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May Day in Glasgow

Anarchobabe | 01.05.2002 19:54

Short descripton of May Day in Glasgow.

Glasgow Mayday: relaxed and chilled

Here some impressions about Mayday in Glasgow, till about four o’clock as I had to leave then. It was one of the rare, nice, sunny days on the Westcoast most of the time, and the atmosphere was relaxed and chilled. Families and kids and babys enjoyed Glasgow Mayday as well as the adults, and there were, as last year, lots of brilliant, colourfull, funny costumes, puppets, posters and banners and loads of difficult to describe, creative art. Well done!

Well, it started of with a little bit of percussion from a samba band. And we went to the town hall on which a the red flag flew (wasn’t it the black one last year?) was hissed and we stopped a little bit to give people time to protest- and to dance, of course! O well, I forgot, that there was suddenly a sound system appearing when we passed a lorry. And later, there was a second sound system. There was also a stop in front of the army recruitment office. Ah, and when the pedestrian zone was crossed, there was another lorry, which put up the plastic curtain of one side, and had a quite old-fashioned living room inside, with costumes and music from the twenties!

Well, the by-passers stopped and seemed to be happy about the music and everybody was reluctant to move on. It is happily proceeding of the party and a chill-out in the park.

It wasn’t possible for me to put pictures up, and it will take a while.

But if you haven’t seen it yet, there are pics of last years Mayday in Glasgow:

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