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Chalk4Peace - bring chalk with you

viziondanz | 05.10.2007 08:31 | Terror War | London

- WE have TOTAL access -
YOU CAN Make a difference

The pavements are an untapped media resource through which we ordinary peace loving folk can share our messages, hopes, dreams, ideas and create a new momentum towards peace - at a certain point there is critical mass in the cultural conversation which transforms into ACTION

Dedicated to all the children to come
Dedicated to all the children to come

Chalk4Peace is both a tool and a conduit for
non violent public self expression,
and participation in the growing global movement for peace.

Chalk4Peace is an opportunity for all ages, especially the young, whose future is in dire jeopardy as our global culture falls faster
and faster into the fear breeding
fear breeding fear spiral.
Our global culture
teetering on the edge of extinction.

Our basic human instincts drive us to seek safety. That is what this chaos is all about.
Our essential human survival instincts are acting out of context with the wider global cultural need.

Everywhere the media is bombarding us with WAR TALK,
distractions and negative belief patterns that encourage us to believe that the
future of our world is out of our hands entirely.
One place we still have communal access to, is our streets.

We can balance our conversation
with collective self-expression using

Chalk4Peace is one step, a catalyst that can transform our global conversation as we the people, en masse make our statement that is our common aspiration for peace.

Lets us turn our grey streets into a living river of colour and possibility -
With poetry, hearts, peace symbols, empowering statements,
also expressions of our frustrations and despair. All will be seen for several days by thousands of people, then as they are washed away by the elements we can continue to find fresh places to Chalk4Peace.

We don't need to be an artist to Chalk4Peace. Every statement, however
small or large becomes part of the amazing tapestry that is our global future.

How did Chalk4Peace begin?
"Message in a bottle"

"There is nothing wrong with our world,
we are just having a weird conversation"
"Reclaim the conversation"
"Our New World Order IS Love

"when the conversation reaches critical mass, it transforms into ACTION"
..... Social Acupuncture

The Synergy Project video

"Celebration, Our Journey, Our Destination"

Dedicated to the child inside each one of us,
All the children and
All the children to come

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