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SouthCoast Indymedia

Welcome to South Coast Indymedia!

south coaster | 05.01.2005 20:26 | South Coast

A welcome message from the people at SouthCoast IndyMedia Centre. This early days yet, but nevertheless we would welcome comments, article ideas and newswire posting to the site. Obviously the focus is on news from the SouthCoast, so if you've recently taken part in an action in the SouthCoast please get in touch.

Welcome to South Coast Indymedia!

This site has only just been created and those putting it together are new to the process, so please be patient while we work at making this worth your while.

Our aim is to provide a readily accessible source of news and information on the Kent, Sussex and Hampshire area of the south of England. While obviously there is likely to be a focus on the kinds of actions and groups featured on other IMC pages, we hope to go beyond this on the South Coast site.

We will be extending an invitation to all kinds of community groups and campaigns (well, almost all - racists and fascists are not welcome here!) to use South Coast IMC as their own site, a place where they both post news of their own and catch up with others'. The regional nature of these pages will mean that events can be advertised, and noticed, that would not normally be big or exciting enough to post on national indymedia - nobody wants to bore people at the other end of the country with news of their latest leafletting session or fund-raising crochet night.

You don't have to become involved with South Coast Indymedia to use it. But we would like people with an interest to get involved. These are very early days indeed (as you may have spotted by now...) and the possibilities of this adventure are (almost) endless.

Watch this space.

south coaster


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