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2nd Anniversarry of mums brutal murder by Kirkby Notts"freeSpeech"BNPcandidate

Anarcho-syndicalist, trade unionalist | 05.12.2007 03:56 | Anti-racism | Social Struggles

Rememberance & condolences to Christine West's family who was found at home by one of her children at Brookfield Avenue, Sutton-in-Ashfield on 19 November,2005. Christine suffered 37 stab wounds to her neck & abdomen after returning the eternity ring of Garry Marshall BNP candidate. The BNP a PC party for nazi bigots minorities get a platform from Oxford Union on free speech, not indymedia, who had equipment seized in the UK by the FBI for free journalism. But if bastions of the establishment courts nazis, should we be suprised?

Mum Christine murdered by Kirkby NottsBNP candidate
Mum Christine murdered by Kirkby NottsBNP candidate

Garry Marshall now serving 17 years is a former miner who ran for the British National Party (BNP) in the 1995 Kirkby North by-election for Nottinghamshire County Council and lost,he had previously claimed he was elsewhere at the time of Christines murder.

In Brinsley, Nottinghamshire recently a Sri Lankan family was cleansed from the area by thugs throwing bricks through the families windows. They happened to live next door to Brinsleys BNP councillor Sadie Graham, was the PC "antiracist freedom of speech defending" lady involved?
does 2+2=4?

Add this to the nazi BNPs others councillors & we have a bunch of convicted murderers,thugs, thieves& fraudsters running for a "legitimate party" defending freedom of speech backed up by members convicted of possesing the largest haul of bombmaking equipment in UK history.
Monty Python & George Orwell take a backseat when you look Griffin, before his PC makeover Nick described himself as a true nazi brownshirt,he was successfully convicted of racial incitement. he is a denier of the holocaust in which children were tortured,experimented on & sexually abused, managing to beat their invasion of Poland Stalinist allies into number one top slot for crimes against humanity. .

Apparently the BNP & their stormfront web backers are now saying old One Ball Adolf actually loved his jewish ancestors, children, animals & was pioneer of free speech & racial rights for minorities.
BNP Stormfront writers liken people of Britain to sheep, the majority of us aren't, this anarchist hopes the majority vote tactically to stop the BNP,spoil ballots or vote green party tactically if possible.
Anarchism as originated by Proudhon is "true democratic governance by & for the people".Lets use ballots as well as action to help us get there & if necessary lets use bullets to defend true democracy.

Anarcho-syndicalist, trade unionalist


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