was setting himself up for a fall - CV is definitely not the sharpest of cards

Sun Tzu

@ a real anarchist

04.05.2011 22:25

anyone who calls themself a real anarchist - while maintaining that prisoners still 'slop out' is obviously a cop. gateway.303 probably. and i have been publishing on IM about violence for years actually and guess what, i mean it. so get over it, the insurrection is coming whether you like it or not and if the IM moderators cared about my stuff they'd hide, which they haven't so piss off. ive spent years jail mate, proper jails and have fought the system from inside and yes, jail is a struggle and yes they would burn if they put me back in there, beleive me. i think guys/girls like you hate it when people come on IM talking about violence because you want to control people and you are probably a cop or just an 'old, tired and sold out commie' - no disrespect to my anarcho-commie matesor comrades, but you failed to impress upon me anything meaningful when you declare you are a 'real anarchist'. i sugguest you read works by the now imprisoned anarchist 'alfredo bannano', particularly armed joy. go on down load it, you wont like it because its about burning the fucking system to the ground and shooting and bombing and robbing banks. so whos the one trolling now, eh?

seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More,

I think "seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More"

05.05.2011 07:42

seems to be taking much more and maybe he should seriously fuck off and instead of continually reading more of his precious books get a grip on real life and reality as a whole as he sounds like a thirteen year old (no dispespect to thirteen year olds meant) twat


gateway.303 style cops seemingly at it again

05.05.2011 10:16

@ 'anarchist': i recall having a 'discussion ' with you about anarchist violence, if you are indeed the same person, and you have not a single comment to make about anarchism, yet you are quick to call me names and attempt to offend me. like i said, cops will get hurt, banks will get smashed, macdonalds will get trashed and there's nothing you and your gateway 303 mates can do about it.
im a committed revolutionary, have been for over a decade, with tons of positive and not just 'action'-style expereince under my belt.

whereas you and your gateway 303 style cronies only seem to be good at trolling articles about violence and letting rip at the authors.

Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More,

Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More,.....

05.05.2011 11:16

Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More, Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More, Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More, Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More, Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More, Seriously Fucked Off Anarchist, Not Going To Take Much More............... BOOOOMB

my my you are an experienced revolutionary hardman..


Trolling Beware

05.05.2011 12:09

As ive stated on other comment threads, there seems to be one or two serious trolls on here, i think 'anarchist' and 'anon', particularly when the article they are trolling is about revoilutionary violence. SFOANGTTMM, dont let them wind you up, they are doing it on purpose, as im sure you can deduce from 'anarchists' childish response to your observational assertions.



05.05.2011 16:46

SFOANGTTMM - in prison you wouldn't have time to burn the place down you'd be to busy satisfying the needs of the local hardnut as his plaything, that probably wouldn't help out with your PTSD but may sort out your Daddy issues...


another one

07.05.2011 10:34

SFOANGTTMM - you are extraordinary easy to wind up.

I would also say that you are completely deluded if you think that everything is going to get burnt to the ground. Deluded to the point that you obviously have no grasp of reality.

And the idea that anyone who disagrees with you is to be labeled as a Gateway 303, just confirms that you are living in a tiny bubble based upon those delusions and do not have the mental ability to comprehend what other people feel or think, rather just go into a tantrum of spittle blowing and denial. Those are classic signs of autism.

anon II

What a plank

07.05.2011 23:35

SFOANGTTMM goes into paroxysms of impotent rage... because the cops killed Jean Charles de Menezez, Smiley Culture & Ian Tomlinson? because privatisation of NHS cleaning contracts caused thousands of old people to die from MRSA infections? because General Franco's regime murdered 100,000 + anti-fascists during the years of his regime in Spain? because coalition forces dumped depleted uranium all over the middle east? because Tony Blair lied about WMDs and used that as a pretext to kill half a fucking million Iraqi civilians? No, s/he wants to declare civil war because Charlie Veitch got nicked after gobbing-off on You Tube and promptly released. Try and get some flippin' perspective ....

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