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Call out against the EDL Infidels in Sunderland March 30th

Rose | 26.03.2013 23:28 | Anti-racism | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Liverpool | Sheffield

This is a leaflet produced by North East Anti Fascists for use in Sunderland and beyond to mobilise against the far right.

Stop the EDL!
Sweep Fascism Off Our Streets
Sunderland March 30th

We live in a time of political and economic crisis. Far-Right fascist groups like the EDL, BNP and National Front are trying to exploit this by shifting blame onto immigrants, but it wasn’t immigrants who caused the banking crash or who are dismantling the welfare system: it’s the rich and powerful.

Groups like the EDL do not protest against cuts and job losses, but they have physically attacked those who do: for example, in the last year fascists have attacked the Occupy camp and a socialist meeting in Newcastle, and picket lines and a trade union office in Liverpool. Fascist groups like the EDL are ANTI-WORKING CLASS. All they ever do is stir up racism to divide the working class against itself so that the rich can continue to shaft us.

It wasn’t immigrants who shut down the pits or the shipyards: it was the Tories. It was Labour who sold off all the public housing stock and brought in workfare. Know your REAL enemy: it’s the boss class scum, not immigrants.

The EDL are coming to Sunderland again on March 30th to try and spread racism and divide our communities. The only people who will gain from this are the ruling class.

We say, take to the streets and stop the fascist EDL in their tracks!
Fascists and Nazis are class traitors.Stop the EDL from marching in Millfield.

North-East Anti-Fascists  ne-antifascists@riseup.net | Look for us on Facebook!

- e-mail: ne-antifascists@riseup.net
- Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/North-East-Anti-Fascists/421655391251203


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27.03.2013 11:33

the remaining racists don't seem too pleased with him


mi5 and fascists

27.03.2013 22:03

I think it has long been known in anti-fascist circles that the guy browning was and is a state asset. He was the one meeting Searchlight in the hotel room yeah? He was the one that "allegedly" launched the letter bombing campaign yeah? But remains at liberty and is promoted in certain anti-fascist circles as numero uno nazi and the real danger to society.
I know Im not alone in finding the tactics used by certain anti-fascists very close to the bone. Sure if we can use these cunts and let them destroy their own sick kind, well and good, but when this tactic is supported hand in hand with the state, who give them the green light to do as they please I find that a bitter pill to swallow.
A few quick searches of browning and you can find his band No Remorse, who have put out the most vile and pseudo terroristic music imaginable, shooting "coons" and "gassing jews" and piles of other nonsensical bollox. But clearly is allowed by his "handlers" to spew this out year after year without prosecution, or even exposure, in certain anti-fascist circles!
Surely now it is time enough for said anti-fascists to drop this scumbag and expose him as the asset he is, much as was done with the other hero sargent. I have always looked at the C18 split/feud debacle as one side working for mi5 the other for s.b. and which ever had the most trump cards (brownings handlers) carried on whilst (sargents handlers) dropped him like a hot potato to rot away in prison.
My own view is we should not work with or use fascists, we should crush them. I do not believe in colluding with the state either, for what are they but fascists in suits!!!


Stampton The Snitch

27.03.2013 23:49

Everyone knows the statement you put up was from Sergeant and nothing to do with C18. It was done to muddy the waters because they was SB touts.

Tout Spotter

Sergeant The Snitch.

27.03.2013 23:55

After years of grassing, lying and outrageous treachery, Charlie Sargent's Special Branch career finally ended as he was sentenced to life imprisonment at Chelmsford Crown Court on Wednesday 21st January 1998. Sargent was found guilty of luring an innocent man, Chris Castle, to his house in Harlow so that his treacherous sidekick Martin 'Double-Cross', who was lying in wait, could plunge a 9-inch kitchen knife into the unaware Chris's back, leaving him to die in the mud. Until now we haven't been able to go into detail about the case because of the legal implications if we did; i.e. Sargent and Cross could have used it as an excuse to get their case thrown out on a technicality. So in order for justice to take its course, we had to remain silent as Sargent and his bullshit brother Steve spread their lies and slandered the deceased Chris Castle in order to hide their shame. Cast your mind back to February 10th 1997: the murder took place in the morning and that night Charlie's brother Steve put a statement on the internet claiming that his brother's house had been attacked by men with guns etc. Over the next twelve months their barrage of lies and disinformation stepped up; ridiculous claims were made, ranging from six gunmen attacking poor Charlie's house to three men; that Chris was stabbed in the chest in a violent struggle as Martin Cross battled to save the lives of Charlie's children while brave Kelly Cross threw herself on top of the "blood splattered" kids to save their lives. Lie after lie was spread by Steve Sargent in his tatty little magazines and pamphlets, much to the distress of Chris's family who had to wait a full year before the truth could be made public in OPEN court. Of course, the press also joined in with the spreading of disinformation, as did Special Branch, all combining together. The newspapers printed stories the day after the murder claiming that three men attacked the house and Chris was stabbed in the chest - blatant lies! Whoever fed the press this garbage was obviously ashamed of the facts weren't they? Do you also remember that soon after the murder, Cross and Sargent were telling everyone that they were victims of a murderous attack and that the truth would come out in court and everyone should be there to see the TRUTH come out? Well, the TRUTH did come out but strangely, just before the trial began, Sargent and Cross sent out letters saying they DIDN'T want anyone at the trial! WHY?

Well it's obvious; because if any of Sargent's cronies had sat through the trial they would have seen what we all saw: Sargent's lies and treachery laid bare for everyone present to see. So it doesn't matter what the loser Steve Sargent and his bunch of muppets say in their magazines because over 45 people attended the court during the trial.

There were people who came from all over the country: Wales, the North of England, Scotland, West London, South London, East London and North London. All these people went back to their areas knowing the truth and telling all their mates. THE TRUTH CANNOT BE HIDDEN! In the trial itself, Sargent looked exactly what he was: a sad little inadequate loser. He had let his hair grow long and greasy; he wore an ill-fitting suit and ‘Woody Allen’ style thick-rimmed glasses. What happened to the "Terror Machine" eh Charlie? During the trial it emerged how, after being expelled in disgrace from C18, Sargent had planned the murder of Chris Castle in order to gain some cred. after being left a laughing stock in Harlow after his expulsion. The court heard how Sargent had arranged for Chris Castle to drop off some of Sargent's work tools there. These tools had been left around at Kev Johnson's flat in Harlow after Sargent had tiled Kev's bathroom. They came into Mark Atkinson's possession after he cleared Kev Johnson's flat out for him. The tools were just among all the gear cleared out, not stolen, as Sargent had been telling everyone. The court heard how Atkinson had tried to take the tools back to Sargent once, before the murder, but the cowardly Sargent had been too scared to open the door to Atki and pretended he wasn't in even though he could be seen through the window. Because Sargent was too spineless to open the door to anyone in C18, it was arranged that Chris Castle, who was known to everyone as a really nice bloke and not a troublemaker, would drop the tools off to Sargent and also pick up some money from Sargent to give to Martin 'Double-Cross'. This money Sargent owed to a Belgian, who owed money to C18, so rather than send it to Belgium, then back to England, Sargent was to hand it to over to C18 who would then take it as a gift to Martin 'Double-Cross' to pay for his father's funeral. The truth about what Sargent said to get Cross to be at his house and stab Chris in the back will most probably never be known. This is probably one of the most sickening aspects of the case: That Cross stabbed the man who was picking up money for him as a gift in the back.

On the day of the murder, the court heard how Chris drove to Sargent's Harlow home and dropped Wilf Browning down the road because it was agreed that he was to go to the house ALONE to make the exchange. Will wouldn't go to the house for two reasons: firstly he was still friends with Sargent's girlfriend Maxine and so was his missus and he didn't want to cause a scene in front of her and the kids, and secondly because Sargent was such a coward, Wilf knew that if he went to the door, the ‘Fat Fuhrer’ wouldn't open it again and it would be ANOTHER wasted journey and we'd have to listen to Sargent's sob stories about the ‘stolen tools’ again.

After dropping Wilf off, Chris drove into the car park at the bottom of Sargent's drive. He knocked on Sargent's door, then both he and Sargent walked to the car to get the tools, Sargent talking and smiling all the time as the cowardly scumbag lured Chris into their trap. After handing over the tools, Chris was stabbed in the back by Double-Cross who was hiding out of sight. The knife went in nine inches with such force that the wound was deeper than the blade's length with the hilt of the knife being buried inside Chris's back. Chris then ran out of the house into the car park and staggered into the road. He collapsed into Wilf's arms as Wilf came running as soon as he had heard Chris's desperate pleas for help. The jury was told how Wilf shouted up to Cross and Sargent "What the f*** have you done?" after they had ran back up the alley realising Wilf was in the car park. Cross shouted back from about 60 yards away: "He's a casualty of war!" and Wilf retorted: "Get a f****** ambulance!" Sargent's reply to that was: "F*** him, let him rot!" What a man eh? The court was told how Wilf, with the help of a female passer-by, stopped a taxi and dragged Chris in it and took him to hospital. Chris died shortly after arriving. The court heard how Browning was arrested at the hospital first for stabbing Chris! It was then revealed that Cross was charged with murder the next day after he confessed to stabbing the unarmed Chris in the back. The court was told how both Cross and Sargent made taped interviews and written statements to the police in order to secure the conviction of Wilf for the crime. Wilf, in accordance with C18's policy, refused to make a police statement or answer questions. Wilf remained silent for around a month until he had spoken to Chris's wife, family and friends and comrades around the country who all urged him to tell the police the truth. After consulting his lawyer, Wilf decided to tell the real version of events. Firstly, because Chris couldn't speak for himself, and secondly because Sargent and Cross had been so keen to make statements against him in order to have him imprisoned. He now had no option but to refute their lies or go to jail on the word of two murdering grasses.

During the course of the trial, Sargent's and Cross's lies about self-defence were blown out of the water by witnesses, forensics, but most importantly by their OWN statements. They had been so quick to try to frame Wilf, their statements were full of obvious lies and contradictions. The best their defence team could do was try and discredit Wilf, and it looked as though he was on trial. Sargent repeated what he had said in his statement in the witness box: Wilf had guns and that Wilf wanted C18 to be a terrorist outfit but he wanted it to be a legal political group. He also talked about the ‘Denmark bombs’ and that "One of Wilf's gang shot a policeman." Then, in a attempt to get the case thrown out of court, Wilf was ordered into the witness box to face the jury (despite not being charged with any offence or convicted) to answer questions about an alleged attack on Herve Guttoso, one of Sargent's cronies, in Chelmsford High Street. The defence team alleged that Wilf was interfering with a defence witness, etc. Guttoso made a statement to the police against Wilf and Darren Wells, saying how he had been the victim of a vicious assault, etc. What actually happened was that Guttoso rode towards Wilf and several others on his push-bike and was dragged off. Wilf then gave him a few punches on the nose, nothing bad, just a few slaps. What did Herve, the big body-building nazi do? He went crying to the police, then drove around in the back of a police car and pointed Wilf, etc. out to the Old Bill claiming that he had been attacked by Wilf and threatened not to appear in court for Sargent. In court Wilf said that he didn't know Guttoso was a defence witness and that it was just a minor scuffle and that Guttoso only went to the police in order to discredit Wilf as a witness. Guttoso then went in the box and contradicted his police statement. The judge and jury easily saw through this pathetic attempt to discredit Wilf, in fact they laughed at the French nancy who didn't do Sargent and Cross any favours at all with his testimony. Other witnesses for Sargent and Cross were Mark Skyner who told the court Wilf was going to kill Charlie Sargent, etc., etc. and Gavin Hockley who went in the box and grassed Wilf up for hitting an Anti-Nazi League member three years ago, doing other reds and having guns and other weapons. He also stated that he had two black children so we had the spectacle of Hockley the race-mixer grassing up National Socialists in court for doing reds - unbelievable. At the end, the jury just didn't believe all the lies from Cross and Sargent and rightly found them both guilty of murder.

It's taken a year for the truth to be made public and if anyone doubts what has been said about Sargent and Cross, then they should have been there to see for themselves. In his sick little mind, Sargent most probably likes being labelled a murderer, he probably thinks it's going to give him a bit of cred. The reality is however that he will go down in history as the sneaky one who lured Chris Castle to his death: he didn't even do the dastardly act himself, he wound someone else up to do it; ‘The story of his life’ so exposed in court as a liar, a GRASS and a coward: a sad sight, denying what he was and trying to grovel to the jury. He will now go down for life, the sad little man with no pride, no honour. No doubt he will be bleating about a big conspiracy against him but the facts are: The jury was all White; the trial was in ESSEX, a racist area; the judge bent over backwards to give him an over-fair trial; the jury looked like they were nearly all working-class; the victim was a racist; the defendants were racist; the jury had no favourites; they could see the truth. The facts and the evidence were there: Sargent and Cross didn't have a defence, their lies would have been laughable if it wasn't for the fact that they had stabbed an innocent man in the BACK. They tried to frame Wilf and more importantly they wrecked a whole family's life, even laughing in court at Chris's wife Tanya as she wept constantly and was forced to listen to the grisly way in which the man she had been with for fourteen years was murdered. The look of contentment on their faces when Tanya ran out of the courtroom screaming and crying was sickening. What scum! In a National Socialist state they would be hung by the neck until they were dead. Instead they'll serve between twelve and twenty years whilst Chris's family have the rest of their lives to live with only the memory of Chris. You've been exposed for what you are Sargent and we promise you this: Whatever lifer jail you go to, your statement will follow and everyone will know what you are YOU FAT BACK-STABBING GRASS!

It's ironic that Sargent was shown mercy by Wilf who felt embarrassed for the fat mug after seeing him crying when confronted about his bullshit. Both he and his gutless brother Steve were offered the chance to sort it out like men but they both bottled out. Instead we had the spectacle of the two misfits sitting around their Chelmsford flat, heads facing the floor, not having the courage to admit what they had been saying behind Wilf's back, not having the guts to go outside and sort it out, either by fists or knives. Wilf openly laughed at Sargent about his interview where he said that he challenged people who slagged him off to a knife fight to the death. Well, he was given the chance but he bottled it as Wilf said to him "You're pathetic, look at yourself, you're meant to be the big terrorist leader." So there you have it: this fat trembling coward was shown mercy because he was so pathetic. So what did he do? He plotted the death of Chris Castle, then tried to use the police to put Wilf out of the game. What he did was disgusting, cowardly and is unforgivable. He overstepped the line: he will have to pay the price for his treachery, but for the time being he will languish in jail.

Tout Spotter

Never arrested for this

28.03.2013 13:49

Why was he never pulled in?



28.03.2013 16:12

Charlie Sargeant has been out of jail since last year and mixing with some old chums alongside his bruv. Despite being banned by the OB from contacting old m8's.
So after all the years and posturing from Wilf and "the boys" lol where are they now? They have plenty of time and opportunity to "get CharLIE" once and for all.
But no, they do the same as C18 has always done - fuck all. Except call people "wankers" and "scumbags" lol on stupid forums..yawn. Terrormachine? Dont make us laugh. More like T-shirt Machine lol

mail e-mail: none@none.com

Nazis fuck off

28.03.2013 16:27



Stampton Trying To Get People Nicked Again Tut Tut

28.03.2013 19:41

Stampton you are getting desperate now ain't you. Nobody gives you the time of day no more and that is because you are a tout. Like your mate Sergeant. Putting up twenty year old stories that nobody gives a fuck about lol trying to get people nicked you prick.
Tell us this why havent you ever been pulled for benefit fraud even though you was selling your tat every week with the EDL and the old bill knew you were on the sick making thousands werent you??? Why werent you nicked then ? We all know why because you are a fucking tout. Sergeants bitch lol.

Tout Spotter

Drowning Browning

29.03.2013 07:45

'Trying to get people nicked'?? But he won't be, will he? (Just like hewasn't for numerous other things). That appeal appeared in the News of the world' a ta time he was already well known to reds and Searchlight. He'd upset plenty on the right too. Am I to take it not one person rang in? The complainant even wrote to John Major and David Mellor to try to get Browning arrested and never even received a reply! Here is the rest of the article


Go-lightly sisters to make a comeback

30.03.2013 02:04

The famous 'Go-lightly' sisters of the 1980s are making a comeback!! Well, there are only 2 remaining of the original 4, but hey, that is still 36 stone! April 20th, somewhere in East London, gorge yourself on a mud wrestle spectacular, featuring, 'Big Kate the state ' Watmough and her new play bitch, Karen Henderson (I need no intro, cos everyone knows I'm a fat old shitter). No Remorse in support.


Roll Up! Roll Up!

31.03.2013 21:35

Who will buy my foreign, imported badges??? Someone?? Anyone.....

The Importer

Stampton The Snake Touting Again

01.04.2013 17:13

Talk about moo3? it was Stanton the beer money tout who was touting info about the MOO2 gig to reds ,trying once again to cause disruption and get people nicked.Just as it was him who grassed everyone up who went to the swansea White Pride march.This is why he has many differnet fake facebook profiles,so he can screen capture peoples pics/comments which he identifies to the red journalists he touts for.

Stampton's Cocaine Dealer

Paid Disruptor

01.04.2013 17:22

Listen chaps this Stampton idiot is a paid disrupter,everyone knows it that's why he's been fucked off by everyone with any sense. Don't fall for his arselicking or wads of cash he waves around(buying everyone beers,offering to pay for travel etc) He does this so you lower your guard. Don't let him get into you and you won't get stitched up,grassed up or banged up.Simples.

Be Warned

Clumsy Stampton

01.04.2013 17:35

You gotta laugh at these nutzis, anyone remember when Stampton up to his usual tricks tipped of AFA a few years back about a nutzi meeting? He intended to stand back and collect his tout money and sell the story of what went down,only LMFAO he got caught nearby himself by the antifacists and ended up with a broken leg!! you couldnt make it up! Pricless.

Oops A Daisy!

The Snake Bites

01.04.2013 20:14

I'm from Stockwell and know Eddie well(not as freinds) .I, like everyone whos ever known him came to the conclusion he is a total wrongen.Everyone around here knows him as the "snake" and for good reason.You wont hear ANYONE say a good word about him,proper Billy no mates . not suprised he's still touting amongst the EDL and right wing,thats what he does. If anyone is stupid enough or desperate enough to hang around with him ,then you've only got yourselves to blame.

The Stockwell Snake Spotter

The Fake Snake

01.04.2013 20:17

MARCH FOR ENGLAND NOT RACIST??? If the St georges day march in brighton is truly not a racist or nutzi event ,why is Eddie Stanton using his fake web alter egos messaging anti fascists with racist comments and goading them to come to Brighton to" try and attack the march"???? Is it to make the organisers look stupid? or is it to whip up trouble so he can tout the story to the press if it kicks off???? We all know it is the latter as Stampton has a long proven history of touting for journalists as well as SB.

Python Catcher

Calling all Antifa

01.05.2013 20:51

gig organised by Stamped-on


Never again

01.05.2013 22:37

Disgusted of Finchley


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