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02-05-2010 18:47

Terrible attack on solidarity caravan in Oaxaca, Mexico

The UK Zapatista Solidarity Network condemns the attack on an aid and solidarity human rights convoy travelling to San Juan Copola in Mexico. 2 people killed by paramilitary gunfire.

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09-04-2008 14:43

Two indigenous radio announcers killed and four injured in ambush in Oaxaca

Two announcers of the radio station ´´La Voz que Rompe el Silencio`` (the Voice that Breaks the Silence) were assasinated on April 7th whilst travelling by car to the west of the city of Oaxaca according to the civil society organisation Centro de Apoyo Comunitario Trabajando Unidos (CACTUS - Centre for Community Support Working in Unity).

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22-03-2007 13:38

UK Zapatista Solidarity Gathering, Next Week, Brighton!


// Sat 31st March, 10am till 6pm and Sun 1st April, 10am till 4pm.

// @ The Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton BN1 4JA

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12-02-2007 07:18

Oaxaca, No Sweat and the Fifth International

A SPEAKER from Oaxaca in Mexico spoke out the tumultuous events of the last nine months at a packed meeting in Brighton's Cowley Club on Sunday evening.

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06-11-2006 12:06

This Weeks SchNEWS - Taco Hell

SchNEWS - A drop of truth in an ocean of bullshit. MEXICAN WAVES OF RESISTANCE AND REPRESSION

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