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How eco are Ecotown built by opencast mining companies?

winston smith jnr | 23.11.2007 13:19 | Analysis | Ecology | Workers' Movements

So The ministry of Truth want a ecotowns built by opencastminers like H J Banks ltd & councils like nottingham city are spending tax payers money to susidise incinerators owned by billionaire Guy hands of WRG because of contracts made decades ago before toxic emissions were known.

what next? will they employ the bnp as equal ops consultants?,

Theres obviously some effort here by some in government, but its coming out as greenwash. Notts couty council seem to be seeing some of the light with on climiate change with public talks& debates, this is great progress, but now its time for them walk the walk.

In Nottingham there are established eco building companies like Necta who have been involved in major developments like the Nottingham tram,T4 sustainability ltd, Iskra windpower & cooperatives like V3 windpower teaching people how to build their own home systems cheaply. Earthships are the most ecological & economic form of new build.Buildings in Brighton, Fife & Hill Holt wood near Newark are proving this.Needless to say the amount of empty homes in the UK is a scandal as is lack of subsidy for housing cooperatives & shared housing.

Biomass fuel station great,but burning wood releases other greenhouses besides carbon &the Amazon +Asian rainforests are being destroyed by Gordons "eco"toytown mates. Eon classed palm oil kernels planted after rainforests are destroyed as ecological for Radcliffe on Soar power station, what sort of Biomass is proposed near Gotham?

Local councils have the power to make a difference,until their run by consenus for people & true democatic delegation rather than corporations, people will continue to block these programmes.Tit for Tat evolution & mutual aid as explained by Proffessor Dawkins & Peter Kropotkin are how we truelly progress.

winston smith jnr,sherwood

winston smith jnr


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