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FITwatch - Faslane Oct 1st

Puppy Lover | 03.10.2007 23:12 | Faslane | Anti-militarism | Policing | Repression

FIT and police photography units were out at Faslane on October the 1st during the Big Blockade.

MoD OSU cameraman
MoD OSU cameraman

Officer to left from S Yorkshire
Officer to left from S Yorkshire

Officer to right NI, officer in orange MoD OSU
Officer to right NI, officer in orange MoD OSU

MoD OSU (Operational Support Unit) Police regularly use video as a way of intimidating people as well as for intelligence and training purposes. However, last Monday seemed to be the first time other FIT were present at the base since the G8 2005. The two police with blue shoulders identified themselves as being from the Northern Ireland and South Yorkshire Police. They said they were there to "see how other police deal with protesters." Interestingly a French Police officer, who wore his French cap and a UK police jacket, was also present and said he was there to "observe." Monday was also the first time local Strathclyde Police have used video recording, with one L-division officer filming. This seemed to be for training purposes only, rather than intelligence led (or maybe just because everyone else was, and they didn;t want to seem unfashionable).

It is not surprising that since the anti-nuclear movement throughout Europe works closely together and shares tactics and members that the police have decided to do the same.

The FITwatch site shows that the N Yorkshire cop was photographing the Nottingham DESi demo in July, and his number is 1818. In the photo you can clearly see his cap has a different badge from the Met cop beside him. If my memory serves me right, he was also at Climate Camp.

Puppy Lover
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04.10.2007 08:10

Sorry, I meant at Faslane. This is the first time during F365 that Strathclyde have deployed film units.



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