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Solidarity actions with homeless and destitute asylum seekers

09.11.2003 17:50 | Anti-racism

In Liverpool, campaigners slept out in the streets in solidarity with asylum seekers. On Friday 7th November at 12 noon, people started a 24 hour vigil in solidarity with those asylum seekers left homeless and destitute by the current government policy. [pics, call.]

Participants in the action report in the Liverpool feature:"Well, we spent out twenty four hours out. There were twenty six of us at three this morning (including about 8 asylum seekers), and it was freezing. By five, some people had to go, too cold and fed up about abuse by passing drunks spitting on us and threatening us. It was an eye-opening experience when people assumed that we were all asylum seekers and told us to 'go back to where we came from'. It made us realise how terrifying, and cold, and miserable it would be for those asylum seekers with no choice but to be on the streets, and it's not even really winter yet."

Meanwhile in Scotland, Glasgow City Council prepares to evict 200 refugees from their accomodation. A demonstration has been announced for Monday, 10th of november, 5pm in front of the Court Chambers. [ImcScotland feature]. Scotlands inhumane treatment of asylum seekers was just recently highlighted, when over 1000 protesters made their way to the remote and isolated Dungavel Detention Centre to express their opposition of the imprisonment of refugee children.

Destitute women asylum seekers joined up with the Global Women Strike Campaign in an antiwar protest in London, simultaneously highlighting the ongoing breeches of human rights by Section 55. (see past feature and audio reports about the introduction of Section 55). For more information, read Amnesty International Afghanistan report- 'No one listens to us and no one treats us as human beings': Justice denied to women.

For up to date information on asylum and refugee issues, see:
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For information on campaigning against deportations, get in touch with the National Coalition for Anti-Deportation Campaigns and read the No One Is Illegal manifesto.


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