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Site update to display of comments

imc-uk-process | 20.11.2005 16:47 | Indymedia | Birmingham | Cambridge | Liverpool | London | Oxford | Sheffield | South Coast | World

You may notice we have changed the way comments to articles are displayed. If you want to know why and how, please read the full article.


Indymedia is an open publishing platform for alternative grassroots news. The comments functions allows everybody to correct or add to posts. Quite often, comments are used for quick discussions or rants, in a way that would be more suited for a discussion forum like libcom or urban75. Some comments seem to be designed to discourage, disinform and undermine activists. Constructive additions that correct or add to articles often get lost in wider debates. Some regional collectives have found it difficult to develop a local news site when articles immediately get hit with large numbers of bad comments.

To address this problem, we have introduced a feature that allows imc uk site admins to promote comments to "additions". A comment can now be manually "promoted" to an addition when it adds information or thoughtful criticism. We hope that displaying constructive and focussed comments underneath the articles will add to the quality of imc uk news. Additions will be displayed with their full text at the end of each posting. The titles of all other comments will be listed after the additions. Clicking on a title displays that comment along with all the others.

Discriminatory or disruptive comments will continue to be hidden according to our editorial guidelines. From now on comments that are hidden will be accessible in the same manner that hidden articles are.

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Display the following 35 comments

  1. Good idea — DB
  2. Agree But — Observer
  3. Even better... — Radjel
  4. good move — -@-
  5. Selective reading — Sam
  7. Explanations on hiding — vi
  8. not a good idea — keith
  9. Good move IMC — Auntie
  10. Good work people — a!
  11. predictible — crystal ball
  12. Funny — seed
  13. I support the changes — anon
  14. Excellent News — Caz
  15. nice one. — activist
  16. good job! — lovenrage
  17. Editable comments — Herby Spiral
  18. On balance, an improvement — Zorro
  19. How do we know... — Fluff
  20. " It's private property" — im fan
  21. Disinformation — Auntie
  22. good work — mayler
  23. More examples — David
  24. Bristol 2 — Fluff
  25. hoorah hoorah - good move techies — blatherer
  26. I Could Be Wrong But.... — Paranoid Pete
  27. disappointed so far — bugle
  28. twilight et al — anon
  29. Bristol — Spartacus
  30. mis-quote — Fluff
  31. I agree — Mike
  32. Problem with website — z
  33. Silly fluff and others — Zaskar
  34. Pitty it wasn't done earlier — James
  35. people being real and not anonymous would help, good idea tho — m.caroline F.T.S.


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