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Edinburgh: Contempt of Court charges against lefty lawyer in Terrorism case

fwd | 08.11.2007 14:11 | Analysis | Repression | Terror War

As informed by grassroot group Scotland Against Criminalising Communities, our lefty lawyer Aamer Anwar is likely to face contempt of court charges for disagreeing with the judge in the Siddique "terrorism" case.

At Edinburgh High Court - 23rd of October, Lord Carloway sentenced Mohammed Atif Siddique - convicted last month of "terrorism" offences - to a total of 8 years in jail.

The main point of controversy seem to be the different opinions in if the defendant actually did anything illegal.

Whilst usually court cases build on punishing people proven to be guilty of actually having physically and actively done something harmfull to other people, the crimes of the defendant of translating, collecting and publishing controversial bomb-making information from a variety of backgrounds and bragging about blowing himself up to other students still seem to be rather theoretically and a prosecution of terrorism in this case is rather new.

Apparantly the judge objects to the defendant's lawyer Aamer Anwar talking about the case on "Newsnight" and also is against him saying that the prosecution was driven by the state. The judge published a lenghty report on his decision.

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