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Uk activist update from USA/Mexico No Borders camp

Ms Luscious | 14.11.2007 18:19 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression | London

2 people released from custody.
1 person remains in custody.
Facing life in prison or deportation to Colombia, was also denied medication in solitary confiment.

After Sundays Border Patrol freak out on the USA/Mexico border of Mexicali/Calexico, which included people being beaten with
wooden batons & metal telescopic batons, and being shot at point blank
by pepper spray pellets. (Many people injured).
1 person remains in custody.

3 people were arrested.
2 people (white male) were released on monday.
1 person remains in custody.
A life long USA resident, with Colombian citizen was attacked,
beaten to the ground by USA Border Patrol at the protest / Reclaim the Streets
on sunday.

He was put in to solitary confinement and denied medication for 'Schozophrenia'.

He has now been charged with 'felony assault of a federal officer'
which carries a sentence of Life imprisonment - or deportation to country of origin if
not a full USA citizen.

Support & full story / video, etc:

Legal fund:
Pay Pal:
Specify: 'No Borderss Camp Legal Fund".

Please contact No Borders Camp to offer your solidarity !

Ms Luscious


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