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Frock On and On

ImcScotland | 18.06.2003 23:00 | Anti-racism | Culture | Education | Gender | Social Struggles

Picture of frontpage of FrockOn leaflet with program
On 7th of june, the second "Frock On" Festival took place in Glasgow.
"Frock On and On" was helt this time at the Govanhill Neighbourhood Community Centre for the daytime workshops for women, and in the Queenspark Glasshouse for gigs and spoken word in the evening,the artists, audience and the bar in between exotic plants and small animals.

"Our goal is to make links with and strengthen/build on the existing feminist community with aim of making feminism cool again.
Frock On is against homophobia, racism, ablism, ageism, and men bashing.
It's about talking, having fun, making new friends, subverting, resisting, doing it yourself, gossiping/networking, respecting, listening, dancing, eating, rioting, drinking, laughing, relaxing, empowering ourselves and others, clothes swapping, cycling, supporting our music, creating, growing, expressing ourselves, challenging ourselves, learning, scheming, giggling, planning, cups of tea, taking care of ourselves, gaining confidence and self esteem, finding our voices and keeping it real."

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The Cailleach Collective was formed in November 2002 out of a few girls' heads at the Carnarvon Pub in Glasgow for a space to enjoy coming together and listen to alternative music.

"Frock On" started as a two day festival for International Women' Day March 8th and 9th 2003. But it was so successful as an event, that we are holding FOUR fests this year!

"Frock On" consists in two parts, the daytime events, which are workshops, get-together and socialising for women only with providing creche facilities, and the evening event, where underground female culture and art is celebrated, but also mixed projects presented, particularly to empower and enthusiate local groups and artists.

Workshops at the second Frock On event in June were about Bicycle repairs, Shiatsu, Co-ops and collectives,Antirascism, and Bellydancing.
The workshop about Co-ops was involving speakers from Faslane Peace Camp, Radical Routes, Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, AK-Press, Four Walls Women's Co-op and the Cailleach Collective.
The Anti-Rascism workshop was initiated by the Glasgow Anti Racism Alliance.
Acoustic Music and a Spoken Word performance have been happily entertaining the audience.
Video screenings were presented by the german womens film archive Bildwechsel.
Local campaigns, such as JAM74, the campaign against the Northern Extension of the M74 and the FREE ULLA Roder peaceactivist solidarity group, informed the audience of their concerns.



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