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Toolshare and Spaceshare part of new local community sharing project

saoirse | 02.11.2007 10:17 | Birmingham | Cambridge | Liverpool | Sheffield | South Coast

Get access to a huge pool of tools, lessen your carbon footprint, get to know more of your neighbours and save loads of money! Sharing beats consuming...

Off the back of the success of the local skill-sharing, free help project that is ‘the freeconomy community’ (, the team have added two new elements to the mix – Toolshare and Spaceshare.

Toolshare is an initiative that enables members to have access to every tool under the sun without it costing the earth. Members of Toolshare in your local community get to name the tools they are willing to lend to other freeconomists, which then means they have access to the tools of fellow freeconomists. Not only do all freeconomists then have access to a huge pool of tools, it costs both you and the environment a lot less. And on top of that you get to meet more of your neighbours.

Spaceshare will be the part of freeconomy that is of interest to people who haven’t got enough time or money to support projects they really believe in, but who have got some space to offer. This space may come in the form of a room offered to a volunteer worker to enable them to continue to do their work unpaid for longer, but it may also be a small bit of office / studio space you can lend to an ethical organisation or a space for your local community to hold courses. It’s completely up to you, but if it has got a roof and is being unused, then make use of it for the benefit of our world.

When you join you can then and take part in Skillshare, Toolshare, Spaceshare or Landshare, or as many of them as you like! They have all been designed to reconnect neighbours with their local community and environmental, to cut down on unnecessary waste and to build resilience in local communities for a very uncertain future.

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