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Dawn Raids Back in Glasgow: Protest Saturday

Tim Waterstone | 10.02.2006 14:02 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression

This week, the first "dawn raid" of 2006 against Glasgow's asylum-seeking population was launched. The victims were the Akyol family, of Kurdish origin, who have lived in Glasgow for five years. Following a pledge to picket after each raid launched from Brand St, Glasgow No Borders is calling for a demo there from 7am on Saturday

A message from No Borders Glasgow read:
"Glasgow: Protest the first dawn raid of 2006.

Join the picket at Brand Street Immigration Enforcement Unit tomorrow Saturday 11th February, from 7am onwards.

At the end of 2005, it appeared that the government's brutal programme of dawn raids had been halted in Glasgow. When the abductions became widely known there was public outrage. A campaign of demonstrations, lobbying of the parliament in Edinburgh, vigils at Brand Street Immigration Enforcement Unit and direct action against the snatch squads seemed to have put a stop to the dawn raids. Less that two weeks ago Jack McConnell claimed in the Sunday Observer to have secured changes to the way in which the Home Office would carry out 'dawn raids' in Scotland but without giving any details.

This week, another family was woken before dawn, dragged from their home and taken to imprisonment at Dungavel. See the press release from Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees, below.

Last year, No Borders Glasgow pledged to picket Brand Street every time a dawn raid was launched from there.

Please come along tomorrow to show solidarity with every family living in fear of the dawn raids, and to send a message to the Home Office: refugees are welcome here - Immigration snatch squads are not.

Brand Street is close to Cessnock Underground. For a map click here:

If you can't make it at 7am, come later.
If you can only make it for a short time, still come. Spread the word. Please forward this appeal."

This Press Release from GCtWR gives details of the abduction:
"Press Release

Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees

Despite the massive opposition across Scotland to Home Office policy, refugee families are still being dragged from their homes in the early hours of the morning, as a step in the process of deportation.

On Wednesday morning (8th Feb), Lutfu and Gultan Akyol and their two children, Erem, 10, and Eren, 6, were taken from their flat just after 6 a.m. when Home Office officials battered their door in. They are now in Dungavel Detention Centre awaiting deportation.

The family is Kurdish and both parents have already been imprisoned in Turkey for opposing the government's treatment of Kurds. The Turkish government has destroyed thousands of Kurdish villages over the past few years and imprisoned or killed many Kurds. The Kurdish language has often been totally banned and Kurds in Turkey have been very brutally treated for many years.

The family has been here for nearly five years. The children, Erem and Eren, have spent their whole school lives in Scottish schools. They both speak with a Scottish accent and consider themselves Scottish. They desperately miss their school and their friends.

Lutfu is a qualified car mechanic and had hoped to open his own business here in Glasgow. Now his health is broken and he is suicidal because of worry about his family's fate.

If they are forced to return to Turkey the parents expect that they will be gaoled immediately and probably tortured. The family has many friends in the Scottish community who are outraged at what has happened to them. Yet again, people in the city of Glasgow are faced with having their friends dragged off in the middle of the night for deportation to a brutal regime.

Jack McConnell, Charles Clarke and Tony Blair seem determined to ignore the wishes of the people in Scotland, who want to welcome refugees here to live and work and become part of our communities. The Akyol family should be allowed to remain in Scotland.

An attempt to remove the family to England this morning, caused the children so much distress it had to be abandoned.

We are calling on the Home Secretary to use his discretion and to grant the family leave to remain on humanitarian grounds."

Tim Waterstone
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Blair's Brutality

10.02.2006 16:13

A society being conditioned to be the heart of AGGRESSIVE WARS against other nations is purposely made to be witness to endless petty and not so petty cruelty amongst its own. The irony here is that if Turkey were a member of the EU (and the whole of Blair's New Reich would have that so for military reasons), this family could legally stay.

One clear point of such vileness is too squeeze from us the animals who will happily commit any crime in the name of Blair. There is NO coerced employment in Britain. Every thug of the state is a happy and willing tool, returning home each evening PROUD of the horrors they have inflicted on other living humans.

As I have observed at the time of the so-called 100-dead vigils, the most despicable criminals are those that choose to carry out crimes in the name of the State, knowing full well that the likelyhood of just punishment drops to near zero.

Only recently, Europe saw the mass slaughter of "Military Aged Males" (a Blair term used to turn back all families with males that attempted to escape his genocide of Fallujah) in Srebrenica. What kind of man (or woman in the case of Blair's New Reich party) could a state find to carry out such Crimes Against Humanity. Customs and Excise, Immigration Services, Police Forces, and the British Army- Blair would have no trouble finding such people at all.


Terror of dawn raids

11.02.2006 11:42

When homes are raided by Immigration children are traumatized. One family I know had their 3 year old dragged out of bed by officials. Immigration packed their belongings, shoving useless items into bags and leaving the rest behind. The wife was pregnant and terrified as she had ben imprisoned and raped in her home country for political reasons. The family of 3 were overwhelmingly outnumbered by uniformed officials in about 5 cars, yet Immigration wrote a report that the family were aggressive and threatening as they seem to routinely do in their reports and get away with it. I am always amazed at the lies and behaviour that Immigration get away with, breaking their own rules of conduct, yet it seems that they are always above the law and there is no one to monitor their behaviour. People are beaten up when deported in front of their children and dumped bruised and scarred by handcuffs in other countries.



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