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Activist Film Festival is seeking submissions

undercurrents | 16.10.2007 11:52 | World

Undercurrents is calling for submissions of short videos and animations
on the theme of the festival: social justice and environmental action.

Subject: Political Activist videos wanted
From: undercurrents



From November 28 to December 2, 2007, Radical media charity,
Undercurrents will host the 8th annual BEYONDTV festival of political
documentaries, animations and music videos from inspiring media directors.

Undercurrents is calling for submissions of short videos and animations
on the theme of the festival: social justice and environmental action.

Important Note: We do not screen dramas using actors

BEYONDTV will be hosted at the Dylan Thomas Centre and Taliesin Cinema
Swansea from November 28 - December 2, 2007

More details at

Old Exchange
Pier st

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The Regeneration Game

16.10.2007 16:34

If you didn't feature the film "The Regeneration Game" last year, then shame on you and make sure it features this year! The Regeneration Game is a documentary produced by Mike Lane that looks at Pathfinder in Liverpool and its huge social costs. The pathfinder programme has seen the selling off of huge swathes of public housing for redevelopment by housing associations, and shows how housing associations, or Registered Social Landlords, are becoming mega-property developers. They are in all but name, private corporations, but have all the advantages of public bodies, but lacking any accountable, especially to their tenants. The film also shows how the Duke of Westminister, the UK largest landowner, gained a 250 year lease for land in the centre of Liverpool - prime real-estate for massive redevelopment ahead of the 2008 European City of Culture


or Free Films in London 27th Oct

17.10.2007 15:43

Anarchist Bookfair -

FREE Films

11am - 12 noon

The Battle For Broadway Market. 2006

Emily James, 58 mins.

The Battle for Broadway Market is a comprehensive record of resistance, occupation and campaign. Essential viewing for those who want to see what people can achieve when confronted by gentrification and corrupt local authorities.

12noon - 12.30pm

Underground Londoners - cleaning the London Underground

Dagmar Diesner and Klara Jaya Brekke, 29 mins

A documentary about the living conditions of the cleaners working for the Underground and living 'underground'. It aims to understand the relation between their work/life conditions and their structural placement as both working for the London Underground, managed under the Public Private Partnership deal, and living underground as precarious or illegal migrants. The film is divided in three parts. The first, gives a picture of the living conditions of a worker having to work two jobs and the effect that has on their health, aspirations and family life. The second explains the Public Private Partnership deal of the London Underground, mapping out some of the many companies involved and showing how the cleaners, being hired by subcontractors, don't have any direct relation to their employers. The final part of the film shows the struggle for better conditions for the cleaners in the 'Justice for Cleaners' campaign by the Transport and General workers Union . Further information and to order copies of the film: or or visit the No Borders stall.

12.50pm - 2pm

"Our Oil and Other Tales"

Elisabetta Andreoli, Gabriele Muzio, Sara Muzio, Max Pugh

The Venezuelan Government had liked previous Gattacicova Collective productions (for example, ‘Another way is possible Venezuela ') so much that they offered financial support for their next project. But the documentary they then made examined the issues of oil production in the country: from the impact on the environment and indigenous populations to the way the industry is run. The bureaucrats of the Ministry of Culture realised they didn´t like such a close look at their involvement with multinational and northamerican corporations, so they tried to suppress the movie. Only with the help of local activists a few copies escaped censorship. Now you can watch the documentary that Hugo Chavez tried to keep secret..."

2pm - 2.30pm

Raise the Rates

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

Following the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty's (OCAP) campaign to raise social assistance rates in Ontario in 2005-2006, this documentary features first-hand accounts of 5 women involved in the campaign as well as footage from special diet clinics, demonstrations, and occupations. From powerful voices of people directly affected by the welfare system comes a demand to raise the rates, and a determination to fight back. OCAP are the inspiration for campaigns such as London Coalition Against Poverty (LCAP). Definitely worth seeing before going to the LCAP workshop at 5pm .

2.45pm - 4pm

Occupying Nothingness

Amazing documentary about the Laboratorio squatted centre in Madrid . A place of real community, this film shows the warmth, imagination and rebellion of the occupiers and local people. Inspiring is not the word!

4pm - 6pm

Las Libertarias

Vicente Aranda 2004

A story of women in the Spanish civil war - fighting fascism and patriarchy. Controversial- as any commercial film would be - but moving, thought provoking and inspiring.

- Homepage:


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