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Demonstration at Dungavel Detention Centre on Saturday 6th, September

fwd | 02.08.2003 18:29 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression

The STUC, the Scottish Trades Union Congress, is organising a demonstration to take place at Dungavel Detention Centre on Saturday 6th September at 12 noon.
This event aims to build on the growing public concern in opposition to Dungavel and will coincide with the second anniversary of its opening.

Poster and call for demonstration against Dungavel Detention Centre
Poster and call for demonstration against Dungavel Detention Centre

The demonstration will call for:

- An end to the enforced detention of Asylum seekers and their families, which breaches their human rights.
- All children residing in Scotland to be able to access mainstream education.
- The closure of Dungavel Detention Centre in favour of a more humane system for accommodating Asylum Seekers and their families in Scotland.

Please find attached information publicising this event, which we hope you
will distribute and promote urgently. If you require further materials
please do not hesitate to contact us or download information from the STUC
website on or telephone 0141 337 8100. To ensure we
maximise attendance at this event we are working with trade unions and other
organisations to arrange buses to transport demonstrators to Dungavel.
We are currently arranging for 10 buses to leave George Square in Glasgow at
11am, returning at approximately 1pm. If your organisation would be interested in assisting please contact either myself or Hlelen Carson at the STUC for more information.

As pre-publicity for this event we will also be releasing a list of high profile people in Scotland who are supportive of the aims of the demonstration. Please let us know if you are willing to have your name, or your organisations name appear on a public list of supporters by 22nd of August.

Please also do everything you can to get along and show your support for our Dungavel demonstration. Bring your banners and your friends.

I hope you can assist and look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes

Rozanne Foyer.
STUC Assistant Secretary.



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