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Day Care Workers Strike in Glasgow

Raiding the Public Purcell | 05.11.2007 16:05 | Health | Workers' Movements

Don't Back the Bid, back the Kids!

Workers in disabled day care centres employed by the Council were on strike in Glasgow today. They work with vulnerable children with learning disabilities and other special needs. Up to 10 of them were picketing the City Chambers at lunchtime. one told me the reasons for the strike. The Council is cutting their pay under the guise of a "regrading" exercise.

This at the same time as blowing masses of money in a desperate attempt to bring the Commonwealth Games to the East End of the city. What helps people more? A velodrome and corporate hospitality, or care for the most vulnerable members of society?

This Friday at 12:30, (when the Bid result is announced) they will be rallying at the Fruitmarket in the Merchant City. Support welcome, show you're backing Glasgow's kids above it's Bid.

Raiding the Public Purcell
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With you all the way!

05.11.2007 18:09

Let us know if theres any big wigs responsible in london that we can target at the same time, co-ordinated resistance should be happening alot more often across the UK.
with love and solidarity!!!

jo king


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