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FARHAT QUAM MAQUAMI | 10.05.2005 05:43 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | London | South Coast

Progressive media's obsession about Vietnam has made them believe that the US in a Quagmire in Iraq. Critics of war must keep calm. Americans did not go to Iraq to spread democracy or liberate the enslaved people of Iraq, give them the gift of liberty, freedom of press and economic prosperity.They went there as gold diggers for oil! They have broken Iraq in three antagonistic parts who are killing each other and destroying their economic infrastructure.Foget the propaghanda, the occupiers are doing a good job in destroying iraq; instigating Death Squad Capitalism,establishing a puppet government to secure the flow of cheep oil to the US. All thanks to an American Mullah who is helping US to establish "Market Economy",that is the transfer of Iraqi assets to US corporations. In Vietnam the US did not have an Ayatollah at our side! Iraq as a national identity is no more!It has been bulkanized!

IRAQ IS NOT A QUAGMIRE STUPID! Civil War is Good For Business


Rolling Stone MAGAZINE has declared Iraq a “Quagmire”, by Robert DREYFUSS, which is not true. The truth is what George Bush declared : Our Policy is to make Iraq a colony” and “we won’t let go”! It seems the liberals cannot reconcile to the fact that the US is not in Iraq philanthropic reasons, to spread democracy, human rights or give Iraqis freedom to control their future , but to secure the oil resources of Iraq for Americans for the foreseeable future. To this end Iraq has successfully been broken into three antagonistic enteritis with seemingly irreconcilable differences with hundreds of warlords and militias already fighting each other.

American armchair left might refer to this situation as a Quagmire, yet it has provided business opportunity for our corporations. In addition, any destruction provides an opportunity for lucrative contracts. You might call this Civil War so be it, so far as our casualties are declining who cares if 100,000 more Iraqis died in the first year of occupation and 100 thousands more would die in the process. Millions of them are inhaling toxic radio active dust and would be dead soon anyway. Population decrease and the dependency of Iraqis women and children on us is what cements our base in Iraq. General John Wine , the American commander in charge of day to day Militia operations in Iraq has declared that every thing is going very well in Iraq. All according to plan! Where the left is getting its disinformation?

The Insurgents you see on TV might be on the US payroll just to keep the War Business booming without them this lucrative enterprise would be busted!. Remember Nicaragua’s Death Squads and their success,! The same tactics of indiscriminate killings ,destruction and assassinations are being used in Iraq to demonetize a leaderless national resistance.

On the 30th anniversary of War in Vietnam, the US strategists are celebrating the lesson learned and how they could achieve their goals in Iraq with a relative success, minimum loss of life and maximum profitability. The U.S. is not going anywhere and would stay in Iraq permanently to secure its oil.

Recently the so-called progressive media in the US are trying to confuse the public by trying to establish a parallel between Iraq and Vietnam” and it seems to be the policy of these pseudo-liberal sites to refuse to publish any rebuttal to their views. It is obvious that liberal media is just another side of the campaign of disinformation. The so-called progressive media have become the mouth piece of the corporations who make money in Iraq. The more the parallels the more would be the need for appropriation for War , Counter Insurgency and Security business! ; therefore, the deception of the American public.

The so-called critics of the Bush’s war do not face the reality that” they are all neural in the moving train” to paraphrase Howard Zinn. You are part, parcel and in the same passenger list of this Evil train which is going to wreck the whole world. There is no alternative left for a discredited left in America. Since none of you are either jumping out of train , pull the emergency break , make a viable. insurgency or make a mutiny in this runaway train then you must shut up and enjoy the ride.


Iraq is not Vietnam lets get it over with. If Iraq was Vietnam you would not have seen a Trojan
Horse like John Kerry, coming out of nowhere, hijacking the nomination of the Democratic Party in alliance with corporate media, especially Fox news, MISINFORMING THE PUBLIC, and questioning the “elect-ability” of JOHN DEAN!
If Iraq was Vietnam you would not have seen the anti war organizations such as Moveon.org, and Occupation watch co-option . If Iraq was Vietnam you would not have John Dean declaring to the ACLU that "Now that we're there [in Iraq], we're there and we can't get out.... I hope the President is incredibly successful with his policy now." Did these words really come from the same man who claimed to represent the Democratic Party? Or he is only a Good American who suddenly discovered that the War is good for Corporations and what is good for Corporations is good for America . Don’t you guys get it? The Chairman of the Democratic Opposition Party has declared to the world that in America there is only one party system when it comes to war. Therefore it is not Quagmire Stupid! It looks like one since liberals don’t like civil wars and mass murder but in the Protestant
Echoes of the Neo-Cons it is the end which matters not the means!

The ghost of the Jungle were not haunting Kerry , but it would haunt all those who like to put their head in the quick sands of Iraq, not hear the real voices of dissent and in their naiveté and deepest hallucination hear voices making comparisons! What is quagmire ? The fact that Iraqi election is a farce! The US arranged it! The fact that Militias are killing each other! It is far better than killing the US personnel. The fact that Militias are oppressing everybody. It is far more effective to subcontract daily killing the same way the US has subcontracted torture to Egypt, Jordan , Syria and Pakistan and we have not heard an outcry about that.

John Kerry, with Ketchup Queen at his side (who is making great profit selling ketchup to Troops) if you recall "reported for duty" ,not for America but in Iraq!. He knew very well from his corporate supporters that Iraq means big business, big profit and giant contributions for his corporate friends. Better jump on the band wagon and fool the America public, than be run-overed by the runaway train of war, while Howard Zinn, was pondering about “neutrality in a moving train"!

To be or not to be neutral, that was his question! He knew very well that the US is going to be there a long time! He did not even talk about bringing the troops home, Because he knew very well, as an Skull & Bone confidant that Iraq is not Vietnam!! He did not want to win the election, that is why he did not push forward al alternative policy. He wanted to derail the train of “opposition to war” and he accomplished his mission! Just to give the naïve intellectuals a dose of pre-emptive strike, in the corporate Democracy!

1.Iraq is the land of pure oil and more than 500 years of known reserves and we need it. Don’t give me the story that Vietnam had anything comparable!! In addition the great water resources of Iraq, if privatized would eventually irrigate Israel, you couldn’t do that in Mekong Delta!! This is the Gold rush of 21st century Americans must have their oil and anybody else’s too! The U.S. is not going anywhere!

2. Vietnam had an organized, battle-hardened Viet Mineh, who had beaten the French in Dein Bein Fu..Iraq does not have any! Every ex torturer is in the payroll of American Embassy., for hundred dollars minimum for every militiaman plus bonus for special diversionary attacks.

3. Viet Nam had a history of independence and resistance to foreign invaders, Iraq since Babylonia time had learned to be occupied and reoccupied. ONLY the valiant Kurd Sallahedin Ayoubi, fro Tikrit, rose against the Crusaders and defeated them but not in the name of a nation named Iraq. Ironically, Americans have put a treacherous Kurd who would have sold his soul to acquire power, as president of Iraq . This double dealing jack of all ideologies, would give Iraq back to the crusaders to avenge history.
4.Vietnam had an organized Workers and Peasant party dedicated to eradicate foreign invaders. Iraq has none! Iraq has only imported and hyphenated leaders supported by death squad militias.

5. Vietnam had a National leader who was devoted to the cause of national liberation and was driven by an ideology which gave hope and aspiration to people. Iraq has none. We systematically imprisoned, assassinated and discredited those who could have led the revolt. American successfully beheaded the political struggle for national liberation and imported and imposed their agents as leaders Even General Tui was a Vietnamese who wanted to negotiate here we have superimposed slipper cells with no allegiance to national entity.

6. Vietnam had a brilliant military leader, General Giap, the master strategist who beat the French and checkmated Westmoreland and must be remembered as one of the worlds greatest military strategists who and wrote the on Guerrilla Warfare.
In Iraq, the Occupiers, murdered, discredited, co-opted any “fat general” from Saddam times, who could have waged a credible resistance. All they have now is the mythical Zarquavi, who is not even Iraqi and was one of the American slipper Cells who might have gone wild. He is killing more Iraqis than Americans and as such he is on the occupation payroll dead , alive or disappeared. He has nothing to do with the national resistance in Iraq.

7. Vietnam had ideological allies, backers and Arm suppliers. Iraq has none! Iraqis are actually defenseless people with no ideological allies and no arm suppliers. The US picked up a fight with a weak and demoralized nation in Iraq.
In the south you have vicious Kuwaitis and Anti Iraqi Jordanians, In the North you have the Turkish trained military, with little sympathy towards Iraqis. In the West is Despotic minority Allavi’s, who do anything against resistance to save their dictatorial rule in Syria.

Worse of all in their East they have American Mullahs in Iran, who are ideological allies of Zolmay Khalilzad for the establishment of a dictatorial and repressive Islamic Republic in Iraq. The Americans are trying to bring back to power Mullah Rafsanjani who was the infamous ally of Oliver North in Iran-contra affair!.

NEXTTIME YOU SEE INSURGENTS IN THEIR NEW OUFIT ASK YOURSELF WHERE THESE GUYS ARE GETTING THERE SUPPLIES. From their US issued prison suits, to ski masks and even brandishing new guns, to the three ton truck car bombs, where do they get the ammunitions? There is no jungle trail to cover. There is no tunnels deep beneath the earth,. How they get their logistics? Why they mostly attack Iraqi’s and the invaders are only collateral damage.

8. Vietnam was one people in spirit and one nation indivisible. Iraq was glued together by the British mandate and later on with great tension by Saddam. It is easily and successfully broken by the occupation force into three parts. Kurdish Nomad Bandits not only have established their own tribal dictatorship of proletariat, but have become shameless mercenaries to ravage Iraqis of any kind.

The Shiia under-class has been set free to destroy whatever social progress Iraq has made under the secular regime in the past centuries, and turn the country back to the middle ages, imitating the neighboring Iran with the help of their American “liberators“. They have Death Squad Badr Militias, Mehdi Militias and Alawi’s 10,000 strong Death Squads , Jafaari’s DAWA Militias and more who would be fighting each other as well as other Iraqis.

The Sunni’s, who formed the educated, Westernized, had organizational ability and know how and could have formed the core of national resistance have been put out of action by American death squads, mainly composed of Kurds and Shii’a gangs. All over Iraq under the Banner of American Fundamentalist brand of Islam these DEATH Squads are forcing university students into submission , cooption or forceful withdrawal from universities. The women are forced to wear Hejab and Birka in the name of Islam. In all these Iraqis receive no support from outside.

9.Vietnam did not have an American Mullah!. This is another fundamental flaw in comparing Vietnam and Iraq, which is deliberately ignored by ignorant pundits. In Vietnam, Americans did not have a Trojan Horse inside the country. Whereas in Iraq you have an American Mullah, Sistani.

In real Islam the prophet did not want Islam becomes Catholicism in which the establishment would co-opt the religion in favor of the policy of the ruling class. Therefore by design he did not name a successor and left it to the faithful to go to the God directly. God is within you and you are Godly if you do your life into the service of humanity. That is why the majority of Muslims are independent thinkers just doing good in the name the almighty, they have Imam but no central authority.

However, American Propaganda which refers to every favorite Mullah as Ayatollah, to give him a rank boost, made Mullah Sistani even greater Grand Ayatollah, who in turn issued a Fatwa in support of Bremer’s Market Reform: “What is Good for America is Good for Iraq, privatization”!

Obviously, so far as Iraq becomes a semi-Islamic Republic and he gets his commission and part of the profit from Najaf‘s Land Endowment Funds and tourist attractions!, In his vision of “Najaf Land” he already has already got commitment from Disney and Hilton Corporation! He might follow Iran to make Brothel legal to get a part in skin trade that the Persian Mullahs have proposed to bring the epidemic of prostitution which is caused by Market economy under their corporate control. American Military is distributing servicemen 100 of thousands condom so they can take advantage of this lucrative trade under an Islamic rule. Even in this respect it is completely unlike Vietnam!. Just like Iran prostitutions , drug trafficking
and smuggling is under Mullah control.

Fortunately, unlike Vietnam, you see the American Casualties are down and Death Squads of Islamic variety have subcontracted the killings, murders, rapes, kidnappings, assassinations, and car bombings ,which is going to terrorize Iraqi’s into acceptance of the American version of Iraq’s Islamic Republic.

10. In Vietnam the US pacification campaigns failed because the US were fighting a guerrilla war under the cover of jungle in small villages, the notable one was My Lai Massacre!! The Free Media was reporting the atrocities all over the world to rise the public opinion against that post- colonial war of aggression.

In contrast, in Iraq you have the embedded reporters who are accomplice rather than investigators . That is why there was never a report of the “Thanksgiving massacre in Fallujha” in which a city of more than 380,000 inhabitants was obliterated, and everybody is looking the other way!

I tried to publish my article about the massacre in the internet, only the “radical left” in the internet published it . All of the “progressive liberals” like common dreams. Zmagazine, Electronic intifada( that one is a joke), occupation watch (is just a front). Moveon.org ( a sell out) and the list goes on would not consider it, which is an indication of who they are supporting, whose sides are they on and where they get their money to run their big operation. Aren’t these so-called progressive sites the other side of the same coin?

I am not sure if this site or common dreams site would publish the present article. Although this is only a reply to an inaccurate reporting that they publish to mislead the public into believing that there is a credible national resistance in Iraq and therefore our Iraqi agents need us for the security of their puppet government. If we leave there would be civil war, in Iraq so what we helped it happen, American had their civil war! Who said the civil war is worse than mass killings, rapes and indiscriminate massacres and being stopped and searched by an occupying foreigner on the way home.

The so-called liberal media would then argue that we have to give up the money which would support our Social Security, Medicare, higher education, job creation, development of an energy policy, general welfare and to build our infrastructure for the real security of this nation, for an adventurous war of aggression simply because we lied to start our war in the first place! We have to have permanent basis and keep our troops there to protect the liberated Iraqis from the atrocities of Death Squads.

The insurgency is good for the U.S. contractors. They are in demolition business and destroy anything the corporate client wants to reconstruct.. This I have called “DEATH SQUAD CAPITALISM”. They must fuel the insurgency or they would be out of business. The army needs the insurgents to get appropriation from Congress. If there is no insurgency and the “mission accomplished “ sign that George Bush naively displayed were accurate then, or two years from now proves correct, then we can have justification to continue our military expenditure. But, the infinitesimal minority who care about war don’t get it. This war was based on big lies and continue to be about deception. Anything you hear or see is micromanaged. The UN is silenced by he “Oil for Food Blackmail”, the media is silenced by murdering journalists, and in an absolute Hegelian terms the reality s upside down.

The only reason that the bankrupt US economy, which has lost its productive base, has huge balance of trade deficit, and is in default of its three Trillions of Dollars of loans, can continue to spent billions of dollars on Iraq every week is because of the daily dramatic news about the insurgency, that is why “Insurgents are us” for years to come.

The US must instigate, finance, create , put in front of media as news to scare public in Iraq that these mythical semi-devil insurgents are real and would harm them unless they become part and parcel of an organized counter-insurgency militias and Death squad “neighborhood watch” to silence every legitimate dissent ,so that the US military machine stays in Iraq permanently.

Should the puppet government in Iraq fail to produce economic security and restore the minimum of social services ,sanitation, education, real jobs without delay, no matter how the American Mullah defends the “American privatization” and the “corporate ownership of the means of production and national resources” there would be mass dissent of the alienated masses which can bring the whole sham system of occupation down by massive peaceful spontaneous protest , and demonstrations. Even that might be a wishful thinking since the occupation has deconstructed Iraq , only local Militias might achieve local success by using the mass dissatisfaction to collect more blood money from the occupiers.

Unlike the “Fall of Saigon”, the Fall of Baghdad” would come only through reading of the CIA ‘s practical guide to “Regime Change For Dummy’s” , authored by General Huyser, rather than General Giaps text book on “Guerrilla Warfare! After all it has an impressive tack records in Iran, Poland, Georgia, Lebanon, and Uzbekistan, just to name a few!! But, since in Iraq Americans have successfully fragmented the national identity only a limited regional control would be achievable.

- e-mail: insurgentmedia@yahoo.ca


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