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Glasgow Anarchist Students | 20.01.2003 18:08 | Repression

Upcoming solidarity demo for Glasgow uni students. Stop the uni from crushing student revolt!

Shortly before Christmas, some Glasgow University students staged a 21 hour occupation of the Adam Smith Lecture Theatre on campus. Our demands were: 1)An end to the Universities Superannuation Scheme's investment in unethical companies such as BAE systems; 2)For the Principal to resign; and 3)To chuck the army off campus.

Now three of us are up in front of the uni disciplinary court, who have the power expel us.

The hearing is at 9.45am on Friday 24th January at No 10 The Square, Glasgow Uni. A solidarity demo is gathering beforehand at 9.30am, outside Hillhead Underground. Anyone who wants to come along and support us would be greatly appreciated!

The three of us on trial are anarchists - easy targets maybe for the first stage of a wider clamping down on political activity at Glasgow Uni. Let's stop them from killing the student activist movement by teaching them a lesson they won't forget.

Glasgow Anarchist Students

Glasgow Anarchist Students
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