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Report of the 4F trial - Anarchists facing 11 years in frame-up

Iberic ABC | 14.01.2008 07:58 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

3 anarchists in Barcelona are accused of attempted murder after a cop lies in a coma after a skirmish near an illegal rave. 8 other people are arrested, simply for looking like squatters and being near the area. They all are fitted up to satisfy the authorities need for revenge and try to get away with it. Solidarity needed!!

- Barcelona: On 7th of January the trial against the 9 accused in the 4F-case started.

Present are a number of international observers, such as embassy officials from Chile and Argentina, human rights organization from Argentina, Mothers of the plaza de Mayo etc.

The 4F-support-group, who support the 3 imprisoned comrades
Juan, Rodrigo and Alex, keep daily presence with about
15 members. The accused are threatened with sentences
of up to 11 years of prison and payment of 500.000 euro. On
the first day there was a big interest of visitors and
media; there was not enough place inside the court.
The accused declared what they wanted to say
(rejecting the accusation ands denouncing the
police-brutality); parts of that were publiced in the
TV-news of Barcelona. On the 2nd day the medical team who
came to attend the injured policeman was interviewed
and there was shown a video about the situation in
that night. On 3rd day 18 policemen had to testify
their memories. They identified the 3 accused as the
authors of the "stone-attack", but not one of them could
remember seeing the real impact on the head of the
hurt police-officer. At the beginning of the day when
the people entered the court a number of civil-police
made trouble to the visitors and observers to exit because
they wanted get a seat for the officials (for example
the consuls of Chile and Argentina had to stay outside
until his protest to the judge-authorities).
On thursday, the 4th day of the trial, the forensic
medics had to declare, about the injuries and the
possibles objects of the impact. They said that it' s
impossible that a stone can cause injuries of that
dimension and that the impact came from the (high)
back of the police-officer. So the version that
someone throws an object from the squat roof is the
most possible. At the end of the day the supporters
cried: "Tomorrow freedom! The police montage has
failed!" On the last day, friday 11th, the accusation
declared that they demand 12 years of prison for
Rodrigo, Juan and Alex and an indemnization of about
500.000 Euro and the rest of the accused came out with
lower sentences. After the layers of all the accused got
time for a statement, and some of them made very clear
what they' re thinking about this "montage" and that who is
really guilty is the government and there are no evidence to
condemn somebody for the hurts of the police-officer.
The trial finished with the announcement of the judge
to public the sentences on 4th of February. In front
of the courthouse there was a support-breakfast of
about 200 activists on this day and inside the trial
were about 40 supporters too.

Iberic ABC


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