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Dalkeith Park Tree-Sit Under Eviction Threat!

Imc Scotland | 23.11.2005 19:40 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Repression

Update 25.11.2005: The judge granted an immediate eviction order in the court case "Occupiers of Dalkeith Country Park vs. Scottish Ministers" in Edinburgh's Sheriff Court on Friday.
Eviction is anticipated to take place anytime from now on. Campaigners pledge for more people to come now to help them. .

Report, 23.11.2005 Nearly three weeks ago, protesters set-up a tree-sit in Dalkeith County Park near Edinburgh to protest the creation of a new A68 bypass through the park, an important wildlife habitat and tourist attraction.
Yesterday, authorities cut five trees down before being stopped by protesters.

For more information:

[ Original Call for Support | Press Release and Directions to Treesit | Pictures of Tree-sit in Dalkeith | october feature | Save Dalkeith Park! website | Bilston Woods Protest Camp]

Imc Scotland


Court case on friday morning

24.11.2005 20:27

Wednesday was calm with more people arriving in the evening and the night. However, due to rain and cold weather many of them left again when I arrived. The police team was also there filming, and when I arrived I saw several suit manager type people connected with the official side of the eviction, wearing wellies, were leaving, and they were said to have visited the camp before me.

A protest was held at the Scottish parliament around noon, but unfortunately i did not make it there in time, as it takes actually quite a while to Dalkeith (about an hour from the city centre away) and then a long walk through the park (which takes about another hour walk till getting there.)

There will be a court case tomorrow on Friday morning against the eviction notice. It starts 9.45 am at the Sheriff Court in Edinburgh.
More details to be found at todays new feature on Indymedia Scotland.



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  1. Great treesitting action! — Ingmar Lee
  2. More trees felled - 14 Dec 2005 — road blocker


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