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REMEMBER HOLOCAUSTS, with new enquiries, new passion, rage, love . . . .

x, etc, against stupid tragic repetitions that include more (all) people, faster | 26.01.2008 14:05 | Education | History

This sunday is holocaust memorial day.
There is a "holocaust memorial day trust" www site,
there is also "" . . . . but there are also other things to remember,
as with the "remember each eleventh" campaign, the key is to both remember the actual people involved - ALL types - as whole people who were going to have entirely different breathing existences, of laughs, of wry sideways smiles, of mistakes, of gifts left for the worlds future in little ways or large . . . . but also to keep enquiries open to avert the stupidities recurrence. . . .

As the current "bogeyperson-of-the-decade"'s meeting about the 1930s holocaust decided, that holocaust DID happen. These results of that re-enquiry didnt get as much of a report as the questioning itself - as the 1953 coup there is virtually kept a secret from most westerners - for them, almost as crucial a bit of their past as the 1930s holocaust is for Europe.
It, of course, did also add that it seems unfair that the people of palestine suffer for it in these present times, also suggesting enquiries into the east india corporate occupation of India, the holocaust of Americas, also Australias people.
The extra bit of todays enquiry is perhaps the technical addition to forced "subtle" slavery . . . .
good to remember,

good to think

x, etc, against stupid tragic repetitions that include more (all) people, faster


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