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28-02-2009 18:25

The police need help, but they're frightened to ask

The article below taken from the Torygraph demonstrates the justifications the police aim to use in order to back moves to give them full access to all digital communications and insist on full data retention. This obviously has relevance to the recent indymedia server seizure and the arrest that followed.

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26-02-2009 07:56

Police spending through the roof but little protection against crime

Police today were getting a proper slagging off in the media this morning after the think tank 'Reform' published a damning report on policing in this country. The report, A New Force, found the current 43 forces operate as inefficient and expensive fiefdoms run by chief constables who are only accountable to weak police authorities. Meanwhile the UK taxpayer cough up more for policing than any other leading country yet the police fail to protect them from either serious or local crime. Sadly no media report I saw makes the connection between the inefficiency of the police on tackling crime and their increasing focus on politic policing.

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05-02-2009 13:06

Bob Geldof's Production Company Threatens Cyber Libel Action

Here's a blogger who's come under threat for criticising (UK) Kent County Council's internet-based Kent TV service. The station, paid for by tax payers in the county,  is provided by Bob Geldof's production company Ten Alps. Private Eye reports (1229, p. 11):

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05-02-2009 12:33

Gggollum Sues Tolkien for Cyber Libel

Sir David Eady, possibly the most famous high court judge in the UK, was brought in to rule on the case of Christopher Carrie, who claims he was abused as a child by John Tolkien, a priest and scoutmaster, and son of the Lord of the Rings author. Mr Carrie was trying to sue Royd Tolkien, one of the writer’s great-grandsons and a bit-part actor in one of the massively successful Lord of the Rings films, over comments made on a website. The fact that Mr Carrie was behind the website only came out in the build-up to the court case. He had previously posted entries on the website under the name ``gggollum''.

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