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Kenny Richey Leaves Jail, Enters Zoo

CH | 10.01.2008 19:26 | Social Struggles

A view of the scenes at Edinburgh Airport last night before Kenny Richey touched down.

Approx 30 media and 60 police were waiting around Edinburgh Airport
Approx 30 media and 60 police were waiting around Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport isn't the biggest and there's not much room to wait for International Arrivals. So it was impossible to miss the pack of press waiting for Kenny Richey's return to Scotland. TV and stills cameras were set up as if behind the start line at a race. Everyone now wants a piece of the man who spent 25 years on US Death Row in a case described by Amnesty as a clear miscarriage of justice.

Others who've been released from jail after long periods have spoken of the initial euphoria fading to be replaced by anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and bouts of anger. MOJO Scotland, who campaign for and support the innocent imprisoned have been working in this area for years yet still the support for guilty prisoners on release is more than the innocent receive.

MOJO's long term aim is to set up a Retreat for those newly released to help them adjust to life on the outside. Last year they reported having a poor response to their fundraising efforts. Businesses it seems, aren't willing to help this least glamorous of causes.

And it's not as if the fact of being Out is enough to prevent the serious consequences. Stuart Gair died of a heart attack last October, he had spent 20 years wrongfully imprisoned. Stress can kill.

The question is, what happens when the media move on to next week's story, when the elation dies down. Organizations like MOJO will be there, but they need your help.

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