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“No Borders” Activists Prevent “Dawn Raids” on Children

not today | 18.12.2007 05:59 | Globalisation | Migration | Social Struggles | South Coast

Simultaneous No Borders blockades preventing dawn raids today.

“No Borders” Activists Prevent “Dawn Raids” on Children

Protesters from the No Borders network are currently blockading the bases of Immigration Enforcement Officers in simultaneous actions across the country, stopping them from entering or leaving in vehicles. The protesters are currently blockading immigration reporting centres in Glasgow, Bristol and Portsmouth. The protesters have been there since early this morning, and they have said that they will stay there until they can ensure that today, families throughout the country will be safe regardless of where they come from. The protest coincides with the UN International Migrant's Day.

In response to the growing number of attacks on family homes by the Borders and Immigration Agency, the No Borders network have taken action to expose and prevent the sinister tactic of “dawn raids” employed against families and young children. In Bristol, the protesters were in place in time to obstrtuct bemused immigration officials, whose vehicles are now trapped in the car park. A frustrated police officer on the scene was heard to say, “how did you know a dawn raid was happening this morning?”

Dawn raids are used to gain custody of whole families in order to imprison them. Every day, doors are kicked in and families are snatched from their beds and taken to detention centres, where they are punished for seeking refuge in this country. They are taken away from their houses, jobs, schools and communities – their lives. Immigration Enforcement Officers come in the middle of the night as the children and their parents sleep in bed, and have not left to go to school or work. It also ensures no witnesses are present. There are no official statistics as to the number and regularity of these raids because the government will not release the figures. But the fleets of vehicles which have been blockaded this morning and the harrowing personal accounts of families indicate large-scale capacity. Today No Borders have highlighted just a few of these bases, which are hidden around the country.

Simon Summerhill of the No Borders network said, “we are here to expose what the government is doing – breaking down doors and snatching children from their beds in the middle of the night. Some children go to school, others go to prison. Immigration officers regularly target the vulnerable- families, children and the ill or traumatised, in order to boost their official figures of deportations.”

Asylum seeking children are denied the human rights that all other children have. These rights include the right to go to school, the right to privacy, the right to family life (as established by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989). Under UK laws, children seeking asylum can be sent to jail and are often denied the right to education. No Borders maintains that a legal system which divides between children that have human rights and those that do not, is institutionally racist. To deny a child the right to education because of their background is racist, just as to deny an adult the right to work because of their background is racist.

Nikki Dickinson of No Borders: “This is institutionalised child abuse. They take kids who have already been traumatised and cause them even more distress. The effects of snatch raids, detention and deportation on children are unmeasurable. The families have often been settled in an area for years, and their removal affects the community around them- family members left behind, friends and teachers at school, neighbours.”


Notes to editors

1.No Borders is a coalition of groups who argue against all immigration controls and that freedom of movement is a basic human right.
2.The Scottish Executive Cabinet has recently announced its total and fundamental opposition to dawn raids - to any kind of forcible removal of children - and to detention of children. They also called for an amnesty, but they were rejected by Westminster.
3.For updates on the blockades, or for an interview with a No Borders activist, call: 07527463767

not today
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Dawn Raid stopped in Glasgow too!

18.12.2007 06:36

The Reporting Centre and HQ for the Glasgow Immigration Enforcement Team is shut down this morning! People are locked on to the gates and a tripod is up blocking the vehicle entrance much to the frustration of a team of Home Office Enforcement officals who turned up at 5.30 expecting to leave to dawn raid a family this morning.

Come and join us!


Portsmouth Action

18.12.2007 07:06

10 No Borders members have targeted the Border and Immigration Agency offices at Norman House, Kettering Terrace in Portsmouth. 3 activists have locked on with arm tubes to gates, preventing the movement of one of the BIA vans with blackened windows that was due out on a dawn raid this morning. The fence is draped with a banner declaring "NO BORDERS. NO NATIONS. NO ONE IS ILLEGAL."

It the coldest morning of the winter so far and one or two solicitous BIA staff members have been checking to see that none of the protesters are suffering from hypothermia yet!

Brighton No Borders
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Update - 7.30am

18.12.2007 07:39

At least 4 offices completely blocked - Glasgow, Portsmouth, Bristol and Newcastle.

Dawn raids were due to take place at at least 2 locations, and have now been stopped!

Bristol - activists locked on to vehicles, fully supported, immigration officials have been prevented from carrying out a raid.Banner reads "No Borders! No Nations! Stop Deportations!"

Glasgow - see above!

Newcastle - The centre is blocked, activists locked on to main gate and supported.4 people locked on in arm-tubes, in full festive santa outfits with a banner saying "santa says no! no! no! to snatches!"

Portsmouth - Locked on by 4.30am, snatch squad frustrated and another dawn raid stopped! 10 people involved, 3 locked on to gate and swing barrier, banner reads "No Borders! No Nations! No one is Illegal!"


Update - 8.30am

18.12.2007 08:40

Bristol - Confident that the dawn raids have been cancelled for the day, the group have decided to finish the demonstration, and have gone off for a much-deserved hot toddy! All well, no arrests reported.

Newcastle - Another job well done, they have also finished up. No arrests, off to get a vegan fry-up!

Portsmouth - Police took more of an interest, and attempted to intimidate the activists with threats of arrest. They stood firm and faced the police down, and have now chosen to finish the demonstration with no arrests.

Glasgow - 2 d-locked activists removed by a cutting team and arrested. 1 still holding out, standing on a chair! More news as its available.

MASSIVE respect and solidarity with all those who took part in the actions today.


09:10am update

18.12.2007 09:20

Glasgow: last d-locker was cut out and arrested, tripod is still standing.


Photos From Glasgow

18.12.2007 10:43

The tripod was up by 5:30
The tripod was up by 5:30

Both of the gates to Brand St were blocked
Both of the gates to Brand St were blocked

The view from the top of the tripod
The view from the top of the tripod

Sun's up, tripod's still up
Sun's up, tripod's still up

some early photos from the blockade in Glasgow. It ended around 9:30. Text report to follow.



18.12.2007 11:34

there was also an action at Dallas Court reporting centre in Salford/Manchester.

Manchester No Borders


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Inspirational work!

18.12.2007 06:41

Best wishes and solidarity!

Neon Black
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Brill action!!!deport greedy fatcats ,not assylumseekers&footballers

18.12.2007 06:52

Fatcats & Mr Brown need to pay people here a fairer wage & allow people to build their own decent green homes rather than encouraging in cheap labour to divide workers,

Brilliant action, sod new labours nazism,

I think you would agree though we do need rational borders for communities if theres a virus outbreak etc. Sometimes I get confused by banners calling for "no borders & no nations" & I think they are an easy target for right wing press fit ups

anyway nice action, as for the coppers question, how do we know?, watch the fight club movie & then go on a strategic strike & support your brothers & sisters in other public services when they strike & then hopefully we wont have to strike ever again& run things cooperatively without rulers or corporations

Watford football fans

solidarity to all of you!

18.12.2007 07:35

hope you arent freezing your arses off
much solidarity from isralestine.


no deportation world wide

Christmas Comes Early

18.12.2007 07:58

Christmas has come early for a number of unsuspecting families around the country. Instead of being terrorised and bundled into the back of a van with blacked out windows at the crack of dawn to be fed into the meat grinder that is the BIA deportation system, they may well drop to the bottom of the long list of potential deportees and not have to spend a miserable xmas in some immigration prison somewhere. Or be flown back to and uncertain future in the land they fled from.

Sanity Claus


18.12.2007 10:51

Brilliant stuff! Hope someone will post some photos. Congrats to all concerned!

Gregory Beetle

hats off!

19.12.2007 19:42

absolute respect & congrats,

needs to be done,

especially now, I half wonder if Xmas is a busier time for raids - as it nears year end and quotas have to be filled? anyone seen stats?
personal experiences have all been around end of november beginning of december,
which is a particularly savage time of year to pluck families out into the cold, when kids ought to be busy getting that Xmas fever or just simply looking forward to having some time with their parents & friends, during what hasn´t been the most easy of lives.

Ugly business, but not on this day,


ya basta



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