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Scotland December/November 02 Features

ImcScotland | 14.12.2002 00:00

Content of the Indymedia Scotland December/November 02 feature.

1.) Low-Budget-Films festival in Glenrothes - Media 14.12.02
2.) Anti-Rascist Demonstration in Glasgow- - Antirascism 30.11.02
3.) Bilston Wood- Anti Road Protest Camp near Edinburgh - Anti-Road Protest- 25.11.02
4.) Indymedia Scotland needs you! - Media
5.) The Closure of the Nuclear Power Station Hunterstone - Anti-nuke 22.11.02
6.) Scottish Anarchist Day School - education 9.11.2002
7.) Nuclear power- a threat to us all - Antinuke 7.09.2002

Low-Budget-Films festival in Glenrothes- 14.12.02

Make your own film: DIY films in Scotland

On Saturday, 14thof December a low-budget-films festival was happening in Glenrothes, Fife. The Festival was organised by the local Media Access Centre, providing moving image opportunities for the whole community. The12 films screened, were produced mainly by local unknown talent, with a wide range of themes touched.
For more information on how to make a film yourself, contact: tel: 01592612121

The big blue room, on Monday 16th of December, 6pm at Cameo Cinema Screen One,was screening 12 Scottish short films voted best in the regular blue room. The blue room happens every first Monday a month. Next regular screening: 6th of January 2003.

[Edinburgh Mediabase | the big blue room | Glasgow Media Access Centre]

To read: The Videoactivist handbook
Get active: IMC UK video activism

Anti-Rascist Demonstration- 30.11.02

Anti-Rascist Demonstration in Glasgow after Refugee was stabbed

Around 2500 people marched in Glasgow on Saturday, 30 th of november, in the annual anti-racism demo organised by the Scottish Trades Union Council. The night before the annual anti-racism demo in Glasgow, an asylum seeker is attacked and stabbed by a gang in Sighthill, Glasgow.

[full story | the attack on the refugee | physical attacks and verbal ones ]

Anti-Road Protest- 25.11.02

Bilston Wood- Anti Road Protest Camp near Edinburgh

The road and associated developments herald a massive southward expansion of the city of Edinburgh through green belt land and vast tracts of countryside and prime agricultural land. Bilston Wood and Bilston Burn (SSSI) will be among the casualties. Here are pictures and a report about the protest camp there.

[full story | Background information | News about biotechnology]

Building Up IMC Scotland

Indymedia Scotland needs you!
Calling all grassroot activists in Scotland!

The Indymedia Scotland Webpage has been up and running since the 30th of October. We are currently looking for volunteers to become part of IMC Scotland : we need film directors, direct action reporters, event organisers, web technicians, computer addicts, radio journalists, DJs, article- writers, enthusiasts, layouters and critical commentary makers, accountants, photographers, fundraisers, more contact persons, and whatever skills, interests and enthusiasm you have. We are looking forward to meeting and working alongside with you, and we especially invite activists outside central belt. Mission statement

To get informed subscribe here:
to get involved and to participate, subscribe here:

Close down all Nuclear Power Stations- 22.11.02

Hunterston to be closed...

Hunterston nuclear power station in Ayrshire may be closed in a bid to cut costs and save skint nuclear operators British Energy from going bust. This news comes in about one and a half weeks later after a report that 20 workers at the Dounreay nuclear plant in Caithness were contaminated with radioactive particles.
[full story | Background information about nuclear power]

Scottish Anarchist Day School - 9. November

Sgoil-latha Ain-Riaghailteach Glaschu

Bha cruinneachadh ann an Glaschu Disathairne, le daoine bho air feadh Alba, bha e beag ach aig àrd-ìre, le tòrr deasbadan oraidean, agus biadh miorbhouleach. Bha mu 35 daoine an làthair agus chòrd e ruitha nile gu lèir.
[full story]

Anti-nuclear - 7. November

Nuclear power- a threat to us all

A nuclear submarine ran aground, 7th of November, off the coast of Scotland. This event reminds us of the continous, powerfull, radioactive danger which is situated without our consent in our neighbourhood and beyond, and which activists are campaigning against. In Devonport, from 14 - 19 November 2002 there is a “Block the dock” anti-nuclear action week being organised. In Germany, the anti-nuclear movement goes trainstopping these days, with a nuclear transport expected from LaHague to Gorleben.
For more details of the campaign against Scotland's nuclear submarine bases visit Faslane Peace camp. For more details of anti nuclear and anti-war campaigning in Scotland visit CND Scotland or Trident Ploughshare.

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