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Scotland October 02 Features

ImcScotland | 31.10.2002 00:00

Content of the Indymedia Scotland October 02 feature.

1.) Don't Bomb Iraq or there will be trouble - anti-war 31.10.2002
2.) SAMHUINN PROCESSION by Beltane Fire Society - Culture 31.10.2002
3.) Scotland says don't attack Iraq - anti-war 19.10.2002
4.) Global Day of Action against McDonalds- Health 16.10.2002
5.) Theatre Play on Genoa - Alternative Culture 3.-5.10.2002
6.) Big Blether - education 5.-7.9.2002

anti-war actions - 31th October

Don't Bomb Iraq or there will be trouble

On Halloween- or Samhuinn- many protested in Edinburgh and Glasgow to give Bush and Blair a fright. Civil disobedience actions were taken, there were demonstrations in Edinburgh and in Glasgow.

Edinburgh Anti-war March | Glasgow Street Action | Glasgow video ]

31st of October

SAMHUINN PROCESSION by Beltane Fire Society

On Samhuinn, the Beltane Fire Society celebrates this pagan festival with a procession and a street performance. At Samhain we know, that we are entering winter; its celtic name meaning “ summer's end ” . It is a time of coming to terms with death, and to mediate on letting go of past hurts and wrongs.Symbols and customs involve apples and the red poppy, the Lammas symbol of blood upon the corn.

[ BFS Samhuinn procession | More pics ]

Glasgow anti-war demo - 19th October

Scotland says don't attack Iraq

About 15 000 people demonstrated in Glasgow on Sunday 20th October. The “Scotland says Don't Attack Iraq” demo in Glasgow was the biggest demonstration seen in Scotland for a very long time. Many different groups and also individuals were present from all corners of Scotland - from Berwick upon Tweed, to Newcastle, Dundee, Aberdeen, Forth, some trainloads from Edinburgh and of course lots from Glasgow. Four marches from north, south, east and west merged in the city centre. Many people will take civil disobedience actions in the event of an attack on Iraq. Over the coming weeks the Pledge campaign will be used to try and mobilise for the Day of Action on the 31st with over 20 non-violent direct action workshops organised across Scotland.

[ Report and photos | More photos | Army Recruitment Office Action ]

Global Day of Action against McDonalds- 16th October

Worldwide campaigns on UN World Food Day

Glasgow based McDonalds Workers Resistance called for a global day of action against its employer. There were reports of local protests around October 16th all around the globe, from Australia to Mexico, Russia to South Africa, Brazil, USA and throughout Eastern and Western Europe - including Ireland, Scotland and the UK ( protests outside over 45 stores - but the full figure is certainly much higher). 94 protesters were arrested in Mexico, each being held under a bond of $14000. The protest was “against the promotion of junk food, the unethical targeting of children, exploitation of workers, animal cruelty, damage to the environment and the global domination of corporations over our lives.”

[ Global Day of Action | Summary | McDonalds Workers Resistance | Anti- McDonald's extravaganza and archive | text about McLibel courtcase | Video: McLibel- Two worlds collide ]

Books to read:
“McLibel- Burger Culture on Trial”, John Vidal, Macmillan
“Fast Food Nation”, Eric Schlosser, The Penguin Press

review of theatre play 3rd-5th. October, Edinburgh

“Nothing ever burns down by itself”- theatre play on Global Action Days 19.-22. July 2001 in Genoa

Theatre Workshop launched its new play “Nothing ever burns down by itself” (in relation to the Chumbawamba song “Give the anarchist a cigarette” /Anarchy) on Thursday, Friday, Saturday (3./4./5. October) in Edinburgh.
The play is about the Global Action Days from 19.-22. July 2001 against the G8 summit in Genoa.
The play broke down the barrier between the audience and the players by the total removal of seats and stage, constantly moving artists, audience and requisites around, giving the audience the feeling of really having been there and to be involved.

[ Full story | Interactive Genoaresistance webpage | The Foot and Mouth Festival in Edinburgh coinciding with Genoa | IMC UK special feature on Genoa | IMC Video on Genoa | Video, Books also available at AK Press in Edinburgh ]

Book to read about this topic:
On Fire - Genoa and the Anti-Capitalist Movement”, One -Off Press
Paperback, ISBN: 1902593545, £ 3.00

Big Blether - 5-7 September

Scotland's big gathering


Big Blether .... is over for a couple of years!

We were blethering at Talamh Life Centre, Lanarkshire from 6-8 September 2002.

Roughly every two years, we, the grassroots activists come together to enjoy ourselves and to inspire and encourage each other. The whole weekend was about direct action, peace and environmental issues and campaigning for social and ecological justice. At this DIY gathering we had the chance to learn new skills and broaden our minds and share our hopes, fears and experiences.
There were workshops, practical skills sharing, networking, mutual support, positive solutions, solidarity, alternative lifestyles, blethering, music, sunshine, camping ...

Full story at:
article and pictures

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