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02-06-2012 15:46

11 Glorious years!! Rejoice at the continuing golden Peace Campaign

Let us rejoice at the 11th anniversary of the London Parliament Square peace campaign. An 11th anniversary is typically called steel and steel is what Brian Haw and Barbara Tucker have shown over these last 4,000 odd days.

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18-02-2011 13:47

Past is Present: Settler Colonialism in Palestine

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is often described as unique and
exceptional with little resemblance to other historical or ongoing
colonial conflicts. Yet, for Zionism, like other settler colonial
projects such as the British colonization of Ireland or European
settlement of North America, South Africa or Australia, the imperative
is to control the land and its resources -- and to displace the
original inhabitants.

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20-08-2010 16:44

English Defence League, LGBT, Anarchists, Iran, Israel and Palestine analysis

The English Defence League are a Zionist backed & funded street army who have recruited hardcore racists groups in their plans to start a race war against Muslims. They use the excuse "Islamic extremism" as a ruse for their anti Muslim thuggery but their Israeli flags and "Stop Iran's support for Hamas" banners say it all. Orlando Montfort of the EDL LGBT Divs will be leading EDL Anarchist Divs.

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17-08-2010 14:17

Demonstration Against pro Israeli "Death On The Med" BBC programe 22 August 2010

Demonstration Against pro Israeli "Death On The Med" BBC programme 22nd August 2010.
Panorama aired "Death On The Med" a documentary about the Israeli attacks on the Freedom Flotilla in May 2010 - Israel's version. The BBC once again aired and spread propaganda on Israel's behalf.

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05-06-2010 17:58

Dissident Island Radio - download the show!

what would you do if you had a mic? Listen to last night's dissident island radio show...

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04-06-2010 16:50

Dissident Island Radio tonight

cheque, cheque TAA // EDO decomissioners // Autonomous spaces in London // Gaza Flotilla // Methyr to Mayo bike ride // Hitsuji Tekinniku Display Team

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31-05-2010 16:46

Brighton Protests Against Israels Murder of Gaza Convoy

Brighton Protests Against Israel's murder of 20 internationals on freedom flotilla to Gaza.

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