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Solidarity with Imprisoned Berlin Anti-Fascist Andrea!

@narchist | 20.12.2007 06:32 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

On the 1.12.07 the Berlin anti-fascist Andrea has been arrested by plainclothes cops of LKA's political branch.

Andrea was in a neighbourhood in southeast Berlin where a Neo-Nazi demonstration was taking place. For five months she managed successfully to avoid her imprisonment, which should have happened already on the 2nd of August. She will have now to spend her next 14 months behind the bars and therefore she absolutely needs all our support from outside the walls. After one and half week spent in the prison of Lichtenberg, Andrea has been transferred by surprise on the 11th to the prison of Pankow. Through this she lost a visit she had already applied for, and now she had to apply again for all the usual things like mail, sport, visits..

A bit of history

On the 12.07 the Munich local court sentenced her to 4 months without probation. She had a pepperspray on her. Even though on that day there was no lefty demonstration taking place,and therefore it was legal to carry a pepperspray, the court said that on that day a "state of exception" had been declared. Of course they forgot to inform the rest of the population about this. Following this sentence, she faced also the loss of a precedent probation of three months, back then being caught with some eggs full of pepper during an anti-fascist action on 1st of May 2005, in Berlin. During a process on 31st of july, under which several accusations against her got regrouped, she has been sentenced to five months more.

She has been accused of participating within an action of the "Uberflussigen" (an autonomous group active mainly on the theme of precarity) against the racist immigration office in Berlin-Lichtenberg; In October 2006, for a blockade attempt against a Neo-Nazi march in August 2006; For masking up during the protests against a Neo-Nazi demonstration towards the prison of Tegel in solidarity with Michael Regner "Lunikoff" (singer of a famous Neo-Nazi band, serving a couple of years in that prison), in October 2006. On top of this come two months without probation following a squatting acton in the Liebigstrasse, Berlin-Friedrichshain.

These sentences are clearly political ones, meaning that an engaged and unwilling to bow activist has been sent down for quite sometime.

Write her letters and postcards:

Andrea Neff
Bnr: 746/07/2
Justizvollzugsanstalt fur Frauen in Berlin
Arkonastrasse 56
13189 Berlin

For money donation:

Rote Hilfe e.V.
Kontonummer: 7189590600
BLZ: 100 200 00 Berliner Bank
Verwendungszweck: Soli Andrea

Solidarity actions are of course always welcomed!

Source : ABC Berlin



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