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Dissent! G8 infoshop opens in Edinburgh

ab | 20.06.2005 21:59 | G8 2005 | Free Spaces

The G8 public Infoshop opened today to satisfy local curiousity and welcome autonomous groups and individual anti-G8 protesters.
The Infoshop is located 10 Albert Place, Leith Walk, in Edinburgh, EH7 5HN. It is about 10 minutes away from the bus and train station.
From now on, the access point will be opened 24 hours a day, the infoshop is also contactable under telephone number (0044)/(0)131-5611356 .
Collective meetings are held at 6 pm daily to update newcomers and to facilitate the running of the Infoshop.

[ Dissent! | Recent update about Practicalities | Protest Activities Overview | Mobilisation Links ]

Shopfront; to be painted tomorrow
Shopfront; to be painted tomorrow

banner and Zapatista coffee collective machine
banner and Zapatista coffee collective machine

Blackboard, sofas and infomaterial
Blackboard, sofas and infomaterial

Map of Infoshop location (red point)
Map of Infoshop location (red point)

The main purpose of the space is to be a welcoming point not only for international protesters arriving in Edinburgh needing practical information, but also for the local public to get in touch and get information about activities. Over the next few weeks, the former post office on Leith Walk will act as an information and connectivity hub. Meetings will be held daily at 6pm to facilitate the running of the Infoshop, which is planned to be opened for 24 hours a day. Fairtraded Zapatista Coffee from the Coffee Collective, Tea, resting space on comfortable sofas, Computers and hopefully soon Telephone and Internet Access will be available in the Drop-In. The Infoshop will also provide practical informations for new arrivals, such as faciliting the "ADOPT ON ACTIVIST" campaign, where locals ar asked to provide accomodation for international anti-globalisation protesters, as there is an accomodation shortage in Edinburgh, due to Council policy.

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  1. Well Done!! — Ronny Chip-twist
  2. I thought squatting was illegal in Scotland — Tom
  3. Tom...troll — anarchoteapot
  4. It's not squatted — worker
  5. Please ignore the trolls — active lens
  6. press coverage — stv


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