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G8 Sunday 3rd July

features | 03.07.2005 13:30 | G8 2005

The Make Borders History tour of Glasgow. The make border tour-ists split up in 6 groups of 50 to 100 people to explore the border regime as it manifests itself in the Scottish city. The tour guides were from: no one is illegal, noborder network, noborder manchester group, brides without border, and someone from the glasgow committee to welcome refugees [see Report | Pictures 1 | Pictures 2 | Borders at the G8 Feature] [Audio and more pics]| related video of Dallas court reporting Centre

In Edinburgh a Stop the War march led by Heidi Guiliani (mother of Carlo, murdered by the cops in Genoa) and Rose Gentle took place ending with a 'naming the dead' ceremony on Calton Hill [see report and pics]

Sunday also saw Edinburgh as the focus of many G8 counter-conference events [see Corporate Dream ... Global Nightmare | Dissent! Programme (running through til thurs 7th) | G8Alternatives Events + pics]

See Red Pepper G8 Blog for reports of today's main events.

Also check out the latest G8 Audio uploads at Radio.Indymedia, and G8 Video uploads at Video.Indymedia




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