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Zapatista Solidarity Activity in Scotland

Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group | 12.09.2003 10:43 | Globalisation | Zapatista

As a small contribution to the world-wide mobilisations against the World Trade Organisation, the Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group organised a stall at the West End of Princes Street, Edinburgh on 9th September. We distributed several hundred leaflets and raised funds for the Kiptik water project through sales of publications and merchandise. Following is the leaflet we distributed:


The 9th September 2003 is a Global Day of Resistance. Resistance by The majority of us, who have little or no money and power,against those who think they are the owners of the planet. The occasion is the World Trade Organisation meeting in Cancun, Mexico. The WTO is one of the bodies the rich use to make themselves richer at our expense.

The Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group has organised this activity as Part of this day. Any donations will go to building drinking water systems in Zapatista indigenous villages in Chiapas, Mexico. Against all odds the Zapatistas have taken land into communal control and are creating " communities in resistance", with their own grass-roots democracy and autonomous education and health systems.

Our group aims to give solidarity to this movement and to help bring together struggles for social justice in Chiapas and in Scotland. Separated by thousands of miles and a vastly different way of life, we are nevertheless together in our need to control our lives and resources.

Below is a statement from the Zapatistas, by Comandante Zebedeo:

"We would like to mention that in the coming days there will be a very important meeting in Cancun, Mexico.
And we are not referring to the meeting of the World Trade Organization, that body which commands the new world war against humanity.

No, we are talking about the meeting which will have people from all Over the planet, in order to repeat the "no" to the exclusionary world of money and to affirm that another world is possible.

It is our understanding that there will be a meeting from September 1 – 7 concerning alternative media and technology, and from September 8-9, a campesino peasant farmer forum.

And, on September 9, within a month, there will be mobilizations in Cancun and throughout the world against those who think they are the owners of the planet.

In September, the word of the zapatistas will go to Cancun and to the planet, in the method and manner which shall be decided.

Brothers and sisters:
We would also like to send greetings and to embrace, with special affection and admiration, all those worlds which there are in the world.

We do not know the countries, but we do know some people who are fighting in them, and we have learned, through their words and their actions, that dignity and rebellion have nothing to do with flags, languages, types of exchange and passports. We are telling those different worlds that from here, from the mountains of the Mexican southeast, they are not alone.

Brothers and sisters:
Let us leave racism and exclusion behind, let us see a common path that will lead us towards the hope for a more human life.

In order to build this new world, it is necessary and important that all men and women make ourselves children of rebellion and resistance, and realize that our wages will be being the first to try out the modern jails built by the so-called governments.

Which will mean then, not to lose sight of the world-wide global monster.

And these have been our words, and what follows is dancing and struggling.

Viva world resistance!
Viva world rebellion!
Vivan the poor peoples of the world! "

Published by the Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group
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Our next meeting is on sunday 28 september at 7pm at the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, 17 W Montgomery Place (off Brunswick Rd.

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