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Scotland Indypendent Media CENTRE launch meeting

imcscotland | 14.11.2005 10:55 | G8 2005 | Education | Free Spaces | Indymedia

Scotland Indymedian Public Meeting Thursday 17.11.2005:
Open a Free Internet Cafe and Free Software Lab in Edinburgh!
Films at 5pm in Forest Cafe, meeting upstairs in Church Hall at 7:30pm

Scotland Indymedia
Public Meeting
Thursday Nov 17th
Open a Free Internet Cafe and Free Software Lab in Edinburgh!

Come learn about and help us realise the potential of the new Indymedia Centre in the City Centre of Edinburgh. These two rooms below the Forest Cafe can be used as a large free internet cafe,a space for education, for demonstrating free software, a place for media-making facilities, and more!
The Indymedia Centre from the G8 protests lives on! We need your vision and help to get the space working and ready-to-go.

Movies 5:00-7:30pm in Forest Cafe.

1)Revolution OS:
This film covers the world of hackers like Richard Stallman that created the free GNU/Linux operating system, Firefox, Open Office,
and beyond: the free alternative to Microsoft.

2)G8 2005 Scotland Indymedia Footage:
The latest edits from the Indymedia Network: The G8 failed to deliver massive debt relief or halt climate change, and people converged on Scotland in protest and to demonstrate alternatives.

Meeting 7:30-9:30 in the Church Hall above Forest Cafe, followed by a tour of the new space downstairs.

"What do you want out of Scotland Indymedia?"

All welcome!

Scotland Indymedia is a three-year old locally-controlled member of the global Indymedia Network, a network of activists that are committed to using media, information technology, and journalism as a tool for social change. We are currently running the open publishing news site to deliver news from the streets of Scotland to the world, enabling people to speak for themselves.

For more info contact Harry Halpin at:
hhalpin (at)
All Indymedia Scotland meetings are public, but we 're trying to advertise this one :)




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