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Interview with Mark Ballard,MSP, at an anti-war action 17.7.2003, Edinburgh

ab | 18.07.2003 14:42 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Repression

This interview was taken at the anti-war action yesterday, 17.7.2003 in Edinburgh at St.Leonards police station. Called by Mark Thomas, about 60 protesters came more or less spontaneously to the police station to protest against the criminal proceedings and the charges against Simon.

The picket in Edinburgh was not only political but also humorous. Not only the charges against the protesters, Simon, are a joke, exposing a "left" protester to a charge of 'inciting racial hatred', making him probably one of the few persons ever to be charged of this offense in Britain.

In this interview Mark Ballard, freshly elected Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Green Party, talks about why he supports Simon and the campaign to get his charges dropped, what happened at the picket of the police station, and what role and difference he can make now by being in the Scottish parliament.

The interviews are in ogg format and in mp3 format and both about 1,5 MB big.



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