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New Films from South Lebanon

a-films | 27.11.2007 18:57 | Migration | Palestine

The anarchist film collective "a-films" announces three new videos from South Lebanon. In October 2007, a-films did video workshops in Bourj ash-Shamali Refugee Camp and the village of Siddiqine.

"What Future for the Youth" (18min)
Emigration is a widely discussed topic not only in Siddiqine, but all over Lebanon. Siddiqine was hit hard during the war in 2006 and more than half of the village was destroyed, which lead to further social and economic pressures resulting in a stronger desire amongst many residents to emigrate. In the film, villagers voice their concerns, hopes and assessments regarding the situation both at home and abroad and speak about their wishes to engage the hardships they face by trying to go abroad.

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"Taxi" (10min)
After almost 60 years in Lebanon, Palestinian refugees are still facing harsh conditions in their daily lifes. They suffer from social, economical, political and legal discrimination. In dozens of jobs, especially in those requiring special skills and higher education, Palestinians are forbidden to work. One result of this discriminating policy is being treated in this short film: Many well-educated refugees from Bourj ash-Shamali Camp can't find jobs and therefore end up as taxi drivers, day laborers or shopkeepers.

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"Bourj ash-Shamali, Morning" (10min)
This clip was recently produced by Fadi Suleiman and a-films in Bourj ash-Shamali Refugee Camp. It speechlessly deals with the life in the camp.

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