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Stirling Primark receives a story telling

P&Pista | 09.11.2007 13:35 | Culture | Globalisation | Workers' Movements

Activists from Stirling People and Planet decided that the children being dragged round the Primark store by their parents needed to know the truth about where the cotton for their clothes came from.

There's no better way to do this than a nice story telling session. They gathered round in a circle and listened to the story of Azzah And The Big Bad Primark

Once upon a time in a land far far away, Uzbekistan to be precise. There is a young girl named Azzah. She is just nine years old.

One day her school was shut down and the police escorted her and her classmates to the cotton fields. She is forced to pick cotton from 8 in the morning till sunset. She sleep in a shed and she gets sick from the chemicals that they use on the cotton. She is just one of the thousands of slaves in the uzbeki cotton industry.

This cotton is used to make the clothes that stock these shelves. By choosing not to shop in primark you choose to make a stand against child slavery. The end.

Some children gathered to listen, slightly confused, but it was better than the monotonous bore of shopping. One child was dragged away by a parent saying "come on, we need to buy these!"

This small action was the first time Primark in Stirling was targeted, and wont be the last. Maybe next time more hardcore tactics will be puppets.

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