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What Better Time? Issue One out now!

WBT Team | 11.12.2007 23:25 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | Other Press

What Better Time? is a free news sheet from the Scottish Climate Activist Network. Issue one is out now, get em while they're hot (actually after the demo on Saturday they're a bit wet and soggy).

This monthly news sheet aims to inform people across Scotland, and further, from a wide range of back-grounds about a fight to save the planet (yes, that old chestnut). As I am sure you are aware human induced climate change is imminent, and every person on the planet has to do something about it. The Scottish Climate Activist Network brings together activists and concerned individuals from across Scotland so we can support each other in our work to stop climate change through protest and direct action along with building sustainable alternatives.

It is available in hard copy in all good social centres and hippy hang-outs or online.

WBT Team
- e-mail: whatbettertime [at]
- Homepage:


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