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03-11-2011 05:42

Nepal :Police crackdown on the peaceful assembly of Tibetan exiles

Our source who was present in the spot during the attack of police on peaceful Tibetan said Tibetan exiles held a memorial service at Jawalakhel Settlement on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Before that there was a notable presence of intelligence officials on that area. Police surrounded the venue for the religious service and blocked the entrance before the service started.

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03-05-2011 10:58

Ian Tomlinson Verdict Jury Deciding Now

Ian Tomlinson was murdered by a copper during the g20 protests a couple of years ago - the jusy at the inquest into his death are right now considering their verdict....please follow the news today and wait for their answer. thank you.

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03-08-2010 19:31

Thursday 5th August // Anti-Repression Night @ Urban HapHazard Squat ( Hackney )

Flyer Thursday 5th August // Anti-Repression Night @ Urban HapHazard Squat ( Hackney ) - Discussions, Cinema, DJ's, Cafe

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18-03-2010 13:56

G20: PS Smellie due in Court

The police officer charged with assaulting a protester at the G20 demonstrations in London, is due in court on Monday 22nd March.

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05-12-2009 10:29

Thursday April 1 2010

WITH public outrage still bubbling away over the bankers' bail-out and bonuses, and the recession far from over, it would definitely be worth doing another Financial Fools' Day in the spring.

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03-08-2009 07:49

Protest Mediators: A Plan To Make Protest Even More Benign

What is the point of protest?

To create change. I would have thought that was obvious; it is the only rational response to the question. So why has so little change happened as a result of protest in the Western world in the last 30 years?

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15-05-2009 12:37

Click to hear what's on Dissident Island Radio Show - Tonight!! 9pm

Check out the show, starting 9pm tonight...

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11-05-2009 12:42

Parliament Protest — Jam Cam shut

Tamils on the streets again to protest the carnage of Sat night.
Clearly it is the media blackout and spin that is deviating these ordinary peace loving people to take to the streets.

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01-05-2009 10:34

Met blunders in MPA report

The Metropolitan Police continue to obscure the truth about policing at
the G20, with several serious inaccuracies in a report they submitted
today, according to the Climate Camp Legal Team.

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30-04-2009 09:53

Policing of the G20 Summit 2009

Patting themselves on the back, glossing over the facts... the police report on their policing of te G20

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10-04-2009 21:28

Police mentality

I have found the reason police is angry.

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07-04-2009 23:53

Assembly and procession to mark G20 Meltdown death

Ian Tomlinson died at G20 Meltdown in the city on 1st April. People are gathering. Flowers will be laid.

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05-04-2009 21:14

G20 Convergence - Kidspace

kidspace Here are some photos of the kidspace and childcare cooperative that was organised to facilitate the protest and activism of parents and carers around the G20 summit in London on the 1st and 2nd of April 2009.

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05-04-2009 18:24

G20 protests : PHOTOS

Photos of the protests against the G20 are available on the website of [Contre-Faits->  http://www.contre-faits.org/spip.php?article97]


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03-04-2009 10:58

Portraits: Photographic Record of Police Violence G20

I am a portrait photographer and a concerned citizen.
I was shocked to watch and hear about the brutality unleashed by police on protesters and I want to do something about it. I would very much like to make a photographic record of the physical effects of this violence with anyone willing to sit for me.

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03-04-2009 00:22

01.04.09 - G20 demonstrations, Bank of England

01.04.09 - G20 demonstrations, outside the Bank of England. Images from the 1st April demonstrations outside the Bank of England, which coincided with the arrival of world leaders for the 'G20' summit in London.
Includes images of RBS being broken into, police battling protesters, protesters climbing buildings and lamp-posts to escape the police, etc.

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02-04-2009 21:52

G20 Protester Make News Fun

Check out this YouTube Video for ideas and fun

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02-04-2009 14:15

Vigil today ongoing at Bank of England

Bank of England vigil underway for the man who died at yesterday's G20 Meltdown protest.

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31-03-2009 20:54

You don’t want to pay for the crisis of capital? Then just don’t do it.

A critique of the calls for demonstrations against the G20 in Berlin, Frankfurt and London under the slogan “We won't pay for your crisis! – For a solidarity society”

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28-03-2009 02:30

G20 Map - Squaring Up to the Square Mile - Easily printable versions

Get your maps here! Get your maps here! - Map of the Square Mile

Technological gremlins and exhaustion have been banished and more easily printable versions of the maps of the Square Mile and the ExCeL Centre have now been sorted. A3 is the best size for the Square Mile map, so for those without A3 printers, there are two A4 versions you can print out and stick together with old-fashioned sticky tape. The map is downloadable as a JPEG or PDF in A4, A3 and split A3 versions, in black and white or colour.

Here's the full map: Version for printing to A3 - JPG | Version for printing to A3 - PDF | Version for printing to A4 - JPG | Version for printing to A4 - PDF

However, it's best to print an A3 map on two A4 sheets and tape them together:

Here's the two parts in colour: Part One Colour PDF | Part One Colour JPG | Part Two Colour PDF | Part Two Colour JPG

And here they are in greyscale: Part One Greyscale PDF | Part One Greyscale JPG | Part Two Greyscale PDF| Part Two Greyscale JPG

And here's the map of the ExCeL centre: Excel Map PDF | Excel Map JPG

Finally, here's a Button/Banner to embed and link to the map.

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13-03-2009 13:29

Important G20 update from the Camp for Climate Action

What follows is an important update about timing and texting for everyone
attending the Climate Camp in London's Square Mile, April 1 during the G20
www.climatecamp.org.uk/g20 Please forward this to your mates and any
lists you are on.

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07-03-2009 08:35

"Top secret" G20 venue revealed

G20 Finance ministers are to hold pre-summit talks in southern England next weekend, Saturday March 14, ahead of the main event on April 2-3.

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03-03-2009 12:52

Summer of rage? It's a figment of febrile imaginations

Kevin Smith, a participant in last years Camp for Climate action responded to the Guardians police propaganda piece on the so-called 'Summer of Rage'. Other papers have been churning out the same spin. Kevin says that senior police officers are trying to frighten people off protesting about climate change but the climate camp have been fighting back. The media team initiated a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission about the article, "Anarchists plan City
riots for G20 leaders' arrival in London" by Robert Mendick and Niger Rosser, which appeared in the Evening Standard and Daily Mail on 20th February. The complaint has already resulted in the headline and content of the article being changed on the papers websites. Last year complaints such as these solicited retractions and apologies from several papers.

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20-02-2009 20:17

Is it G20 or G22?

This is a real puzzle. Gordon Brown has just sent out his invite list for the G20, which, once Britain is included, runs to 22 countries. I think it is because Spain and the Netherlands have been invited this time. Even so, you have to wonder why it is still called the G20. So far the UK bumpf has promoted it as the “London Summit”, which may be a cover for the arithmetic issues. It would be easy enough to rename it the G22 — after all we there have been G22 and even G33 meetings in the past. But G22 does sound a bit like a fighter plane. And if you put G22 into google, it comes up with this rather scary looking gun. Probably best to leave things as they are. Long live the 22 members of the G20.

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05-02-2009 15:15

Climate Camp hits the City of London

Climate Camp hits the City of London on April Fools Day, the eve of the G20 leaders' London Summit. Join us! Climate camp 2009 /// Stopping carbon markets /// Because nature doesn't
do bailouts.

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