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Interview and updates about Trident Ploughshares peace prisoners

ab | 24.07.2003 17:33 | Anti-militarism | Repression

Here is an interview with an activist campaigning to "Free Ulla". Ulla Roder disarmed a tornado jet in Scotland during the war against Iraq in a peace action. Ulla Roder, grandmother, is a member of the Trident Ploughshare campaign.

Latest news:
[22nd July 2003]
Ulla Roder Hearing Continued To Thursday

When peace activist Ulla Roder appeared in Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court on Tuesday 22nd of July, her preliminary hearing was continued to Thursday (24th July) at 11 a.m.

Ulla is charged with criminal damage to a Tornado jet at RAF Leuchars on 10th March. Though no decisions were made today it now looks increasingly unlikely that her trial will begin on 28th July.

There had been a candlelit vigil on Mondy night from 10 p.m. to midnight outside Cornton Vale prison in Stirling where Ulla remains a guest. The theme of the vigil was solidarity with Ulla and affirming that she acted in our name. The 'In Our Name' petition can be signed on the free ulla website.

Court Update
[23rd July 2003]
Karen Fallon's Bail Conditions Up For Review

Friday, 25th of july, TP pledger Karen Fallon is challenging her severe bail conditions in Dublin. Some of the conditions under review in the Circuit Court are that Karen has to stay at a given address and sign at a Garda station every day.

On 3rd February 2003, as part of ongoing resistance at Shannon Airport, Karen was part of the Pitstop Ploughshares which disarmed a US warplane. Within the month, three of the four companies contracted to ferry US troops and weapons had left Ireland. All the Pitstop Ploughshares are currently out on bail. Their trial has been moved to Dublin and will take place in the October or January sitting of the circuit court.


Peace activist gets 1 day sentence for unpaid fines
[17th July 2003]

Green Party activist Lyn Bliss was given a one day sentence at Luton Magistrates Court on Wednesday for unpaid fines of £280. The fines were imposed a result of her protesting about Trident nuclear submarines at Faslane in Scotland.

Lyn is a member of the campaigning group Trident Ploughshares which was established in 1998, to challenge the UK's illegal and immoral possession and threatened use of nuclear weapons. Trident Ploughshares activists pledge to dismantle the UK's nuclear arsenal in a peaceful, non- violent, open and accountable manner. At May 2003 in the campaign there had been over 2,000 arrests, over 400 trials, over 1,800 days spent in prison and over £60,000 of fines and compensation orders.

Lyn said "I would rather go to prison than pay the fines. To pay them would be admitting I was guilty and I have committed no crime. There is no way that Trident can be used discriminately. Their use would result in the loss of thousands of innocent lives which therefore makes them illegal. A one day sentence makes more sense than sending me to jail for 14 days, would be a ridiculous waste of tax payers money."



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