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International solidarity with the people in Venezuela

ab | 16.08.2004 01:39 | Venezuela | Culture | Globalisation | Repression

On the 15th of august, the International Day of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela, protesters took to the streets and meadows of Edinburgh to inform the public about the importance of the co-inciding referendum on the president in Venezuela in the struggle against neoliberalism, privatisation, exploitation and globalised trade competition.
In the distributed leaflet, the activists state, that they will support a Global Day of Action on October 12th, 2004. [reports and pictures: 1 | 2 | call | video]

Other international solidarity events happened in London during the week before the referendum [report] in the RampArt social centre, [video], protests took place in support of the Bolivarian Revolution in front of the embassy in The Hague, Stockholm, London [report | pics | video], Amsterdam [1|2], Mexico, Dominican Republic.

Edinburgh samba school acc idently join
Edinburgh samba school acc idently join

Demonstrators of groups associated with the Forest Cafe, Edinburgh Cider Punx, Rhytms of Resistance, and individuals like Sam from Circus2Iraq and other groups mingled today, the 15th of august, the International Day of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela with visitors of the Edinburgh cultural festival in Scotland to mix politics with fun. Comedian Mark Thomas and the Edinburgh Samba School borrowed out their publicity to the campaigners to attract and inform the public about the co-inciding referendum in Venezuela.

The newly released film Venezuela Bolivariana People and Struggle of the Fourth World War by the independent Calle y Media Collective about the "Bolivarian Revolution" in Venezuela is on tour through Europe and will be screened in Edinburgh, on the 18th of august in the Forest during the global information night.

In Glasgow, the independent video making collective Camcorder Guerillas organized an informational event, premiering their self-made films about the situation in Venezuela.



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