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Sir Ian's head on a SOCPA platter please

Charity Sweet | 01.01.2008 23:35 | History | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Bollocks 2 Blair still means something, I do believe.

I am an an artist and a serious organised criminal... I committed the grandiose crime of exhibiting artwork without Tony's SOCPA permission - oops.

I did remind the officers present that I was exercising my article 10 freedom of expression rights and article 11 freedom of assembly rights too.

I am absolutely thrilled that the Metroplitan police have the courage and the strength of character to be the heros that they are and clearly show this government that they are just normal people trying to support their families and sometimes extraordinary individuals who protect society, who desparately need to be led by their best and not pulled down by their worst - Sir Bliar.

Bollocks 2 Blair still means something.

Despite being assaulted by relatively few naughty members of the Met, I have met many honest good coppers and I will be marching with them.

I will be marching for them to have the corruption cleaned out of Scotland Yard - Sir Ian's head on a SOCPA platter.

Charity Sweet XXX

Charity Sweet
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