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Guerilla Foresting in the hood

Johnny | 20.10.2007 16:37 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Health

milliona of mature & semi-mature trees die in the UK alone every year due to ivy starving the trunk of light. When ivy reaches the top of a tree or its crown, it usually dies & often falls over which is a serious health & safety risk.
Simply cutting the ivy off at the bottom with small pruning saw which takes minutes or less, saves the tree+local wildlife & helps stop climate change.
I saved 5 trees in less than 5 minutes today near woodborough park sherwood, you can save hundreds in a hour or so.
Be a Guerilla Forester,like Mr Hood!

So get a cheap folding pruning saw out & save your local trees & or ask your council etc to do it.If you have to deal with a private landlord mention the health & safety implications, a tree falling over & hurting someone adjacent or on their land can land them into serious trouble.
I saved 5 trees in 5 minutes today near woodborough park in Sherwood, just be aware not to get ivy saw dust in your lungs, the more trees there are though, the less ivy.

Ivy on trees usually happens at the edge of forests & wasnt as common as it is today, its known as the fringe effect, so cut back your fringe today & help save the planet!
& while your at it, get rid of the sycamore it takes over & starves out the other trees.

One other ting, dont carry a pruning saw with you in the middle of town or anywhere near demonstrations, the police may & say you are carrying a dangerous weapon,even in a vehicle its best in a locked case. Be great if the police were more worried about arms companies selling billions of pounds worth of taxpayer subsidised weapons of mass destruction to any regime they can, but they seem to be more worried about peaceful common people carrying them.
What would Maid Marion say about that, anyway



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