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25-11-2007 13:09

Ken Loach & NoBorders in Crawley Tuesday 27th November

On Tuesday 27th November, renowned filmmaker Ken Loach (The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Sweet Sixteen, Kes) is coming to Crawley to show and talk about his new film "It's a Free World...". This film is a drama about a single mother and depicts the reality of living and working in the UK as a so-called illegal immigrant.

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28-09-2007 12:14

Support migrant arrested during no borders demo at Lunar House, Croydon

The distressed asylum seeker who was arrested as protesters gathered outside the Border and Immigration Agency headquarters last Friday, remains on remand at Croydon’s HMP Highdown. Please support him by: providing a bail address, attending court, writing to him.

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24-09-2007 19:38

Just doing your job, officer

Taking part in the NoBorders camp near Gatwick, this short piece reflects on two assaults, one robbery and a security alert all witnessed within the space of two short, but exciting hours as a trainee Legal Observer for the camp's action in Crawley town centre, raising awareness. Forget being a special copper, try legal observing. It's far better, and you get to choose your own notebook.

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23-09-2007 00:10

More pics of the No Border march

gathering in the Memorial Gardens in Crawley As part of the Gatwick No Border Camp, about 500 people from across the UK marched from Crawley, West Sussex, to Gatwick in a 'transnational day of action against immigration prisons'. They were protesting in particular against a new detention centre that is being built at Gatwick Airport, which is due to open in 2008.

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22-09-2007 22:48

No Border campaigners march to Gatwick despite heavy policing

For the first time in its 11-year history, Tinsley House immigration detention centre at Gatwick Airport today saw a lively, though short rally in the afternoon. As part of the Gatwick No Border Camp, about 500 people from across the UK marched from Crawley, West Sussex, to Gatwick in a 'transnational day of action against immigration prisons'. They were protesting in particular against a new detention centre that is being built at Gatwick Airport, which is due to open in 2008.

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21-09-2007 23:40

No Border campaigners to march from Crawley-Gatwick against immigration prisons

Hundreds of protesters are to march today from Crawley, West Sussex, to Gatwick Airport to protest against immigration prisons. No Borders UK had called for a "transnational day of action against immigration prisons" on 22 September, 2007. The day of action is part of the Gatwick No Border Camp, which is taking place between 20 and 23 September near the village of Balcombe in opposition to a planned new detention centre at Gatwick. Simultaneous actions are expected to take place in other parts of the UK and elsewhere in the world.

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21-09-2007 19:11

Virgin flies you to death

Short video of the occupation of Virgin Offices in Crawley this morning.

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21-09-2007 11:21

Activists protest against Virgin in Crawley

Anti-deportation campaigners today 'paid a visit' to Virgin Holidays, Richard Branson's Tour Operator business in Crawley town centre in protest at Virgin's involvement in forced deportations of rejected asylum seekers to unsafe countries. The Home Office regularly books seats on Virgin Atlantic flights to countries such as Nigeria to forcibly remove people from the UK. The action coincided with the Gatwick No Border Camp, a protest camp running between 20 and 23 September near Balcombe, West Sussex, as part of a campaign against a new immigration detention centre that is being built at Gatwick Airport.

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21-09-2007 08:56

No Border campaigners to protest in Croydon today

Campaigners from the Gatwick Area No Border Camp will today gather in Croydon from 10am to 2pm to protest against the mistreatment of refugees and asylum seekers at the hands of the UK immigration authorities. They will be joined by other protesters from London, Brighton and elsewhere at Lunar House in East Croydon, which houses the headquarters of the Border and Immigration Agency and its principal asylum screening unit, where people first go to make an asylum application.

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20-09-2007 17:30

Report from No Borders action in Crawley

Report from action received at 5.45pm. People have arrived in Crawley centre from the camp, and are handing out leaflets and the Gatwick X-press, a free paper about the action to local people. Two Banners are being displayed with the slogans "NO BORDERS" and "Freedom of Movement for ALL People." Some locals are expressing an interest, although the fact that there are more police officers than campers may be putting some off.

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20-09-2007 16:39

No Borders Camp: Thursday sees first action

Campers at the No Border camp near Gatwick, spent the morning putting finishing touches to the campsite, and after lunch attended a variety of workshops. Topics included an overview of detention centres in the UK, activist trauma, FIT Watch, and a presentation by the Israeli Anarchists Against The Wall.

Police presence outside the camp has been fairly low key, and the new shift brought with it CO2558, Steve Discombe of the Met's Forward Intelligence Team, whose boredom has been relieved by various Fit Watch activities. Vehicles are being allowed in and out unimpeded, although the police are doing what they can to photograph all those who enter.

Since the workshops ended at 4pm, campers have been making their way to Crawley Town Centre, where they are engaged in meeting local people, handing out flyers and a free paper, the Gatwick X-press in order to publicise the action and the reasons behind it to local people.This may go some way to countering the disinformation printed in a front page article in the local paper, the Mid Sussex Times. Entitled "Safety fears as demonstrators camp in village", the article outlines the concerns of a local councillor, before going on to explain the issues behind the camp.

After meeting with local people, campers will move onto a gig near Crawley station to listen to bands and share food.

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20-09-2007 00:16

Setting up the Gatwick No Border Camp

the outside gate About 40 or so people arrived at the new site on Sunday afternoon to start set up. Time was of the essence: since the previous site had fallen through following police harassment of the landowner, the organisers wished to establish their presence as soon as possible and to set up the big structures. The structures had been collected from various other collectives around the country, many of which have been used for other camps. Soon the camp began to look rather familiar to the more seasoned camper!

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19-09-2007 23:56

Pix from the No Border Camp

Some quick pictures from the No Border Camp today.

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17-09-2007 13:24

The Gatwick No Border Camp forced to change location after police harassment

Due to constant police harassment and pressure, the owner of the No Border Camp site has decided to pull out from renting his land. However, a new site has now been rented near the village of Balcombe, West Sussex.
For directions:  http://noborders.org.uk/Static/CampHowToGetThere

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12-09-2007 16:43

Iranian Asylum Seekers Protest Against Home Office Inactivity

A report on a protest outside Lunar House in Croyden by asylum seekers who have been waiting on a decision for their cases for excessive amounts of time.

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12-09-2007 11:06

Public Meeting about No Border Camp in Brighton

Public Meeting about the Gatwick Area No Border Camp
Film then updates and discussion about the camp
Brighton, Cowley Club 12 London Road
Wednesday 12. September (today) from 7:30pm until 10:00 pm .

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10-09-2007 14:17

Location of the Gatwick No Border Camp disclosed

The organisers of the Gatwick Area No Border Camp have announced the location of their camp site. The rented field is located near the village of Salfords, Surrey, which lies approximately 3 miles south of Redhill on the A23 road that runs between London to Brighton. The site is close to both the M23 and Salfords Train Station.

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22-04-2007 20:11

Anti Gatwick detention centre demo

Anti Gatwick detention centre demo.

Pictures to come.

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02-04-2007 10:20

Stop new Gatwick detention centre being built-demo on the 21st of April

Call out for a demo and an action day on Saturday on the 21st of April 2007 against the Gatwick detention centre being built.

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