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Interview with Mark Thomas at the Edinburgh anti-repression action, 17th of july

ab | 18.07.2003 23:31 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Repression

On the 17th of july, an anti-repression action took place at St.Leonards police station in solidarity with Simon, a protester who got arrested and charged with incitement for racial hatred due the modifications of the American flag he was carrying on an anti-war demonstration at the 22nd of march in Edinburgh. Here is an Interview with Mark Thomas, recorded back at the Bongo Club, who called together support and campaigns for Simon.

Here is an interview with Mark Thomas at the Bongo Club, Edinburgh. The interview is about why Mark Thomas rallys support for Simon, what his involvement with the anti-war actions, how he sees alternative media and a few little bits on censorship.



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  1. At the Station. — Carito


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