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EDL & Terrace Culture

'Malatesta' | 12.10.2010 10:02 | Anti-racism | World

Unpleasant though it may be, it is important to understand the racist attitudes of the EDL in comparison with the BNP and to examine the terrace culture from whence it came.

Although the lucrative hooligan memoir industry is not to be taken too seriously, the exaggerated tales of bravery have clearly been well-rehearsed in the pub, it is here that the EDL’s mentality can be examined closely. In the late 60s the skinhead phenomenon emerged, sound tracked by ska and reggae and taking a stylistic cue from the Carribean Rudeboys, which became extremely popular on the London terraces before going nationwide. One West Ham memoir states that there were many black fans as well as skinheads at Upton Park but ‘Paki bashing’ became a popular pastime with Asian people perceived as “isolated” and unwilling to attend matches or boozers. It is this attitude that remains with the EDL. In the 1970s, National Front tried to recruit on the terraces and later, in the 1980s, their paper Bulldog published its weekly ‘League Of Louts.’ In the 1980s, both Man City Kool Kats and Birmingham City Zulus emerged with a strong black presence but there were still predominantly racist crews.

During the notorious Chelsea Headhunters trial in the late 80s the defendants were linked with the far right. At one point the defence rightly pointed out the presence of ‘Black Willy’ Reid when the question of National Front membership was suggested. However, black people can be as prejudiced as anyone else which Willy proved by calling the judge a ‘yid.’ The defendants always denied they had far right connections but the presence of Chris ‘Chubby’ Henderson of White Noise band Combat 84 who had links with Combat 18 amongst your co-defendants is not going to help the argument. In his autobiography, a case of selective memory writ poorly which glosses over such links, Henderson describes the Chelsea Shed end as “skinhead city. Paki-haters every one.”

Evidence for the Headhunters trial centred on 2 of the defendants’ scrapbooks and it is this scrapbook culture that also has echoes amongst the EDL membership. We live in a highly mediated society where it is not what is done but how it is represented that becomes important. The media coverage of the EDL will no doubt be videod, photocopied or pasted into the members’ scrapbooks whilst their heroic tales are frequently burnished at the bar. It is an indirect result of the Headhunters and subsequent trials that has fuelled the popularity of the EDL. Having a few beers and a scrap has always been part of terrace culture but after the changes in the law that meant heavy sentencing for football violence and the hooligans natural vent for his frustration was blocked. Although organised offs away from the ground still continued, the recent EDL demos mean that, at last, lads can get together, drink lagerloads and wind up the Old Bill. But this time, it’s political so the hooligan sentencing does not apply. And this is part of the attraction: we can do what we did before but escape a serious nicking.

The EDL’s denial of links with the BNP has begun to sound silly even to them that they have ceased mentioning it, especially after the exposure of leader ‘Tommy Robinson’ as a BNP member. This and increased police pressure had forced him to hand over control temporarily to his perfect cousin Kevin Carroll, who was convicted of violence in Luton and recently lost his appeal. Robinson was hauled in by plod and given a hard time over various allegations involving money. However, there are still diverse opinions on the EDL forum which features both pro- and anti-BNP comments. The EDL contains a broad spectrum of opinion from Tory-lite to neo-Nazi but 1 single thing unites all these diverse opinions: they view any Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi or Indian as a ‘Paki’ and therefore a muslim extremist. It is this that can be called ‘Anti-Asianism.’ They view the Asian communities as a soft target although militant Asian youth are organising. There are people on the demos who view the BNP with contempt but indulge in much the same rhetoric. The BNP has proscribed the EDL yet there are BNP members in the EDL and idiots like Bill Baker of the English Nationalist Alliance is also BNP and EDL. There is considerable antipathy from many members to the BNP and from fascists towards the ‘multicultural Zionist EDL.’ The BNP and EDL are both racist organisations but with a few subtle differences. Mainly their popularity.

The EDL name itself is a contradiction: they call themselves a defence league but are openly provocative by going into contentious areas and indulging in racist chants, violence and vandalism which are hardly defensive manoeuvres. Whether they support the BNP or not they are violently anti-Asian and although claiming not to be fascist, use the fascist tactic of intimidation on the streets.

Old Bill
The EDL leadership were pulled by the cops during their Scotland debacle and taken to Sheffield. It seems that they were leaned on for info prior to the world cup and subsequent demos saw heavy handed policing against anti-fascists. Now the World Cup is over and the police have updated their files, the EDL have served their purpose. The Dudley demo was a fiasco and plod got heavy. The police may have got their use out of the EDL. Police pressure on the EDL has also forced them to become less centralist and there is a move to organise regional groups although the leadership clique still want their bit of power. This means more work for the Old Bill. Members of the EDL are also interchangeable with the likes of Casuals United and English National Alliance and this weekends double demo in London (ENA/EDL) and Blackpool (Casuals) stretched them a little thinly with a diminished number attended each. However, this keeps pressure on plod.

The cops weighed in heavily at Leicester and there is footage aplenty of several battered EDL as well as 13 arrests. Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and Kevin Carrol got pinched but were then let go according to Nick Lowles on the Hope Not Hate blog. This must have been a relief for Yaxley-Lennon as he has accumulating ‘legal issues’ and can scarcely afford another arrest. The attitude of Plod has got sterner and they must be getting a bit sick of the trouble as well as the expense the EDL keep racking up. Local cops are drafting in extras from other areas and so they are getting overfamiliar with the EDL but also failing to contain them, as we saw in Leicester. The EDL certainly don’t like backing down to plod and they end up fighting them rather than ‘Islamic Extremists’ or anti-fascists.

The EDL have been trying to organise several operations on the same day but they simply do not have the numbers. Although they had a respectable 1,000 in Leicester their proposed march in Nuneaton failed to materialise. However, several coachloads had a pointless but spontaneous demo on the way to Leicester at Market Harborough. Unfortunately this received very little coverage as the national media were waiting in Leicester. However, what was blatantly obvious on Saturday was that there was not enough organised resistance to the EDL outisde of the UAF kettle. Some local youth were out and about but appeared disorganised. There were lessons on Saturday and we need to take heed.

NB: all material by ‘Malatesta’ is copyright free.
Please pass it on to anyone who may find it useful.

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It is not racist to protest against Islamic extremism!

12.10.2010 10:38

It is not racist to protest against Islamic extremism! The only reason you people hate the EDL is because you are totally obbsessed with political correctness and in your world only white people are bad! That is why you promote crack pot inside job theories about 9/11 and 7/7 because you do not believe that not white muslim people can be capable of committing such atrocities. That is why you yourselves refuse to campaign against Islamic extremism because you can see no wrong in Sharia law where people are stoned to death for minor offences. Your view is that white people have no right to interfere with ethnic minorities even when some of them preach that extremist Islamic laws are what they want for our country and state that they support terrorism against our country.

Fed up of anti-EDL comments on Indymedia

less punishment

12.10.2010 10:46

do you think if youre convicted of a racist attack the sentence would be less than having a row at football

why do you need a name

A question

12.10.2010 10:55

Why do the left not protest against political Islam? Political Islam/Islamism is very dangerous and is a big problem, which is why the EDL protest against it.

Meanwhile the so-called anti-fascists are busy protesting against the BNP which is pointless as the BNP are never going to get into power anyway, but as the Muslim population grows, more areas of Britain are turned into Islamic ghettos.

Indymedia makes me feel sick. A while ago there was an Indymedia article which seemed to be supporting the attacks by Black people on the concert in France.

And not many people care about Indymedia anymore, most of the comments on this site are by people against Indymedia.


clap clap

12.10.2010 11:25

Yeah, you're right, it's not racist to protest against Islamic extremism. What is racist is conflating all Asian people with 'Islamic extremists', who, you may not have realised, form a tiny minority of muslims.



12.10.2010 11:40

"who, you may not have realised, form a tiny minority of muslims"

Probably but most Muslims are Muslim first, British second, which means they would support their own religion over the country they live in, and considering that Islam aims to be the only religion in the worlds, I would be worried.

Look at Lebanon, it used to be a Christian country did you know?

Neptune the words of Morrissey "the depressing people you've ever known"

12.10.2010 11:43

lyrics to "We'll Let You Know" by Morrissey (taken from the album "Your Arsenal" [1992]):

We're all smiles
Then, honest, I swear, it's the turnstiles
That make us hostile
Oh ...

We will descend
On anyone unable to defend
Oh ...

And the songs we sing
They're not supposed to mean a thing
La, la, la, la ...

We may seem cold, or
We may even be
The most depressing people you've ever known
At heart, what's left, we sadly know
That we are the last truly British people you'll ever know
We are the last truly British people you will ever know

This song preceeded "The National Front Disco" on the same album.

turnstile operator


12.10.2010 11:55

Reposted due to spelling mistakes :

"who, you may not have realised, form a tiny minority of muslims"

Probably but most Muslims are Muslim first, British second, which means they would support their own religion over the country they live in, and considering that Islam aims to be the only religion in the world, I would be worried.

Look at Lebanon, it used to be a Christian country did you know?


i like to think

12.10.2010 14:42

that most people are their personal beliefs views and attributes first, and their nationality second.

it doesnt make any difference to me who is racist and who is not anymore tbh, after being in leicester and seeing loads of edl walk out (hardly breaking out, they walked around the police) and hit every brown person they could regardless of religion, because my friend i was stood with isnt religious and they still tried it. even if it somehow wasnt based on race, i have a problem with any group of people coming en masse to beat up bystanders and smash small local businesses.


Zeig Heil, mein Fuhrer!

12.10.2010 14:44

"Probably but most Muslims are Muslim first, British second, which means they would support their own religion over the country they live in, and considering that Islam aims to be the only religion in the world, I would be worried.

Your worried because your a grizzling, pathetic, screwed up, baby faced fucking coward.

Its got nothing to do with Islam.

Piss off back to the pub you miserable surrender monkey.

P.S Are you French?

Tommy Knocker.


12.10.2010 16:52

"Its got nothing to do with Islam."

In the future, if Muslims are the majority of the population of a big part of the UK, they would be demanding an Islamic state? Obviously they would, it's what happening right now in southern Thailand.

You lot complain about "Islamophobia", but the problem with you lot is - you defend something you know nothing about.

Read the second half of the Quran, and the Hadith, maybe then you would realise why Islam is a massive problem.

Look at all the countries that are Islamic, they are all very untolerant. Islam = very bad.


Do you call yourself "Neptune" because...

12.10.2010 18:37

... your grasp on reality orbits somewhere in the outer reaches of our solar system?

Just interested to know how many Islamic countries you have visited to back your claim that they are all intolerant and therefore Islam is bad? How many actual real live Muslims do you know?

Read any religious text and they're stuffed to the rafters with violence and retribution, but I'm sure you know that but have somehow deluded yourself that it is only Islam that has ever used violent imagery. As a interesting historical footnote when Saladin took Jeruselem he ordered his troops not to massacre the inhabitants in stark contrast to the Europeans who engaged in orgies of blood letting.

Do you justify your own intolerance by believing that demonising the 2% of the population that are Muslim, you are somehow "combatting" extremism?

And when does the EDL campaign against Kosher meat start? Does that have the support of the Jewish "Division"?

Sick to the back teeth of hypocrits


12.10.2010 18:59

"In the future, if Muslims are the majority of the population of a big part of the UK, they would be demanding an Islamic state? Obviously they would, it's what happening right now in southern Thailand."

If they formed the majority of the population then they would have a right to.

What's your point?

Tommy Knocker.

Oh shut up...

12.10.2010 19:06

All these comments from EDL stooges whining about how they're not racist are boring, and so easily seen through by anyone who has had the misfortune to see their town invaded by the idiots. In Leicester on saturday, loads of asian people, most of whom were either (1) not muslim or (2) muslims but not islamic extremists, were SCARED. Scared of an ignorant mob of pissed blokes who were out for a fight, and who threw abuse and violence in the direction of non-whites who happened to be in the way. How exactly is all-day drinking and mob violence (threatened or actual) combatting sharia law?!

If the EDL want to stop being called racist, then STOP behaving exactly like a mob of drunken racists; stop invading towns and creating racial tension and fear; stop being a bunch of shambolic pissed muppets. If you really want to tackle islamic extremism, talk to moderate muslims about how to fight intolerance in their communities. Until then, SHUT UP.


Sexual insecurity

12.10.2010 19:13

The EDL are miffed because muslim men go out with white girls

maybe if the EDL got laid more they would be less aggro?


My reply again

12.10.2010 19:32

I'm reposting my previous comment because of some things I want to add to it

"What's your point?"

First of all, Buddhists are leaving the south of Thailand because of the attacks against them.

And my point is, if Muslims formed the majority of a part of the UK they would be demanding an independent Islamic state, and you say if they formed the majority of a place then they would have the right to turn the place into an Islamic state. So you would be ok with an independent Islamic state within the UK?

If that did happen, the place would be very unwelcome for non-Muslims.

Name one Muslim country that is tolerant of non-Muslims, if you can.



12.10.2010 20:09

"And my point is, if Muslims formed the majority of a part of the UK they would be demanding an independent Islamic state, and you say if they formed the majority of a place then they would have the right to turn the place into an Islamic state. So you would be ok with an independent Islamic state within the UK? "

The muslim population of the UK is 3%.

Job done, cream bun.


Tommy Knocker.

I agree with Neptune

12.10.2010 20:11

There are Muslims everywhere, they are taking over, soon there will be 100 muslims to every white nazi paedo.
You white hating commie race traitors should wake up.
People like me and Neptune read the Daily Mail every day so we know what is going on.
Wake up Commies.

Ian Stewart Donaldson
mail e-mail:

Careful now!

12.10.2010 20:14

"maybe if the EDL got laid more they would be less aggro? "

You know what. Normally I'd tear that to piece's as being ungraceful, unhelpful and a complete cop out from debate.

But this is the EDL. This could actually be true!

Tommy Knocker.

My response

12.10.2010 20:25

"The muslim population of the UK is 3%"

Yes but it is growing fast. If you read my previous posts you will see that when I talk about an Islamic state within the UK, I am talking about the future, when the Muslim population will be massive!

Did you know that Lebanon used to be a Christian country? I bet the Christians of Lebanon said "The Muslim population is small, so I'm not worried". I wonder what they would think now.


Erm, I don't think so!

12.10.2010 20:41

Shag this, you are so joking right!
Shag this, you are so joking right!

"maybe if the EDL got laid more they would be less aggro?"

Shag this!!!!

Are you joking?

Cheryl Coleski.


12.10.2010 20:53

"Yes but it is growing fast. If you read my previous posts you will see that when I talk about an Islamic state within the UK, I am talking about the future, when the Muslim population will be massive!"

According to this:

There are about 1.5 million Muslims in the UK and about half that number are actually practicing. This time-line goes back to the year 757AD.

British Muslim Lord Headley (Al-Haj El-Farooq) wrote to Secretary of State Austen Chamberlain for allocation of state funds for the purchase and construction of a mosque in London "in memory of Muslim soldiers who died fighting for the Empire".

Churchill, at a war cabinet meeting on 24th October, authorised allocation of funds for the acquisition of a site for the London mosque.

The British government encouraged immigration from the New Commonwealth. After the Second World War there were severe labour shortages, hence the significant influx of Muslim immigrants to help with the massive task of reconstruction.

Above just some of the more notable examples of why we in the UK are tolerant of those of ethnic minorities and reward them for helping us out.

So from the year 757 to 2010, the muslim population has gone from a few thousand or so to 1.5 million. And it has taken over a thousand years to do it.

Its taken over a thousand years to get to 3%.

And you say that it is growing fast!!!!!

Tommy Knocker.


12.10.2010 21:14

"Its taken over a thousand years to get to 3%.

And you say that it is growing fast!!!!!"

Yes but the population is growing a lot faster than what it has in the past.


EDL - BNP - Nazi Links

12.10.2010 21:22

It's not just Tommy Robinson that's BNP, Malatesta omitted to mention that the EDL website was set-up by BNP activist Chris Renton, that EDL co-founder Paul Ray described Chris Renton as "de-facto Commander of the EDL", and that Paul Ray says he's been ostracized from the EDL for opposing Chris Renton linking with Combat 18. EDL organisers Steven White and Luke Pippen are Combat 18 activists, C18 activist Bryan Powell is an official BNP steward, and, at jar-head / cannon-fodder level, even a cursory glance at EDL Facebook + You Tube chat shows hundreds of EDL support racists like the BNP, NF, Blood and Honour, BFF, C18 and KKK - twats like Wayne Baldwin (pictured here wearing a Swastika T-shirt, with EDL supporter Earl Turner wearing a BFF shirt) being particularly photogenic examples. The Welsh Defence League is riddled with Nazis and the Scottish press famously revealed that dual membership of the Scottish BNP and Scottish Defence League is almost 100%. Seeing as how the EDL command the allegiance of perhaps only 2,000 active street supporters, that's a huge proportion of this allegedly anti-racist organisation...

As for the "scrap-book mentality" - spot on. Hence EDL flags displaying the words "We're the Famous EDL".

As for Kevin Carroll, he nominated a BNP candidate for election, but claims he was tricked into doing this and claims he can't be racist because he says he has a mixed-race daughter. Even EDL members have suggested that the young woman Kevin Carroll pushed forward as being his daughter was not (his daughter that is), but even if Kevin Carroll's claim is true, all that proves is that someone who was once gullible enough to fall for BNP bullshit is now gullible enough to fall for EDL crap instead.

UK Fightback


12.10.2010 21:37

"Yes but the population is growing a lot faster than what it has in the past."

And the Muslim population will reach 51% when exactly?

Tommy Knocker.

The BNP isn't Nationalist either

12.10.2010 21:38

"The EDL name itself is a contradiction" - so is the BNP name! The BNP are ideologically a RACIST rather than genuinely nationalist party, as their official philosophy of "ethno-nationalism" is an attempt to re-package racism in the more PR-friendly language of patriotic nationalism. It's more than a statement of the obvious that BNP ideology is (whatever you think of patriotism) deeply anti-patriotic and anti-British, being historically derived from a synthesis of GERMAN National Socialism and the ITALIAN Fascism that influenced Oswald Mosley and Nick Griffin's friend and mentor Roberto Fiore. The core of "ethno-nationalist" thinking is the belief that people should be patriotic about their RACE, but extending nationalism beyond one nation's borders to encompass other ethnically similar nations is a self-evidently not a form of nationalism, and is only "patriotic" if people don't understand what the word "patriotism" actually means

As for Jeff Marsh's troll posts about how the left don't protest against political Islam (yawn) - I'm not here to defend the left, but, in terms of puncturing EDL lies at least, presumably this ignorant piece of shit will keep on ignoring the facts about left-wing anti-Islamists like Women Against Fundamentalism and Peter Tatchell etc... forever? And yes Jeff you're right it isn't racist to protest against Islamic extremism. Not only do left-wing, Liberal, Conservative and even Muslim groups campaign against Islamic extremism, but in fact arguably the EDL activism SUPPORTS the growth (if not the ideology) of Islamic extremism by pulling stunts like burning Korans, which only serve to encourage Muslims into extremism and encourage attacks on British people and British troops (which is of course exactly why the EDL burn Korans - in the hopes that British people WILL be attacked so that their movement can try to capitalise on the resulting anger).

UK Fightback

Response to UKFightback

12.10.2010 21:39

UKFightback, those WDL supporters sent you pics of themselves giving Nazi salutes so obviously they have an agenda against the EDL.

Those nazis you are talking about hate the EDL because of our pro-Israel members and demos.

And the average EDL supporter hates Nazis like Wayne Baldwin.



12.10.2010 21:54

"And the Muslim population will reach 51% when exactly?"

I know that it would be a very bad thing for the UK if the Muslim population was very big, of course this won't happen anytime soon, but there is a chance it will happen in the future.

Look at what is happening at the south of Thailand.



12.10.2010 22:57

Islamic countries tolerant of non-Muslims:

United Arab Emirates

To name but a few...

Been to any of these? Actually know what you're talking about?

No, didn't think so.

Still Sick To The Back Teeth...

Response to Neptune

12.10.2010 23:00

Thanks Neptune for strongly suggesting that you are after all Jeff Marsh (your comment is almost word for word identical to one of Jeff's earlier masterpieces). Either way, no those WDL supporters did not send me pics of themselves giving Nazi salutes, I found those photos by searching Facebook, Bebo and other the social-networking sites where your assistants Luke Pippen, Steven White and the other Nazis Jeff Marsh works with were dumb enough to put them in the first place

And as for whether "average" EDL supporters "hate" Nazis, by definition the only way we'll be able to average anything about EDL supporters is when we know who they all are and what they all think, ie - when the EDL publish an accurate membership list, but until that unlikely event we'll just have to judge the issue according to the existing evidence...

UK Fightback


12.10.2010 23:06

I should have said "C18 activist Bryan Powell is an official EDL steward"

UK Fightback

Islamic countries

12.10.2010 23:08

Most Islamic countries forbid proselytizing by non-Muslims. Seems tolerant enough.


Muslim immigration

12.10.2010 23:33

"After the Second World War there were severe labour shortages, hence the significant influx of Muslim immigrants to help with the massive task of reconstruction". Several points to clarify here –

1. Firstly the democratically elected British government decided, in their wisdom, that both the reconstruction effort and the British economy in general needed cheap migrant Labour, and without it, Britain would have been unsuccessful in it's reconstruction and unsuccessful in rebuilding the post-war economy. Whatever right-wingers might think of immigrant cultures, the fact is we have to be grateful to immigrants for that. BNP and EDL supporters pretend they support democracy, and pretend British people were never consulted about immigration, but if the majority of British people really objected to what the government did, then we had the option of electing NF MPs in 1979 and BNP MPs in 2010. Instead both General Elections contested by hard-line anti-immigrant / racist parties were so disastrous for those parties that they all but collapsed politically as a result (which is why the EDL at present are being so aggressive).

2. Secondly the reason there were severe labour shortages after WW2 was because the white nationalist movement in Germany KILLED so many British workers (while millions of Hindu and Muslim colonial subjects helped fight against Fascism for Britain and for France)

3. Thirdly the immigrants the British government allowed to come here consisted substantially of Afro-Carribbean, Ugandan Asian and Indian Commonwealth citizens, most of whom weren't Muslim and all of whom were invited or entitled to move here because of privileges accorded them by our government honouring rights they were entitled to as subjects of the British Empire. BNP, NF and EDL supporters often bleat on about how Britain "used" to be "Great", while refusing to understand that this "greatness" came from the same colonial enterprise that also produced multiculturalism, and refusing to understand that the British Empire was bankrupted by the cost of defeating THEIR movement - Fascism. Most of the migrants that came to the UK were not Muslim, but were instead Hindu or Christian. Even then, most victims of Muslim terrorism are other Muslims, Islamist extremists sided with the Nazis during WW2 but were vastly outnumbered by the Muslims that fought for Britain and France, and the Muslims that Islamist extremists kill today are almost all from moderate Muslim sects like Sufis, Barelvis and Ahmadiyya. In democratic countries extremists (of all ethnicities) resort to terrorism when they're rejected by the majority. Most British Muslims are Barelvis, which is why extremist groups like Islam4UK / Muslims Against Crusades / Hizb ut-Tahrir command so little support, and which is why Islamist suicide bombers resorted to terrorism. Extremists turn to violence because most Muslims DON'T support them, just as EDL supporters like Mike Heaton turn to terrorism because most white people don't support them

Star of David

The EDL Racist Road Show attacks women and children in Restaurant in Leicester

12.10.2010 23:59

Watch this video. It’s EVIDENCE of EDL racism at Leicester!!! It absolutley made me sick.

After the EDL unsurprisingly got out of their kettle “again” they tried to run rampage but got lost. Some innocent people eating lunch at a restaurant became a target for the EDL while several hundred locals stood guard over a neighbourhood miles away. Staying away doesn't work.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a sizeable non-aligned mobilization like in Bradford in September that was ready to head them off and stop them in their tracks.

There is a series of videos (20) that show the development from beginning to end of the successful response of a large number of people to the EDL in Bradford.

In this video (nº15 of 20) the crowd are running to get round and head off a number of EDL who have jumped the barrier and are running around the backstreets near Forster square Station Bradford.

The video below is What happened to EDL when they were intercepted.

Warning it’s Graphic.



Sieg Heiling EDL Nazis

13.10.2010 00:12

Nazi salutes from EDL Kettering supporters Martin Pugh and Spencer Gilbert



13.10.2010 00:55

"Most Islamic countries forbid proselytizing by non-Muslims. Seems tolerant enough."

Do they? How do you know?

And when does the EDL campaign against Kosher meat start? Seeing as you're all so up on animal rights and against the barbarity of Halal meat, surely you must object to Kosher too?

C'mon Neptune start answering some questions rather than hiding behind weak minded rhetoric.

Still Slightly Nauseous

Does the jewish branch of EDL find this behaviour acceptable?

13.10.2010 01:24

Previous comment by someone under the pseudonym 'John Cleese' said with spectacular ignorance: "we've all done a nazi salute once in a while fucking what? its just a joke."

> One wonders how the Jewish branch of EDL can comfortably stand alongside you.

Your moronic ignorance has no bounds. Only morons could be so ignorant to view a deeply offensive gesture that has deep, historical connotations as being just a joke

Does the jewish branch of EDL find this behaviour acceptable?



13.10.2010 10:03

"I know that it would be a very bad thing for the UK if the Muslim population was very big, of course this won't happen anytime soon, but there is a chance it will happen in the future."

It isn't going to happen at all and it is truly very sad that a grown adult can get this far along in their life without understanding the basic reality of how the world really works. That is assuming you are an adult and not a child or teenager!

Their is so much paranoia in this argument than one has to suspect that cannabis is involved.

Are you addicted to cannabis?

Do you currently, or have you recently smoked Skunk?


I second that.

13.10.2010 10:15

"Fascists and tea party ultraconservatives should not be posting on Indymedia!"

I second that.

Indymedia should not be hosting this kind of rubbish. It doesn't fit in with the ethos of Indymedia and only serves to drive the readership of Indymedia away.

Nobody wants to be exposed to far-right racism and nobody wants to engage with it.

The EDL are using IM UK to gather the publicity they need to build their movement. That IM should allow itself to be used in this way beggars belief.

For a start, the idiot who keeps posting gossip from their forums needs to be stopped in his tracks immediately. Any posting advertising EDL forums should be deleted as soon as they appear.

If they want to complain about freedom of speech, let them bleat about it on their own websites. Their version of free speech usually comes with a bucket full of vomit anyway.

No platform.


uk fightback! hello!

13.10.2010 19:28

hope you get this message fightback but if its okay with you folks we cd bank some of the stuff you posted here for malatesta articles in future cos its priceless info. we need to talk! good stuff! the edl's 'we aint no nazis nor nuffink' statement has no credibility whatsoever and it will be intersting to see how long they can go on with it until they collapse into absurdity. cheers!

- Homepage:

Message to Malatesta

13.10.2010 21:56

Not sure if the last "Malatesta" comment is from the real "Malatesta", and for the record Mr M's an anarchist and I'm a liberal, but either way you seem pretty well informed about the EDL and BNP and while we often don't agree yes of course you (and everyone else) are welcome to re-use anything I post anywhere, on Indymedia or You Tube, the more widely it's circulated the better. If you want to talk set-up your own You Tube account and send me a personal message at my You Tube address...

UK Fightback

uk fightback

14.10.2010 07:34

will do mate. speak soon.


be afraid, very afraid ...

14.10.2010 12:45

"And the Muslim population will reach 51% when exactly?"

women reached this figure a long time ago :)"And the Muslim population will reach 51% when exactly?"

tweedle dum

Islamic countries

14.10.2010 15:27

Do they? How do you know?

Because they have laws against it you fool! Like Saudi Arabia, for instance.



14.10.2010 16:02

The above post was directed at "Still Slightly Nauseous" btw.



14.10.2010 16:35

So by your logic Saudi Arabia has a law against proselytizing therefore it is an intolerant country therefore all Islamic countries are intolerant and so Islam is bad.

In your own words... "Look at all the countries that are Islamic, they are all very untolerant. Islam = very bad."

One small example: Bahrain. There are churches in Bahrain. You can buy bacon and other pork products in Bahrain. You can buy alcohol in Bahrain. There are bars in Bahrain that are open to Westerners and locals alike. As to their laws on proselytizing? I don't know, but that seems like a pretty tolerant Islamic country to me. And the other Gulf states are pretty much the same. (Yes, except Saudi)

Your interpretation of the Koran is as narrow and perverted as those of the Islamic extremists, pick the bits you like to justify your cause and ignore any evidence to the contrary and avoid difficult questions.

Any news on the EDL campaign against Kosher meat yet?

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