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You're Fired !

Danny | 12.12.2007 18:36 | Ecology

An Aberdeenshire councillor whose committee recently rejected a Donald Trump mega-development on an environmentally sensitive site has just been fired. This news carefully overshadows the embarrassing news that Alex Salmond met with Trumps flunkys the night before Scottish Government broke precedent, was probably illegal to subsequwntly take a disallowed project back into consideration.

Trump rejection councillor sacked

This is political intrigue wrapped around big money fucking the environment. It is transforming a morality play. Alex Salmond has decided his best mate John Swinney is going to decide about the Trump back-hander. Alex is "well motivated" but he is doing immense damge with this, both to the environment and to the SNP calls for independence. Being bought and sold for US gold is no less contemptible than being bought and sold by any other nations gold.

When politicians get a wee taste of power they shrivel quickly. There are few ways to reach them but they do seek acclaim over wealth. To change this travesty of a decision means either concentrating on a legal challenge, or persuading Swinney to rebuff Salmond.

It is worth firing off a letter to Swinney expressing your disgust - like this Lib Dem councillor he is someone who may just be persuaded to do the right thing and reject his bosses orders. In the face of such blatant selling-out the only alternative is a camp on-site, and that is a delaying tactic at best.

John Swinney MSP
35 Perth Street
PH10 6DL



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